Home remedies for headache

home remedies for headache

Headache is a pain that occurs in any region of the head. There may be different causes of headache. Usually, headache occurs when you are not taking the proper rest and doing lots of physical activities. There are also many other causes of having a headache like improper sleep, sinus, dehydration, etc. We all know medication is the solution for having relief from headache. Do you know the remedies that are easily available at your home may help you get rid of headache? There are various home remedies for headache.

1Hydrate yourself

Dehydration is one of the causes for a headache. To get relief from headache, One can have fluids like water and fresh fruit juices. You should avoid caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea, because it dehydrates the body.

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2Head massages

Apply oil on the hair and gently do massage to the painful area of your head and with the index finger and thumb apply a gentle pressure. Keep pressure for 14-15 seconds, and repeat as desirable. Massage may help in relieving the muscles of the head and improves blood circulation.

3Follow a balanced diet

Person should manage diet as well timing of diet. Peron should follow the fixed timetable for their every meal. Headache occurs due to reduction of glucose in the body that cause hypoglycemia. So for the proper functioning of the body metabolism, person should take their food at fixed interval of time.

4Sufficient sleep

Adequate sleep is very much necessary for the body. Proper posture of sleeping also affects the body. Inadequate sleep makes body restless which in turns gives headache problem. 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is very much needed for the proper functioning of body. If you are not getting proper sleep, then find the solution of this and get relief from headache.

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5Rest for a while

Now-a-days, headache causes due to whole day sitting in front of computer . So, it is necessary to give relaxation to your brain for some time in every hour. Close your eyes for some time and give relaxation to your brain. It may help you to reduce your tension and anxiety.

6Hot shower

Take the hot shower and let the hot water strike to your head and run down your neck and back. By doing this your body muscles will get relief and allowing the proper blood circulation.

7Try smiling and laughing

Laughing is the free of cost and good exercise for healthy living. It is the best medicine for the headache. Laughing activity release endorphins chemical in the brain, that give relief from the pain.

8Relax and follow your hobbies

Do whatever your heart says and feels good to do and that gives you the real happiness of life. Give at least one hour from the whole day to your hobby. Apart from this dancing is also a good exercise for relieving from pain.

9Meditation and deep breathing

Deep breathing and meditation is good exercises that may help you in relieving a headache; it will be even more effective, if it is done in the fresh air.

By: Shaveta Kandhari