10 Best Gait Belts To Buy Product Reviews & Buying Guide

Top 10 Gait Belts of 2021

If you were searching for which gait belt is best for you then you are in the right place. Gait belts are important assistive devices that help you care for the elderly in your family, or as a nurse, care for patients with mobility issues, or who have difficulty balancing their body, and are dependent on you for their day-to-day essential activities.

As caregivers, it is important that you are aware of which gait belt is going to help you transfer the patient safely to the bed, from the bed to chair, and also help them walk without falling. Yes, that is what gait belts do.

They are just long belts with a buckle, that ensure safety to the patient and the caregiver without the caregiver having to lift the patient with their own hands, which can cause severe to moderate tingling in the hands of the caregiver, causing double problems.

Even the best gait belts in the market don’t heal the person’s walking problem, but they ensure prevention and make the job of caregiving easier and dignified. There’s no need to look any further for the best gait belts in the best gait belts because we’ve done for you.

We have researched the whole internet on what is the best gait belt, what is a gait belt used for, and the 10 best gait belts, we have created this article to help you buy the best gait belt for a loved one.

What Is A Gait Belt?

What Is A Gait Belt

A gait belt is made of cotton, nylon or leather and can be tied around the midsection of the patient. Sometimes, the gait belt can also have a plastic buckle to adjust the size and tightness around the waist of the patient. You can hold the person who is partially dependent, having mobility issues, stand on their own feet, and do their business.

A good gait belt is strong and comfortable. It will make you confident about transferring the patient safely and also not cause much trouble to your hands, or give you a back injury as you lift their body weight regularly, indefinitely. It gives both the patient and the caregiver a more dignified feeling about the situation they are in.

Gait belts are like transfer belts. But the term transfer belts is mostly used for patients who are transferred from their beds to the chair in the hospital. But gait belt is a general term for belts that help lift up a body part which is loose, or tightens the midsection of the patient so that they can walk easily without falling headfirst.

Top rated 10 Gait Belts Of 2021

#1. Prestige Medical Cotton Gait Belt with Metal Buckle

Prestige Medical Cotton Gait Belt with Metal Buckle

This belt helps people to walk and makes it easier for the caregiver to “hang on to the patients” who are wearing this while they learn to walk again. They can be used after surgery. The patients can also bend their knees with this on. This belt works well for those having arthritis, and it lasts for many years.

It is a cotton gait belt with a metal buckle in a slide pack. It is good for mobilizing and transferring patients. The cotton is durable, 58 inches in length and machine washable.

The Prestige Medical Cotton Gait Belt is fashionable and also safe. You will not need to replace it with anything else. It can give anyone the leverage to pick up someone 50 lbs heavier than them. It lasts so long that the patient usually recovers and learns to walk by themselves.

  • Good quality
  • Stylish
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • None

#2. Secure Transfer And Walking Gait Belt With 6 Caregiver Hand Grips

Secure Transfer And Walking Gait Belt With 6 Caregiver Hand Grips

This belt is made of cotton too with a metal buckle and has a weight capacity of 350 lbs. It is 60″ x 2″, Beige with Stripes and the buckle has high tensile metal. This gait belt comes in 11 different varieties of colours and is suitable for all age groups. It is adjustable for different body sizes.

It is 60 (L) x 2 (W) x 0.13 (H) inches long and; 14.39 ounces in weight. It is a great loop holder for caregivers, nurses, therapists, etc in a hospital, home, or LTC facility. There are other models of this brand, which also have a quick release plastic buckle.

It is long lasting and makes the patient feel secure. It is comfortable for both and also the best patient transferring gait belt of 2021. The only problem is not all models of this brand are great. For example, the leopard print one is pretty but does not do the work.

Patients over 210 lbs can be lifted with ease with this belt. But you may find it difficult to keep it fastened for long enough on very heavy patients who cannot balance themselves. So, it may not be a lifesaver but still, close enough.

  • Professional and personal use
  • Can lift heavy weights
  • Provides balance
  • Variety of buckles
  • Metal buckle over plastic buckle

#3. Kinsman Enterprises 80317 Gait Belt with Metal Buckle

Kinsman Enterprises 80317 Gait Belt with Metal Buckle

This is the mid level best patient and caregiver friendly gait belt in the market in 2021. It is made of heavy-duty two-inch wide cotton webbing to provide a secure handhold for therapists and caregivers while they work with their patients. The color coding of this belt is by department and hospital floor which helps to control the cost and expense of replacing missing belts.

The added advantage is that Kinsman Enterprises 80317 Gait Belt can also be used to identify when a patient may have wandered from a restricted area. It also comes with options of steel, nickel chrome plated buckle.

This has a double-hinged buckle design with teeth for a very secure grip. It can also be used for resistance training. The only negative thing about this gait belt is that it’s a bit stiff. And, if you want a belt that is loose enough for quick adjustments then this is not the one. Otherwise, it’s a simple, inexpensive, and practical device.

  • Heavy duty cotton webbed
  • Variety of belt buckles available
  • Color coded according to patient’s needs
  • Recommended by physiotherapists
  • Stiff
  • Takes a while to adjust the buckle

#4. LiftAid Walking Gait Belt and Patient Transfer with Metal Buckle and Belt Loop Holder for Nurse

LiftAid Walking Gait Belt and Patient Transfer with Metal Buckle and Belt Loop Holder for Nurse

This cotton webbed two inch wide and 60 inch long gait belt is available in five different colours. This belt is designed especially to aid in transferring and walking fall-risk patients, while helping to prevent injuries caregivers are faced with performing this routine task. LiftAid Walking Gait Belt is adjustable and has an elastic loop to hold the excess belt length.

With this belt the patient’s strength will come back slowly. You have to use it a few times to steady the patient and prevent them from falling but it works perfectly. And, it doesn’t take much effort to work with this belt. It is also quite stylish as the colours are quite catchy and it is machine washable too, so very easy maintenance.

Liftaid walking gait belt and patient transfer with metal buckle and belt loop holder for nurses is sturdy, nice, and soft and made in India.

  • 60’’ long Adjustable belt
  • Sturdy
  • Improves patient’s strength
  • Average gait belt

#5. Medical Gait Belt, Soft Nylon Transfer Belt with 6 Handles

Medical Gait Belt Soft Nylon Transfer Belt with 6 Handles

This gait belt is 54 inches long three inches wide and has six handles secured to the belt. This is a great purchase. This is an alternative to physical therapy tech and the best gait belt for the elderly.

But if the patient is too short and is on the heavier side, say 100lb, then it would be too big for them. The handles of the Medical Gait Belt stops it from tightening too much. It is also good for Physical training as you can draw the handles up and make the grip tighter. It does not have a metal buckle.

It’s easier to use, increases patient’s strength and the handles provide extra leverage and support for the patient and as well as to the caregiver.

  • Alternative for physical therapy
  • Has a great tensile strength
  • Increases patient’s strength
  • Not for short heavy people
  • No metal buckle

#6. Vive Transfer Belt with Leg Loop

This gait belt has leg loops that prevent the belt from riding up on the patient and distributes the weight evenly for a more comfortable experience. Also, allowing for assistance from any angle to reduce caregiver injuries.

There is a durable metal buckle that has teeth to secure the transfer belt until the quick release latch is activated. The leg straps are secure with easy to use plastic buckles that are fully adjustable for the perfect fit.

The best part of the Vive Transfer Belt with Leg Loop gait belt is that the vertical handles located on the back of the belt and two horizontal side handles allow assistance to be given at any angle for additional safety.

You can also use it with or without using the leg loops. The belt is long enough for a 55″ waist and adjustable enough to fit 26’’ waist. The secure Velcro tabs launder it like everything else. If you put a piece of white tape on the center of the back of the belt it will help with alignment of the patient’s back.

This gait will suit a tall person with a long waist. The only problem with this belt is the plastic snapping buckle like the legs have the waist buckle is made of metal and has gripper teeth. But mostly, it is comfortable, easy to use and sturdy.

  • Leg loops
  • Betters back alignment
  • Great price
  • Comfortable
  • Plastic snapping buckle

#7. Posey Handled Gait Belt

Posey Handled Gait Belt

The six inch wide belt itself is 32 inches in length and the buckle can be fastened to the end of the main belt. There’s an attached extension that is two inches wide, which can extend up to 38 inches to accommodate larger individuals.

It’s great for tall, heavy people as the construction is substantial yet supple enough to be comfortable for the wearer and strong enough for the assistant.

If you or your loved one is in a condition to the point of not being able to sit up in bed, stand or walk on their own. This belt is a gift for you. Posey gait belt is twice as wide as standard gait belts and offers support for the lower back, thick and has a soft material on the side that faces the patient.

The handles are such that the caregiver’s knuckles aren’t digging into the patient while assisting, the belt has a buckle, so it snaps right on quickly and stays adjusted to the size selected and it’s handles all the way around make it possible for two caregivers to help simultaneously.

  • Quick-Release Buckle
  • Extra wide soft nylon belt
  • Safety aid for people when standing or walking
  • Caregiver needs two hands to work around with this gait belt

8. GUOER Tommhanes Transfer Belt

This has a very different design and is mostly used as a multi-functional supporter. It has an adjustable hook and loop stripe. It’s a nylon type of material so it can be washed.

The middle section has a zipped carriage bag that is safe and private. This especially makes the patient very independent. It has an in-built key fastener and elastic ring to achieve fixed storage. The free elasticity is easy for unlocking, and the back has a screen cloth which is very clear.

The GUOER Tommhanes Transfer Belt is still lightweight, comfortable and easy to use. But the bag pocket is not bigger than holding anything heavier than a cell phone and id and perhaps a small book. And if you are using a rollator and velcro straps they may be too short to attach properly to the rolling walker.

  • Back screen 9.8(W) x15.7(L) cloth
  • Rolling walker
  • Pockets
  • Detachable velcro straps
  • Lightweight
  • Free elasticity
  • Short velcro straps

9. MABUA Black Transfer Gait Belt with Holding Loop and Metal Buckle

MABUA Black Transfer Gait Belt with Holding Loop and Metal Buckle

This gait belt has one loop for maximum transfer and safety. It has four different colors – beige, black, pink, and purple. It is machine washable and made of 60% Polyester/ 40% Cotton knitted durable material.

Mabua Transfer/Gait Belts is a secure loop of 60’’. This gait belt has made mobilizing and transferring patients easier. These gait belts are easy to fasten the metal buckle.

The threaded end of the belt between the open slot and the teeth on the hinged side of the buckle allows the caregiver to be able to fit their fingers between the belt and the patient. The gait belt has double stitching and X-stitching ensures the durability of the gait belt loops staying sturdy.

  • 72’’ gait belt
  • Great handle
  • Big size
  • None

#10. TKWC INC Transfer Belt with Handles

TKWC INC Transfer Belt with Handles

TKWC INC transfer belt is made from soft but strong reinforced nylon material. It is 55” long and can accommodate waists up to 51’’. The oversize buckle enables quick adjustments for tightening or losing the gait belt when needed. It allows for a quick release when removing the belt from the patient.

It has six padded handles and allows easy grip on all sides. Lightweight, easy to use and store, and flexible.

If the patient is heavy on the belly side, the buckle is very comfortable. It will be easy for the caregiver to lock the patient’s midsection. It assists with walking and since the weight transfer is seamless and simple to grab on too, the patient enjoys the comfort of making steps that will indeed get them better at walking again.

  • Sturdy
  • Simple design
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Padded handles
  • None

Types Of Gait Belts

Types Of Gait BeltsA regular gait belt is usually thicker and longer than a traditional belt, it may or may not have a buckle but has a fastener. It is made of cotton, leather, nylon or spandex. Some gait belts come with handles positioned around the belt which make it convenient for the caregiver to lift the patient.

In a well designed gait belt the handles are strategically placed so as to provide for a better grip on the belt, and are positioned in such a way so that there are more movement options. They are easier to use when a patient is lying down than a traditional gait belt. Some gait belts also have padded handles.

Gait belts with straps that wrap around the thighs help maintain back alignment for the patient while they are walking. They are a bit more difficult to put on a patient, but they are better at distributing weight evenly, which can make frequent lifting more comfortable.

Step-by-Step Guide On How To Use A Gait Belt

  1. Step-by-Step Guide On How To Use A Gait BeltHold the patient steadily and tie the gait belt around the midsection of the patient.
  2. Make sure that as you fasten the belt, there is at least space for two fingers to go inside the body and belt precinct.
  3. Do not fasten the belt in the abdomen or lower back of the patient. If it is a gait belt in leg loops then while the patient is sitting, insert his legs inside the loops and then make him stand.
  4. After the patient has stood up. Wait for 5-10 seconds for the patient to become steady and then hold the belt from his or her back by inserting the two fingers between the belt and his/her back.
  5. If there is an extension to the belt, it will help the caregiver guide their movements while they practice walking. If it doesn’t they have to hold the belt from their back and nudge them towards the direction they must go.

Factors To Consider While Shopping For A Gait Belt

Factors To Consider While Shopping For A Gait BeltThe main factors are a sturdy two inch wide belt with a secure metal fastener. It should allow any size or height person to fit in and extra extension and handles are a bonus.

If the patient and the caregiver have enough capability to move about then a regular gait belt with a secure buckle is good to go. It should be sturdy and well-knit, at least two inch wide. The best gait belt provides compression and posture.

If the patient is completely helpless and needs help with balance and mobility it is best to buy gait belts with leg loops, as they give back support and support to the legs. These can be worn over clothing as well.

Transfer slings provide the best lower trunk and hip stability. This is the best option when patients require more support and also gives more control to the caregiver as it has an adjustable support. They act as an extension for the caregiver’s arms, providing strength and support for both the patient and caregiver. One example is Posey’s transfer belt, which is made from soft nylon.

The gait belts should be comfortable and durable, and a regular or quick-release buckle to suit the patient’s needs is an added advantage.

Also, check the size of the patient and his height matters, so do make sure to go for a heavy-duty gait belt that comes in several sizes for a perfect, customized fit, and accommodates bariatric wearers.

Some people need everyday support for their mobility problems and more frequently, for them medical transfer belts recommended by physiotherapists are most reliable. They have multiple handles in both vertical and horizontal positions. This feature provides caregivers the support they require to assist their patients with this unique transfer belt, while it also features a quick-release buckle for fast and easy access.


This article contains patient transfer gait belts of the best quality available in the market in 2021. It is advisable that these best gait belts of 2021 are used only when required to transfer patients from the bed to the chair or to help the patient with mobility issues walk with the help of a nurse. Secure gait belts with handles can also be used for gymming and training as resistance bands.

It is important to take care of the fact that if the patient or resident has had recent surgery, their physician should be consulted for permission prior to using these best patient transfer belts on the patient. Transfer Best Gait Belt with modes should never be used as any type of restraining device on a patient. Also, never use the top gait belts with handles as a form of a seat belt either in a vehicle or in a chair.

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