How to get a stronger legs

Stronger Legs

If you are lifting a weight regularly, but you are ignoring your lower body parts, then do you have an idea how it will look. It will make your legs shapeless. Even doing exercise in the wrong way can also affect your legs muscles like squatting incorrectly, too much high-rep training and perform leg exercise in wrong manner. How to get a stronger legs? To get strong and beautiful legs, it is important to do some exercise and workout for the legs and most important is doing it in the right way. There are various exercises for stronger legs.

Exercise for Strong and Sexy Legs

1Split squat

1. Split squat exercise is mainly for the butt and quads.
2. Stand 2 feet away from a chair with back facing a chair.
3. Put the hands on hips, and bend right leg towards the chair and place top of foot on the chair.
4. Do Squat by bending the right leg to 90 degrees with knee over ankle.
5. Make it harder by bending just 45 degrees.
6. Do 15 to 20 repetitions for one side and 2 to 3 sets by switching sides of legs.

2Sissy squat

1. Sissy squat will help you to make quads, hamstrings, and calf muscles strong.
2. Stand to the right side of chair with keeping the feet to distant apart.
3. Hold the seat back with your left hand.
4. Rise up on tip of toes and heels off the floor and bend knees 90 degrees.
5. Lean the upper body part (Chest and shoulder) back 45 degrees.
6. The Body should form a straight line from knees to shoulders and keeps your abs tight.
7. Return to straight standing position on toes.
8. Repeat it 15 to 20 times on both sides.

3Pistol Squat

1. Pistol squat target to butt and quads of leg.
2. Stand with feet and hip distant apart.
3. Stand on one leg, with the other leg straight in front of you.
4. Lower yourself down on one leg which means as if that you’re sitting in a chair.
5. Focus on going down as far as possible, working toward-getting the back of your leg touching your calf muscle.
6. Now, Stand up and repeat the same on the other side too.

4Goblet squat

1. Targets butt, quads, inner thighs, and hamstrings
2. Stand with feet wider apart.
3. Holding the dumbbell vertically with both hands in front of chest.
4. Lower yourself down by bending knees 90 degrees.
5. Jump up slightly as you rise up, landing with knees soft.
6. Now repeat it on the other side.

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5Three-way lunge

1. Targets butt, quads, inner thighs, and hamstrings
2. Stand with feet hip-width apart, hands clasped in front of chest.
3. Bent the left knees at 90 degrees and Lunge forward with left leg and return to start.
4. Lunge backward with left leg to complete 1 rep.
5. Now repeat 2 to 3 sets on both sides.

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By: Shaveta Kandhari