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How To Get Out Of Bed When Depressed? 12 Effective Ways To Tackle Morning Depression

How To Get Out Of Bed When Depressed? 12 Effective Ways To Tackle Morning Depression
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Depression and mental health is that topic of discussion that majority of the people tend to shy away from and why? This constant stigma of not being vocal about mental health is often the main reason why people fail to get the help they need to get better. Morning depression is one of the most common forms of depression and if you are constantly wondering how to get out of bed when depressed, you have come to the right place.

It is time we break the stigma and talk about the struggles and how to overcome them.

In this article, we are going to be sharing some of the effective ways of how to get up in the morning when depressed to make you get going with the day.

How To Get Out Of Bed When Depressed?

How to get out of bed when-depressed
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As boring as it might sound, bringing a routine to the life is often times an easy way to get over the morning depression. And let me remind you that the process is anything but easy, nothing you imagine or even think of will come easy and just as a cakewalk. Even making an effort to waking up in the morning does take time and it is important that you first acknowledge that.

1. Start Slow

Start slow
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The very first thing to do when it comes to how to get out of bed when depressed is to understand that you are suffering from a problem. When you acknowledge the problem, curing it becomes quite easier.

If you have a set morning routine and you have been suffering from morning depression, the best way to combat is to start off slow with the process. Don’t rush into things because that is what often ends up making it feel like a chore. Instead of jumping over the activities, tackle one after the other.

Start by opening your eyes and just roll around the bed for a few minutes, prop yourself against the bed and finally when you feel better, rip the band-aid off and get up from the bed and get ready to get on with the day.

2. Let Your Pet Be Your Motivation

Let your pet be your motivation

Having a pet is possibly one of the best ways to tackle depression and even science backs up the claim. If you have been consistently suffering from having the will to simply get up, it is time that you let your pet motivate you in that aspect.

When you have someone like a dog or even a cat relying on you for their needs, it becomes a wakeup call in itself because you know that if you don’t wake up, chances are that they will stay hungry till they are finally fed.

Let that be a motivation and get up to feed your dog in the morning. Many people often get that extra push thinking that even if they are not capable of taking care of themselves because of their mental health, they just can’t abandon their pet and not take care of them.

3. Sometimes, Be A little Harsh

Sometimes be a little harsh
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Sometimes, all you need to do is be a little harsh on yourself and even if you can’t wake up in the morning, all you need to do is force yourself up and start with sitting up on the bed.

Chant and assure yourself consistently that waking up is important and something you just can’t afford missing out on even if the day ahead is scaring the hell out of you. Once you are awake and ready to get on with the day, remove the blinds of the room and let the sunlight seep into the room and let yourself have that little dose of Vitamin D.

Brew yourself a coffee and just let the day come along as it wants to.

4. Sometimes, Music Helps

Sometimes music helps
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Music has therapeutic abilities and that is definitely not something that is a bluff but in reality, it is an actual fact. Many people who suffer from morning depression have found their solace in music.

Majority of the people tend to state saying that listening to an upbeat music or song first thing in the morning is actually quite amazing to lift their mood up and get them going along with their day and that is what you need to adhere to as well.

Put the speakers on or even just plug in some earphones and that should do the trick to get you going with the day. Once you have the burst of motivation you need to get on with the day, wake up and roll out of the bed.

5. Think About Food

Think about foodIf you are here wondering about how to get out of bed when depressed, the best way to motivate yourself is by thinking about food and the breakfast you are going to make for the day.

This is especially fruitful for people who have to take medicines with their or after their breakfast. If you are here wondering what or how you can get yourself out of bed, think of the obligation you have to feed yourself and then take the medicine and that should actually get the job done.

But, that being said, this method is not always applicable, mainly because situational or morning depression often times bring about loss of appetite that is hard to boost back. So, just think about the necessity of the meds and let that be the speck of motivation you need.

6. Think About The Positives

Think about the positives
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As hard and cliché it might sound, this actually does make the changes that everyone needs to get on with their life when they can’t wake up in the morning. Often times, being stuck in a place, be it your bed or even your house can ignite a trail of negative thoughts in your mind which is why it is necessary to ensure that you think of what kind of thoughts you can avoid by keeping yourself engaged.

Often times, this is the kind of kick-start that many people need to get on with their day and trust me, it does actually work and work quite effectively. Once you have everything sketched out of what your entire day is going to look like, it becomes quite easier to handle the day and waking up might not seem like a chore anymore.

7. Try An Alarm And Keep It Away

Try an alarm and keep it away
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Often times, one of the easiest things to do when depressed in the morning and when you have no will to get on with the day, the best way to change that for good is by setting an alarm.

And before you revolt saying that it is the same old thing which you have tried but hasn’t worked out, have you ever tried to set an alarm and keep it out of your reach? That is where the trick is. If you are suffering from morning depression stuck in bed, the best way to get over the problem is by setting an alarm and keeping it away from your reach.

When you keep it away from your reach, it becomes mandatory for you to walk over to the place where you have kept the alarm to finally switch it off. And once you get up from the bed, it becomes quite easier for you to overcome the unwillingness to get up and get along with what the day has in store for you.

8. Think Of Today

Think of today
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We are all so caught in thinking about the future as well as repenting over what has happened in the past that we forget to live the present moment that we are in and sometimes that is one of the biggest contributions to morning depression.

If you keep procrastinating the situation and try to get yourself out of it, chances are that you won’t be able to get out of bed when depressed and that is exactly what you need to change. Instead of thinking about the overwhelming feeling of the negatives that are adhering to your mind, try and give yourself a quick pep talk in the morning and try to think to assess and think about the things you need to get done for the day and let that drive you to get up and get going.

9. Include Some Cheats

Include some cheats
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Sometimes, promising yourself some cheats can actually do you good and help you combat the morning depression and help you get out of bed when depressed.

If the routine of the day is making you burrow back into the bed, it is best to lure the mind with some tricks and cheats if everything around the day goes well. One of the best ways to achieve that is by promising yourself an afternoon nap and an hour of chilling time later in the day when everything gets ways too overwhelming.

10. Reach Out To Someone

Reach out to someone
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One of the best things to do when depressed in the morning is to seek help from someone who is on the same boat as yourself. When you have someone who is feeling something similar to what you are going through, it helps you open up to them easily and even lets you get a perspective on the situation you are battling with.

Try and get some insights into how they tackle their morning depression and try and implement the same into your life for effective results. For the most part, having someone listen to your problem and them understanding it because they are stuck in the same situation makes you understand that you are not the only one struggling and helps you tackle the day when you can’t wake up in the morning.

Often times, this is what helps bring back peace to your mental well being and at the end of the day, it is actually worth the effort when you empty your heart to someone and have them understand and get the situation.

11. Talk Yourself Through Each Step

Talk yourself through each step
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All that being said, at the end of the day, it is your degree of motivation and your enthusiasm that helps instil the changes that you want to witness. When you are hit with a bout of morning depression and the simple act of getting out of bed seems like a lot, it is necessary that you don’t rush into anything and rather take it slow and let the activities take its normal course.

Start by talking yourself to open up your eyes and simply sitting up on the bed. The next thing to do is get out of the bed and assess the situation of what needs to be done today and talk yourself into doing just that. Get up in micro moments, sit up on the bed, roll over to the edge, wear your slippers, get up from the bed and so on and so forth.

Think of the goal you need to achieve in the day and be adamant in achieving it and that’s when you will be able to get the same done effectively.

12. Sometimes, It’s Okay To Not Get Up

Sometime its okay to not get up
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You will have those days when even the burst of every form of motivation and pep talk won’t be enough to get you up from the bed and that are when you need to understand the severity of the situation and let it go. It is sometimes okay to not worry too much about the consequences and just let it be the way it is.

Every once in a while, it is okay to have one of those days when the depression consumes you to the point that waking up starts feeling like a chore and in those days, all you need to do is just let go of the course and let it be and just sleep in.

Remember this, your mental health is just as important as your physical health, if not more. If you are constantly assembling the thoughts of how to get out of bed when depressed, it is best to start with the small steps and let the bigger picture fall into place and by that, I mean the routine that you have set for the rest of the day. Sometimes, it is actually okay to not be okay and that is what you need to understand before anything else.