Fruits For Weight Loss: 18 Fruits That Shed Off Unwanted Fats

Fruits for Weight Loss

Do you like eating fruits? Wondering how can these help in weight loss, right? Well, fruits for weight loss aren’t a myth but a scientifically proven fact. The slice of apple you just had can be more fruitful in driving effective shedding of those extra pounds from the body.

Don’t necessarily fret because we are going to turn your thoughts around with the list of fruits for weight loss.

Let’s get on to see the amazing fruits that actually promote better weight loss than the synthetic supplements, shall we?

Why Are Fruits Effective In Shedding Weight?

Why Are Fruits Effective In Shedding Weight

Before we proceed on to discussing why fruits are actually beneficial for helping you lose weight, it is necessary that we touch bases with why fruits are even considered good fat busters.

Fruits are not just tasty, juicy and delectable, they are loaded with beneficial nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are quite fruitful to drive better metabolism and even keep the other body functions in check.

Several fruits are rich in antioxidants as well as fiber which have impactful effects in boosting the overall digestion and promoting better functioning of the body which drive weight loss in the long haul.

So, let’s glance through the individual fruits that play a crucial role in helping you shed off those extra pounds from your body in a natural way.

List Of Fruits For Weight Loss

List Of Fruits For Weight Loss

The fruits that help burn fat and promote weight loss include:

Check Out These Fruits For Weight Loss

1. Apples


“An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away.”

This phrase is not just effective to keep the doctor away but has been scientifically proven to be effective for helping you lose weight as well.

Apples are a storehouse of beneficial phytonutrients as well as beneficial dietary fiber which have proven benefits in promoting feasible weight loss over time.

Even in a conducted study (R) among 411 participants (women) in between the age group of 30-50 years, the participants were given a strict diet with any of the three supplements – apples, pears or oatmeal cookies.

The three groups were administered with these supplements for a total of 12 weeks at stretch after which there was a follow-up. The ones consuming fruits lost around 1.22 kg of weight while the ones on the oatmeal cookie diet lost 0.88 kg of weight on an average.

Further analyses implied a drastic loss in the blood glucose level which was what proved to be a beneficial point for the overall aspect of weight loss.

Having one apple a day can do you wonders if you are on a weight loss mission.

2. Bananas


Bananas are one of the most effective fruits for weight loss, especially for the ones suffering from obese Type-II Diabetes patients.

While bananas have been believed to be a taboo for diabetic patients, studies have claimed otherwise. It is believed to not just improve insulin sensitivity but also promote effective weight loss.

In a study conducted (R) with 30 patients with similar criteria of obesity and type-2 diabetes, the banana supplementation for a stretch of 4 weeks was found to be fruitful in reducing weight and also impacting the insulin sensitivity in the body.

The participants were administered with 24 g of the native banana starch (NBS) for 4 weeks following which the results were noted. There was an effective decrease in not just the body weight but also the Body-Mass Index of the subjects. The NBS group experienced an effective decrease in their body weight by 1.568 kg after the 4 weeks mark which was just 300 g for the control group.

Apart from that, the NBS group also experienced a decreased concentration in the fasting insulin concentration in the body after the 4 weeks of the study. There was an increase in the insulin sensitivity when measured via HOMA.

3. Blueberries


Blueberries are also considered as one of the best fruits for weight loss. Not only are the antioxidative properties in the blueberries, there a number of factors that impose blueberries as potent weight loss factors.

Apart from the antioxidants which combat the free radical damage, the combination of water and fiber in the blueberries are quite effective in promoting weight loss.

In a pre-clinical study (R) conducted by the researchers from the University of Michigan, it was found that the supplementation of blueberries helped in cutting down excess abdominal fat in the rats following 90 days of the diet with blueberries. The rats which were fed with the blueberry supplementation were found to not just have lower abdominal fats but also lowered levels of triglycerides, cholesterol etc.

In another study (R), it was found that the consumption of blueberries were related to better glucose tolerance as well as lipid handling. While the same didn’t necessarily have any kind of direct impact on the body weight, the managed levels of insulin sensitivity was believed to have better impacts on handling the long term weight loss goals.

Switch to one bowl of blueberries on a regular basis as a snack to induce better weight loss.

4. Goji Berries

Goji Berries

Yet another one of the fruits that helps for weight loss is Goji berries. Goji berries, unlike the other fruits, are quite hard to source around. Often times, they are sold in the dried form.

Several studies have effectively show the efficacy of Goji berries in not just lowering the blood glucose levels in the body, it is also believed to lower one’s appetite effectively.

In a conducted study (R) on patients suffering from metabolic syndrome, it was found that Goji berries do have quite a lot of impact in boosting the overall status of their health. The study was conducted on a total of 50 participants in which the conclusion was drawn that the supplementation with Goji berries was potent in increasing the serum antioxidant present.

There was also a rapid increase in the levels of Glutathione (GSH) in the serum levels which was further found to be beneficial for cutting down the abdominal fat in the body. Apart from that, there was starking difference in the levels of the lipid peroxidation, cholesterol as well as the LDL in the body which is what contributes to the effective weight loss, especially around the abdominal region.

5. Grapefruit


Grapefruit is not just beneficial for inducing the body with better antioxidants; it is also quite beneficial for weight loss owing to the kind of fibers that are present in it.

Even a conducted study (R) abides by the potency of the consumption of grapefruit for successful weight loss in individuals. The study was conducted with 91 obese patients who were divided into a group of 4.

One group was given either placebo capsules along with 207 ml of apple juice, the second group was given grapefruit supplement capsules along with 207 ml of apple juice, the third group was given 237 ml of grapefruit juice along with a placebo capsule and the fourth group was given with half of a fresh grapefruit along with a placebo capsule.

The supplementation was carried on for 12 weeks in which they had to consume their assigned supplements for a total of three times in a day.

Following the completion of the 12 weeks, it was found that the ones consuming the fresh grapefruit three times a day lost 1.6 kg, the ones consuming grapefruit juice lose 1.5 kg, the ones consuming the grapefruit capsules lost 1.1 kg and lastly the ones consuming placebo lost 0.3 kg.

This was enough of a reason to believe why grapefruit is actually effective for weight loss.

6. Pears


Pears are very effective in combating those unnecessary and untimely hunger pangs owing to the presence of amazing amount of fibers in them. Every average sized pear is loaded with 5.5 gms of fiber which is almost 1/5th of the daily fiber requirement of the body.

Even in a conducted study (R) with 411 obese women, aged between 40-50 years, it was found that the consumption of 3 pears in a day was effective in driving amazing weight loss results in the end of the road.

The participants who consumed 3 pears a day regularly for 12 weeks straight were able to lose 1.22 kg weight which was definitely a lot.

Pears and the fibers in them help in keeping your digestive system moving which is beneficial in drawing out the essential nutrients from the food that the body needs. It is even an effective remedy for people suffering with constipation.

Make sure to be very cautious of the amount of pears you are consuming because the high fiber content is often linked with impaired bowel movement when consumed in large quantities.

7. Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranate Seeds

If you are looking around for fruits for weight loss, the pomegranate seeds are actually very effective in the same. Not just that, it is quite a versatile fruit as well, as it can be consumed in both sweet and savoury forms.

Pomegranate seeds are now just packed full of nutrients, they are also very low in calorie and are high in fiber, the combination of which is ideal for driving effective weight loss in the body.

Not just that, pomegranate has also been found to be an effective preventive measure for obesity as well.

Studies (R) have shown that the effective benefits of induction of weight loss on the consumption of pomegranate are mainly because of the presence of anthocyanins, tannins, and polyphenols and flavonoids which impose antioxidative properties on the body.

8. Oranges


Oranges and weight loss might not seem coinciding a lot but the same is actually quite beneficial in accessorizing the process of weight loss effectively.

It might not necessarily be one of the fruits that help burn fat but the same is actually quite beneficial in enriching the body with the essential amounts of folate and Vitamin C. A medium size orange contains 62 calories, 15.4 gms of carbs and 1.2 gms of protein.

Not just that, oranges (R) on their own are quite low in calories and are predominantly fat free which is what makes them an ideal snack to not just fill you up but to also be able to induce better results in terms of weight loss.

They also have a good amount of fiber in them which is quite effective in keeping your satiety in check and to not make you eat on a frequent basis altogether.

9. Watermelon


Watermelon is not just a tasty, juicy and healthy snack; it is also quite effective in cutting down the excess body fat from the body. Not only is a low calorie snack with 95% water content, it also contain compounds which contribute to active burning of the fat.

A medium size of watermelon consists of just 30 calories which is close to nothing in terms of other unhealthy snacks.

Even studies have shown that the consumption of watermelon is not just associated with the rapid burning of the abdominal fats; they are also associated with improving the lipid profiles in the body. The primary reason behind the same is because of the presence of L-arginine (R) in it which has active contribution to burning down fats in the body.

10. Peaches


Peaches are a very misunderstood fruit. Many people have this notion that because of the fact that peaches are so sweet, they must be high in calories because of the high amount of natural sugars.

That is not the case.

Instead, peaches are loaded with beneficial nutrients in them like that of potassium, minerals and even a plethora of vitamins which end up contributing to the overall weight loss process in the body.

Not just that, peaches are predominantly a lot lower in calories and high in the levels of antioxidants (R) in them

While the abundance of fibers in the fruit helps in keeping the hunger at bay, the antioxidants fight off the unnecessary free radical damage in the body which is associated with the better metabolism in the body.

The combination of the two is what helps make peaches one of the most effective fruits for weight loss.

11. Kiwi


Even Kiwis are quite beneficial in warding off the signs of hunger and is one of the potent fruits for weight loss.

Every single part of the kiwi fruit is loaded with essential insoluble and soluble fibers which is what helps in getting rid of the unwanted hunger pangs and inducing better weight loss.

The black seeds in the kiwi are loaded with insoluble fibers while the green part in the kiwi is predominantly loaded with soluble fibers. The combination of the two is quite beneficial in attaining your satiety at a quicker rate and helping you shed off those extra pounds.

Apart from that, kiwi is also loaded with Vitamin C in it which predominantly does have impacts in handling the unnecessary free radical damage in the body as well. Consumption of kiwi is also associated with combating the signs of insulin resistance (R) which further impact the overall weight loss.

12. Papayas


Yet another one of the effective one in the list of fruits for weight loss is the papaya. Apart from being a storehouse of nutrients and enzymes, papaya is also loaded with a number of antioxidants which have beneficial impacts on the overall aspect of weight loss.

The main compound in the papaya, known as Papain (R), is quite beneficial in not just improving the overall digestive prowess of the body but also promotes antioxidative properties in the body which help in successful weight loss.

That being said, it is also quite important to ensure that one keeps the levels of papaya consumption in check to avoid any kind of unnecessary side effects on the body.

13. Guavas


As weird as it might sound, guavas are actually one of the most beneficial fruits that help burn fat. Majority of the doctors and nutritionists have time and time suggested consuming guavas if you are someone who suffers from diabetes.

Not only are guavas loaded with beneficial fibers in them, they also have a lower glycemic index which is quite profound for people trying to shed off those excess pounds.

While the fibers in them help in keeping your hunger pangs at bay, the lower glycemic index of this fruit is actually quite beneficial in shedding off those extra pounds from the body (R).

There might not be direct correlations between the consumption of guava with weight loss but the same is actually quite impactful in perpetuating the process of weight loss with its properties.

14. Coconut


Many experts have come to realize the amazing qualities of coconut over a period of time. While many used to think of coconut as a source of fats and high calories, the same is now treated as a source of healthy fats, one that is essential for the body.

If you are trying to lose weight and have been finding it hard to source fruits for weight loss, having coconut is actually an amazing option.

The medium chain fatty acids present in coconut (R) are actually quite beneficial for the overall muscle growth of the body and don’t store the fats in the body as visceral fats.

Coconuts are an amazing snack to fill you up and to instill your body with healthy fats which are actually quite beneficial for the body.

15. Avocado


Avocados are yet another one of the amazing fruits that helps for weight loss. Irrespective of what many might think, avocados are those superfoods which are not just important to instill the body with the necessary nutrients; they are also quite effective in burning down the excess fats in the body.

There are a lot of ongoing controversies concerning the efficacy of avocado in promoting better weight loss in human beings. Owing to the fact that avocados are loaded with Omega-9 fatty acids, they are quite effective in boosting the overall metabolism in the body.

Study (R) has also shown how the presence of omega-9 fatty acids in the body is effective in inducing the fatty acid oxidation in the body. This promotes not just weight loss but also promotes better organ function which is key to a healthier well being.

16. Lemon


Lemon is one of the standard fruits for weight loss that is known and adorned by several. This fruit is known around for its beneficial antioxidative properties on the body.

While the combination of lemon and warm water is quite popularly used in getting rid of the unwanted abdominal fat in the body by inducing better metabolism, there are other factors that influence the weight loss results too.

In a conducted study (R) under pre-clinical trials, it was found that the polyphenols that are present in the lemon were successful in suppressing the diet induced obesity in the rats.

Not only did it impact the overall body weight and the BMI of the body, it has also been witnessed to have profound impacts on the overall insulin resistance in the body. It has predominantly shown that the lemon polyphenols are beneficial in suppressing the insulin resistance in the body by reducing the visceral fat accumulation in the body.

17. Pineapples


It is not uncommon to question the efficiency of the pineapple in helping you lose weight. As crude as it might sound, pineapples are quite one of the best fruits for weight loss owing to the wide range of active compounds present in them.

When it comes to the consumption of pineapples, it is quite important to ensure that one must consume them in limited quantities owing to the high levels of sugar and calories in them.

The compound and enzyme, Bromelain (R), which is found in the pineapples is what is believed to be the main factor that helps in the weight loss results owing to the fact that it boosts one’s overall digestion. With a proper digestion, the same directly impacts the overall metabolism of the body too which is what helps in successful weight loss without a speck of doubt.

18. Tomato


Many people might not necessarily consider tomato under the list of fruits for weight loss but the same is actually effective in a number of ways. Much like that of pineapple, even the consumption of tomatoes should be limited and not overdone.

The consumption of tomatoes is also associated with the increase in the production of the important amino acid, Carnitine which is beneficial for the body. Carnitine does play a very crucial role in managing and regulating the fatty acid metabolism in the body.

Not just that, even study (R) has shown that the presence of the 9-oxo-10(E),12(E)-Octadecadienoic acid in the Tomato plays a very crucial role in managing the levels of triglyceride in the blood and prevents its accumulation altogether.

The consumption of fruits for weight loss is actually fruitful in getting rid of not just the unwanted fats in the body but is also quite beneficial in preventing the risks of obesity. The essential nutrients along with the effective active compounds in the fruits are what helps in driving better results from the weight loss expectations.