7 Natural Remedies For Incontinence


Incontinence is the health disorder where you lose control over your bladder and the feel to urinate appears so often. That urge of urination is so strong that you often face leaked urine or sometimes you just don’t reach the toilet in time. This occurs mostly in women. According to a research around 75 to 80 percent of women are suffering with the problem of incontinence in the United States.

Incontinence can be cured by ways such as lifestyle changes, regular exercising as well as a few supplements. However, following natural remedies for incontinence helps you the most, according to the experts.

We have brought you a list of few best natural remedies to solve the health problem of incontinence.

Natural Cures To Cure Incontinence

1Focus on fitness

Experts say that getting fit must be your primary objective towards countering the severity of incontinence. Experts explain that excess belly fat puts tremendous pressure on your bladder as well as your pelvic area and causes problems. To solve this issue, it is important to focus more on your fitness and exercise regularly to shed some extra fats.

2Provide training to your bladder

Training your bladder quite patiently helps you controlling the effects of incontinence. Experts says that, on the first step delay urination by 10 minutes and slowly take it to 20 minutes. At the second step train yourself to use the washroom after every four hours. Maintaining a journal of timings of your urination may also help you in knowing the effects of incontinence.

3Raise magnesium intake

Increasing the consumption of magnesium, one of the important mineral required for growth of proper muscle as well as nerve function, helps in solving incontinent problems, according to the experts. In the study, conducted by a prestigious University in Israel, found that women who started to consume magnesium hydroxide pills showed a greater development in solving incontinence in urine.

4Increase vitamin D consumption

Apart from providing quality nutrients for bone to increase bone health, vitamin D was also found to be highly effective on incontinence. In the study, it was observed by the researchers that women who had vitamin D levels more than normal were found to be having less effect of any health problem in their pelvic area, including the disease of incontinence. Apart from sunlight, you can get vitamin D from other foods such as milk, eggs as well as fish.


A pessary is a device ring-shaped device which placed in the woman’s vagina to support bladder as well as the vagina. It also shows the high effectiveness lowering down stress incontinence. Using this device to control the bladder neck will be highly useful. However, it requires a lot of local hygiene. You can also use hormonal cream to keep yourself away from vaginal wall irritation.

6Stop smoking

Smoking has been found highly dangerous for your health and can cause various diseases, including lung cancer as well as incontinence, according to the experts. Experts say that nicotine irritates the entire bladder. It has also been proved in a study that heavy smokers are more on the risk of facing incontinence than non smokers.


According to various expert acupuncturists, acupuncture does help in curing incontinence. They say that imbalance occurs not only in the kidneys as well as bladder, but also in the lungs and heart. They further says that many a times over-reactive bladder causes due to imbalance in two or more systems in the body. Although they said that this cannot be a remedy to cure incontinence, it can show results quite interesting.

There are lots more other remedies also to solve the problem of incontinence and to gain back the control of your bladder.

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By Prajakt K.