12 Important Tips To Counter Depression

Depression Removal
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People face depression due to various reasons. It not only breaks you completely from the inside, but it also does not let you recover from it too easily. To counter depression, you need to be very strong and patient. It surrounds yourself with lots of negativity and you just cannot think positively or do something creative in the situation. Your mind goes through a very big trauma, which not harms you mentally but also physically. However, there are a few tricks to counter depression.

To solve the problem of depression, apart from taking help from an expert physician there are a few other tips to counter depression, which you can consider to get rid of this mental problem as soon as possible. Here is the list of few important tips to solve depression and to live freely without any pressure.

List of Important Tips To Counter Depression

1. Don’t Ruminate

Don’t Ruminate

Rumination occurs when you repetitively think a lot about an event which didn’t go well in your life. This continuous thinking puts you into depression and causes anxiety, anger as well as stress. Experts say that while reflection is a good aspect, rumination is not at all required to stay out of depression. To solve this problem, experts say that you should distract yourself from the thought or meditate along with redirecting your thoughts.

2. Don’t Think About the Future

Don’t think about the future
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According to the experts, depressed people think a lot about what will happen in their future. Sometimes they convinced themselves that a particular event will be definitely occurring in their life and it was found that most of the times that event is bad or sometimes catastrophic. This results in pushing yourself into a dangerous state of depression. To avoid this, expert says that you should stop predicting much about your future and to live in the present.

3. Let Go of Your Past Activities

Let go of your past activities
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Thinking too much about things which had already been done, is a pure waste of time. It is easy to tell yourself that you should have done that, you should not have done that, but more importantly, you cannot do anything now to change that. You can only live in present and try not to repeat the mistakes which have already been done in the past.

4. Meet New People

Meet new people
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Depression causes isolation and it gets even worse if you are not working and spending time at home. Being depressed, you just not want to meet people and try to avoid them. However, according to a study, you should meet new people and increase your social reach. This can also help you in providing much needed support and health to you. You might find people who already gone through stages of depression. They can guide to get rid of it. Staying at home for longer periods will definitely increase the effect of depression.

5. Follow a Fixed Routine

Follow a fixed routine
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It has been found by the experts that people who face depression have a habit of eating and sleeping quite inconsistently. Experts say that people should always follow a fixed routine to keep yourself busy. Getting up early in the morning, exercising regularly will only help in keeping up your spirits. Although you are unemployed following a fixed routine will help you live a disciplined life which helps you in getting rid of depression.

6. Give Yourself a Reality Check

Give yourself a reality check
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If you feel that you are depressed, ask yourself about the proofs that you’re the most depressed person on the entire earth or you are the saddest person living on the planet. The answer will always be in negative. Always remember that when you feel living through bad phases, there are people around you who would be dying to live through your bad phase as they are living their life in much worse condition than yours.

7. Set Simple Goals

Set simple goals
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Set realistic, simple and small goals to finish. Ensure that all your goals are rewarding, specific, measurable, attainable as well as time limited. Setting simple and easy goals and achieving them will also help in building your confidence, which gets badly deteriorated due to the effects of depression.

8. Avoid Processed Food

Avoid Processed Food
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The debate may go on forever, as to what to eat for your general well being. Vegetarian food, raw food, food free of gluten, or Mediterranean food perhaps, would have topped the charts at one point of time or another.

There is no convincing required here, as the best for one, may not be so for others. Yet healthy food definitely is something which is real, and not vomited out by a machine, for us to consume.

Processed foods have long been linked to been a cause for depression. Real, unprocessed food is higher in the natural nutrient contents, and it also does not contain artificial sweeteners, that cause hormonal imbalance in the system, thus bringing about depression.

9. Healthy Fats

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Healthy fats are known to lower the levels of depression that your body may be experiencing. The brain in itself contains 25% of its total weight in the form of cholesterol. If the levels are low in your system, then it may lead to episodes of depression.

Hence a low-fat diet may lead on to be devastating for patients suffering from cases of depression, so much so that, there may be chances of showing suicidal tendencies.

Nuts, avocados, coconut and olive oils, wild salmon and the kind are known to be rich in soluble fats, which is exactly what your brain requires at all times.

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10. Physical Exercising

Physical Exercising
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Ask any man, who knows his money’s worth, will tell you that there is no substitute for hard work. Hard work and exercising is one and the same thing, except some technical nuances, which may be left untouched as of now.

Exercising is known to be a healthy distraction of the mind, thus helping one in getting their focus off and away from the situation that may be causing the depression in the first place. Besides overall wellness in your systems keeps your mind fit, and thus enables you in decision making. Just being able to make the correct decision, may work miracles for your confidence levels.

11. Meditation

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Regularly practicing meditation may just the be the best remedy for depression, that you may ever come across. It has in fact been scientifically proven that meditation has a cure for mental disorder of all known kinds.

The effects of meditations work on multiple levels, which includes an increase in the levels of serotonin, which may also be called the happiness hormone, and gamma-aminobutyric, which is a neurotransmitter that brings about relaxation. The levels of cortisol, which may also be referred to as the stress hormone, and cause depression.

12. Gratitude


Counting one’s blessing is always a good way to go about life. A simple show gratitude may prove to be miraculous for your spirits. You may call it mysticism, or you may label it as science.

Studies have shown to us that people who are undergoing depression has 50% less tendency of showing gratitude.