Benefits of Applying Oil on Belly Button

applying oil on belly button

Natural oils are considered highly helpful in Ayurveda. Various oils such as essential as well as carrier oils done a great job in providing health benefits. Applying oils on your body not affects your physical health but also effect positively on your mental health. It also helps in stimulating emotions as well as spirituality, according to the experts.

While you can apply oil on your skin anywhere you want, applying oil on your belly button provides you various benefits. This part of the body is highly important than we normally think. Applying oil on belly button provides benefits such as moisturization and helps in curing various infections, according to the experts.

To elaborate more on this, we have made a list of important benefits of applying oil on the belly button.

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Importance of Applying Oil On Belly Button

oil on belly button

1. Provides Moisturization

Oils are always considered as the best moisturizers for the skin. Oils also work effectively on the body parts which most of the times are forgotten such as belly button as well as the stomach. When the air is super dry in winters, applying oil on belly button provides even more benefits.

According to the experts applying coconut oils as well as olive oils will help you in getting important health benefits. These oils contain fatty acid in it and therefore have emollient effects. Applying just a few drops on your stomach will help you. Applying the oil before taking shower will help you as the skin will feel smooth and soft.

2. Eliminates Dirt

Your belly button is a part of your body which you often forget to clean. You should always clean your belly button to save yourself from embarrassment. Take few drops of jojoba, safflower as well as grape seed on a cotton swab and apply it on your belly button. These oils will help you in loosening the dead skin and dirt and makes it, even more, easier to remove all the dirt.

You should remember not to be highly aggressive while rubbing the cotton swab on your stomach. It can cause injury or pain on your belly button. Therefore, it is important to be gentle with the cotton swab.

3. Prevents Infection

It has been seen that belly button can be a home for the bacteria as well as fungi as it often gets dirty. Keeping the belly button moist for a long time can also lead to developing a deadly infection. If you have any injury or the cut, it can get even more dangerous. You will have to clean it with gentle hands.

Using right oils can help you in removing all types of infection. According to the experts, tea tree oil is one of the best options for it as it contains various important antioxidant as well as anti-bacterial properties. You can also use mustard oil which can contains anti-bacterial abilities.

Making a mixture of three drops of coconut oil and other anti-bacterial oil and applying it on your belly button once as well as twice every day helps in healing the infection, according to the experts.

4. Provides Stomach Pain Relief

Experts says that stomach pain can be cured by applying oil on belly button. This will also help you in curing conditions such as diarrhea, indigestion as well as food poisoning. Applying oil is also a natural remedy for providing relief on nausea as well as bloating.

To cure all, the best option is to use essential oils such as peppermint oil as well as ginger oil. However, it is important to dilute these oils in other carrier oils. Applying these oils will also help in providing extra relief to your stomach, according to the experts.

5. Menstrual Pain Reduction

If you are suffering with menstrual pain since quite a long time, applying diluted essential oil on your belly button can help you and can also offer natural pain, according to the experts. It is important to use essential oils such as peppermint, cypress, ginger as well as clary sage. You can massage these oils to cure all the cramps in your stomach, experts say.

6. Improves Fertility

Your belly button is directly connected with your fertility, according to the experts. There is the reason why it was once connected to your mother. For better fertility applying oils on your button can help you despite you are man or woman.

Carrier oils such as damiana, guava leaf, clary sage as well as juniper will help you in providing better benefits. This can be highly effective and can also provide you relaxation, protects your sperm and cures all your menstrual problems. Applying this oil on belly button will also helping in keeping hormones regulated and in turn helps in increases the conceiving chances, according to the experts.

7. Provides Balance To Naval Chakra

In Ayurveda, naval chakra or more commonly known as swadhisthana, is considered as one of the major source of energy as well as imagination. It is also considered as a home to your fantasies, goals and biggest dreams. According to the Ayurveda, if you want to connect yourself to your creativity you should always try to balance your naval chakra.

Applying grapeseed oil will help you in balancing the naval chakra, according to the Ayurveda. Massage few drops of essential oil on the belly button. To get even more benefits you can also add more essential oils such as sandalwood, rosewood as well as ylang-ylang. To keep your creativity shining you can apply oil once a week.


essential oils

It is important, however, to dilute all the essential oils. It is essential to use these oils in diluted form as their concentration can irritate your skin. To find that you are not allergic to the oil test it on your skin few drops before applying it fully.

Keep these precautions in your mind so that you can use these oils even more effectively and can get more benefits.

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By Prajakt K.