15 Enjoyable Exercises For People Who Hate Working Out

15 Enjoyable Exercises For People Who Hate Working Out

The motivational slogans or music may also not push your forward for a workout. It seems easier when you think of exercising but putting it into practice is harder. You develop hate for working out and make you feel stagnant. It is a most helpless situation where fitness is important but you can’t do anything about it.

Physical activity is the best way to burn fat, relieve mental stress and stay active mentally. It increases the feel-good hormones and reduces stress hormones. So, having a workout routine is important no matter what. You have fun-oriented, playful, and simple exercises if you hate working out.

What’s next now, after losing interest in workout? Probably, some exercises designed for people who hate workout are great for you. There are amazing exercises and physical activities that recharge you for a physical workout.

What Are The Best Exercises For People Who Don’t Like Working Out?

1. Exercises in bed

Exercises in bed

Are you more dedicated to your bed? Then stay in bed and still try to work out. The simple stretches and twists can make it a stress relieving workout for you.

You always don’t have to hit the gym when you are exhausted or want a break from those high intensity workouts. Just stick your bed but practice these stretches and exercises


Sleep towards one side and rest your below leg while lifting your upper leg resembling a clamshell and then close it. Repeat it and then switch the side after 5 times. A perfect warm-up to start off your day actively!


Who said planks are effective only on the floor? Try performing a plank on the bed coming on to your fours and hold the plank position for a few seconds. Relax and repeat. With practice you can increase the duration but a small one is good too.


Lie down in your bed with arms on the sides and legs straight. Gently raise your legs and hands to meet together and relax by lowering them. Repeat it a few more times.

2. Happy Dance

Happy danceAre you a music and dance lover? It is okay to hate working out but still want to stay fit as you dance it out. Moving and shaking your leg to the beats for 1 hour can burn around 400 calories. It is equal to a medium intensity workout. Add some music to your rhythmic movements and dance like no is watching you. It is a word from fitness trainers!

3. Go for a Brisk Walk

Go for a brisk walkIf you want to burn a few calories without working out then go for a 40-minute walk. Not only is it for fat burning but helps in digestion and you can collect a lot of feel-good endorphins that calm your mood. When you feel bored at work or home, then going for a brisk walk can recharge your mood, be surrounded by greenery to take in some fresh air. It won’t feel like an exercise for the people who hate to work out.

4. Take a Staircase Not An Elevator

Take staircase not an elevatorYou may not have enthusiasm for working but at least make an effort to climb up the staircase instead of using an elevator. Likewise, to go by walk to the neevu groter store instead of a vehicle. It is equal to an exercise for people who hate working out.

Reports say, climbing upstairs burns nearly 0.75 calories, and climbing down burns 0.25. Imagine how many calories you burn on a flight of stairs. Choosing a staircase over an elevator is a good idea to stay physically active and fit!

5. Skipping Rope

Skipping ropeWe all loved skipping the rope as kids. Doing it now has benefits for physical health so back to your childhood. You get a toned body with regular skipping and it also makes your legs stronger, building up the muscles while shedding sweat.

It is a full-body workout that burns calories and you can do it anywhere. Making it a morning routine can be an energetic start to the day. However, you don’t need any equipment and it won’t feel like an exhausting exercise. It has different styles of skipping and doing it for 15-20 minutes with high intensity is a great workout.

6. Go and Paddle Indoor

Go and paddle indoor

Bike riding is an effective cardio that helps you lose those extra pounds. It improves blood flow and is healthy for your heart as well and a study says indoor cycling can improve aerobic capacity, blood pressure. It is proven to be an exercise and an amazing workout to strengthen the muscles in the legs and arms. You get toned legs and arms if you can ride every day.

The fresh airbrushing your face can free you from mental stress. It is a good physical activity for the people who hate working out. You can hire a bicycle or buy one for yourself if you want to focus on your physical health that also positively impacts your mental health.

7. Get Into the Pool

Get into the poolSwimming is another excellent workout for anyone who hates exercising. It is a playful physical activity for children and adults too. In fact, swimming is a full-body workout. It strengthens your muscles as it is a blend of cardiovascular and strength training activity. (R)

A person who is 150 pounds will approximately burn around 400 calories by swimming for an hour and this is a moderate pace. Whereas, swimming at high speed can burn around 700 calories. However, the number is not the same for everyone as it depends on the factors like duration, intensity, weight, and swim stroke.

8. Do a set of household chores

Do a set of household choresYou have several household chores losing there for you. But you never thought it could be a good workout idea. People who hate exercise should try managing all the chores at home as it involves body movements, stretching, and lifting.

You can organize your room, dust it out, paint a room which is a great idea for shedding calories. Laundry, cleaning the utensils, and washing your cars are some other chores that are compatible with working out. It won’t feel like exercising but still a wonderful physical activity.

9. Choose A Sport

Choose a sportIf you are happily playing sports instead of working out then that’s not bad at all. Hitting the court for any kind of sport as it works as a fat-burning factor, the mental stress, releases muscle tension.

Sports are always contributing to physical fitness and it’s well known. Try spending at least 30-40 minutes on the court with your sports partner. There are many sports that involve your body for active movements, stretching, and raising your arms. It gives you the benefits of a full-body workout and people who hate working out can choose their favourite sport as an exercise.

10. Do Babysitting

Do babysittingBabysitting is no less than a big task but it is fun to do. You can be a caretaker of a toddler kid as they make you run around that burns out the calories.

Men and women of older age can take care of their grandchildren which is not less than a workout. It need not be a rigorous workout every time so you can choose this to stay physically active. If you have a toddler at home then don’t forget to spend time with them. You will no more hate this workout!

11. Go for Self Defense classes

Go for self defense classesIf you are not interested in spare time for gym and hard workouts then go for self-defense classes. It is a skill that everyone should be able to master for protecting themselves from any human attacks.

It is not only for fighting against the opponent but also an activity that keeps you physically fit. Most of the self-defense techniques involve the body for rigorous movements. Self defense classes build muscles, increase body balance, flexibility as well. So, it is a dual benefitting session for you.

12. Don’t sit but move most of the time

Dont sit but move most of the timeAfter all, any exercise is about moving. Sitting can make you even more lazy and inactive. So, the idea is to keep moving for some or another reason. At least you won’t become lazier and feel dormant sitting in one place. As you move, it keeps your mind alert, physically active throughout the day.

For example, get a glass of water for your family member, serve the food, close the door and many such simple tasks keep you moving. This may never feel like working out so you will not hate it.

13. Get a Punching Bag

Get a punching bagPunching a bag can burn a lot of calories and is the best way to vent out your emotions, anger, or fear. It is a stress receiving activity for many. The routine schedule can strain your nevoie system. Added to it, deadlines at work, chores at home, commitments, and many other factors can trouble you mentally. So, let the pinching bat listen to all this.

Hitting into the punching bag can also strengthen your muscles and keep you super active. Punching a heavy bag for one can help you burn around 350 calories for a 130 pounds person. So, you can choose this as your regular exercise as you hate working out seriously.

14. Keep Travelling

Keep travellingHow do you commute to your workplace? I would suggest you prefer taking public transport than hiring a cab or your own vehicle. As you choose public transport, you will have to change and board the different transport mediums like local buses and trains which is a substitute for low intensity workouts. Walking to the stop, board the train, and walking to the destination can burn a few calories.

People who travel often via local transport as their everyday routine are fit. They can maintain a healthy weight, stay active. But make sure you have a healthy diet as traveling is an energy consuming task.

15. Go for Adventures

Go for adventuresThere are many adventures to rejuvenate and recharge your mood. If you hate working out then choose hiking, trekking, or exploring a new place. These activities are excellent exercises that keep you active, fit and happy. Adventure enthusiasts are fit as they keep moving and no wonder they are the happiest people.

Keep loving yourself though you hate working out which novitiates you to do the least. And the least is the above activities and ideas to stay physically active. Most importantly, do what you love and love what you do. Don’t force yourself to love workout, instead choose a fun physical activity from the above list. Based on your personality and interest, you can choose any of the above physical activities for a healthy lifestyle, improved overall health. All these ideas contribute to mental health, wellness, and maintaining a healthy weight.