15 Benefits Of Quitting Caffeine – Live Life Caffeine-Free!

benefits of quitting caffeine

Making healthier choices is the basis of a healthier life. If you think the benefits of quitting caffeine is farfetched, it is not. Leaving coffee or any other sources of coffee can impact your life for the better.

If you are here wondering about the WHYs and HOWs, it is mainly because of how it rejuvenates every single cell in the body.

By the end of this article, we are hoping by the end of this article, we will be able to convince you to drop the caffeine out of your diet.

Benefits Of Quitting Caffeine

Benefits Of Quitting Caffeine

Giving up tea, coffee or any other form of caffeine is not easy.

Also, it is not bad if you consume it in moderation but given the fact that chucking it out of one’s diet can have amazing impacts on your body is evidence enough why it is a good enough option to ponder on.

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Check Out These Benefits Of Quitting Caffeine.

1. Get over the Addiction

Get over the addictionCaffeine is a form of addiction for some people. They tend to have this strong urge to never stop drinking the same.

Given the fact that people who are addicted to coffee or tea have a heavy dependence on the beverage to keep them functioning throughout the day, it is not surprising that one of the biggest benefits of no caffeine is the fact that it helps in getting over the addiction.

Going cold turkey helps you break that vicious cycle of needing caffeine for functioning.

2. Lessened Signs of Anxiety

Lessened signs of anxietyHave you been feeling anxious lately?

There are chances that the heightened consumption of caffeine could be associated with the anxious feeling because of a heightened burst of energy in the individual.

While this might seem like a good option when you are pulling an all-nighter, the same burst of energy is often believed to instil the feeling of flight or fight (R) in us which is often the reason behind the anxious feeling.

If you struggle with anxiety and stress already, chances are that the caffeine can make the symptoms even worse. Make sure to avoid it for your own better mental health.

3. Lowered Risks of Cardiovascular Diseases

Lowered risks of cardiovascular diseasesYet another one of the benefits of not drinking caffeine is the fact that it helps in preventing the heightened risks of cardiovascular ailments.

Prior studies have shown the impacts associated with the consumption of caffeine with the risks of heart attack.

In a conducted study (R) with subjects between the ages of 18-45 with hypertension who consumed 4 cups of coffee on a regular basis were found to have four times the more risks of heart attack in comparison to the ones who didn’t.

4. Lower Blood Pressure

Lower blood pressureIt goes without saying that one of the very common benefits of going caffeine free is the fact that it helps contribute to lowering your blood pressure.

The primary reason why caffeine is a bad option for the blood pressure, is mainly because of the fact that it excites the nervous system (R) in the body. What this does is have adverse impacts on the overall cardiovascular system in the body.

Thus, one of the benefits of giving up coffee is the fact that it helps in lowering the overall blood pressure in the body.

5. Boost Digestion

Boost digestionIf you didn’t know this, caffeine is a digestive irritant and tends to have negative impacts on the stomach and the overall digestion process.

One of the benefits of quitting caffeine is the fact that it brings back the digestion back on track without any kind of issues whatsoever.

If you are here wondering why giving up coffee is a good option, improving your digestion is one of the primary reasons behind the same.

6. Better Sleep

Better sleep

We often tend to complain about lack of sleep, especially for the people who are caffeine addicts.

The primary reason why giving up coffee or any form of caffeine is a good thing is because it induces better sleep which is crucial for one’s overall well being.

Given the fact that the half-life of caffeine is just 4-6 hours, it is not at all surprising that you are wide awake instead of being asleep.

Several studies (R) have even pointed out the fact that the consumption of caffeine not just alters the normal sleep cycle in an individual; it has also been associated with the feeling of drowsiness in an individual, especially during the day.

7. Better Collagen Production

Better collagen production
ImageSource: www.betternutrition.com

Collagen is considered to be part of the building blocks in our body.

It is not at all surprising that more and more people are giving up caffeine with the passing days owing to the fact that coffee and tea and any source of caffeine has been found to have negative impacts on the overall collagen production (R) in the body.

Caffeine has been found to have inhibitory impacts on the collage production in the body which is why it is considered one of the benefits of going caffeine free.

8. Better Nutrient Absorption in the Body

Better nutrient absorption in the body
ImageSource: www.drtaylorwallace.com

You might not necessarily realize this but people who ditch coffee and caffeine have been reported to have a better rate of nutrient absorption in the body.

It is believed that the presence of tannins in the caffeine ends up inhibiting the overall process of nutrient re-absorption in the body, mainly that of calcium, iron and Vitamin B.

Thus, it is considered as one of the benefits of no caffeine that it helps in promoting better nutrient absorption in your body.

9. Instils Better Mood

Instills better moodYou might not realize this but caffeine can often be the reason behind your mood swings.

People who are addicted to caffeine tend to become very grumpy in the mornings until they have consumed their coffee or even get cranky where the coffee starts wearing off towards the afternoon.

Whatever the condition be, one of the benefits of not drinking caffeine is the fact that it helps in preventing abrupt mood swings and helps in ensuring a stable and content mood.

10. Better Dental Health

Better dental healthAny form of caffeine, be it tea or even coffee, have the potency of ending up staining your teeth.

The high levels of tannins in the tea and coffee is what is believed to be the factor to be blamed in this prospect which ends up causing discoloration of the teeth and eroding the enamel as well.

Not just that, even the acidity that is found in the caffeine rich beverages have been found to have impacts on the enamel, causing decay.

11. Reduced Trips to the Washroom

Reduced trips to the washroom
ImageSource: www.thehealthsite.com

The beverages rich in caffeine have the potency of inducing frequent urination in individuals.

In severe cases, the higher and unprecedented consumption of caffeine has also been associated with the risks of incontinence.

Quitting caffeine for food can actually be quite helpful in keeping this problem in check.

12. Maintains Hormonal Balance

Maintains hormonal balance
ImageSource: www.sciencenewsforstudents.org

You might necessarily realize this but having a proper balance in the hormone levels is actually important for the overall well being of an individual.

Especially in women, studies have found that the heightened consumption of caffeine has been associated with the unprecedented disturbance to the hormonal balance in the body.

In a conducted study (R) in 2012, the Asian and black women who consume 200 mg of caffeine on a daily basis found elevated levels of estrogen while the same was the opposite for the white women.

If you want to avoid increasing the further risks of endometriosis, ovarian cancers and such, it is always best to suggest understanding the benefits of giving up coffee and living caffeine free.

13. Weight Management

Weight managementThis is more dependent for the ones who drink their caffeine rich drinks with sugar in them.

Aside from coffee and tea, if you are depending on soda and such, chances are that you are contributing worse to your weight gain.

If you are on the lookout for proper management of your weight, the best way to do so is by cutting out caffeine for good.

14. Regulates Brain Function

Regulates brain functionYou might not realize this but the over-consumption of the caffeine does have a direct impact on your brain function and activity.

If you have been experience orientation issues and such, it is best to quit coffee for good. Not just that, researchers (R) have even found that caffeine dependence is a lot similar to that of drug dependence that we often see people suffering from.

15. Lesser Headaches

Lesser headachesIf you didn’t know any better, there is actually a thing know as caffeine withdrawal.

Delving deeper into the subject you would know that one of the most common side effects of this problem is the fact that it induces headaches a lot.

One of the benefits of quitting caffeine is the fact that it keeps the intensity of these possible headaches to a bare minimum.

When it comes to discussing the benefits of quitting caffeine, the possibilities are quite rich and diverse. If quitting seems too hard to do, try with small steps and then get your way up from there for effective results and overall better health.