How to Get Your Voice Back

how to get your voice back

Putting an extra strain on our voice chords due to various activities such as screaming loudly at various concerts as well as amusement parks, talking or singing too much. However, recovering your lost voice is easy and following some of the amazing natural treatments can provide you your voice back. The condition of losing your voice can also arise due to certain health conditions. Providing natural soothing to your voice and resting may help in getting back your lost voice. You can also consider various methods here, which we have provided on how to get your voice back.

Here, along with various methods to get your voice back, we have also provided some suggestions on how to use these natural methods to recover your voice. Read on to know when it is the time to go for taking the suggestions of your doctor for getting back your lost voice.

Natural remedies to get your voice back

1. Salt water gargle

You can get use salt water gargle to provide enough soothing to your throat. This remedy is also highly useful in getting relief from a sore throat. To use salt water,

  • Heat a glass of water until it gets warm.
  • Now add a tablespoon of salt in the water.
  • Gargle with the help of the solution to remove all the mucus in the throat.
  • Alternatively, you can also use apple cider vinegar instead of salt.

2. Herbal teas with lemon and honey

Drinking teas, such as chamomile tea, along with lemon and honey is also considered healthy for your throat and provide effective soothing. Along with this, using honey can also provide various benefits.

However, some experts do not recommend eating acidic food as it may prove harmful for the epithelial tissue. As both lemon, as well as tea, are acidic in nature, it can cause problems with your throat.

3. Steam

Steam is also highly useful in increasing the moisture in your throat. Therefore, steam is also useful in treating throat problems. To follow the technique,

  • Boil some water and pour it into a vessel.
  • Cover your head with a towel and keep it above the vessel.
  • You can even add some essential oil in it for more benefits.
  • Now, just turn off the fan and breath deep.

4. Lozenges

Another useful method, which you can use in treating your throat problems is lozenges. However, there is no scientific backing on treating throat problems with using lozenges.

Various experts have suggests that using lozenges can be helpful in getting more temporary relief, although it does not have any backing behind it.

5. Give rest to your throat

Providing enough rest to your throat is also a helpful way to get your voice back. Being silent also provides enough time to the epithelial tissue to repair. You can prefer to be silent all the time to do this.

  • One of the amazing through which you can be silent is to chew gums or suck on lozenges. This is also equally helpful in the production of the saliva.
  • To provide enough rest to your epithelial tissue you can opt to speak by writing on paper.
  • Limiting the use of increases voice and using various mechanical means can also show important benefits.

6. Breath in with nose and not mouth

It is important to breath with the help of your nose instead of your mouth. The main reason behind this is breathing in through your mouth makes your throat dry, which can cause problem if you have already lost your voice and may even cause the problem of sore throat. However, if you are suffering with problems such as stuffy nose, you may find it difficult to breath in with the help of nose.

7. Quit smoking

Along with various diseases, smoking can also cause the problem of throat dryness. The negative effect of smoking on your body too, cause various health problems. One more disadvantage of smoking is that it also causes change in your voice. Quitting smoking can show you a lot of development.

8. Avoid Aspirin

Although aspirin does provide relief from various types of pain, sometimes aspirin may create a lot of problems. Consumption of aspirin in the condition of rupturing the capillary, aspiring reduces the clotting of blood, which negatively affects the natural healing process of the body.

9. Stop eating acidic foods

Various foods are highly acidic in nature. Consumption of these foods can cause lot of problems and can even tear the the vocal chords, damaging your throat. Therefore, it is important to avoid the consumption of these foods completely.

You should also avoid the consumption of spicy foods as well as they also are not at all good for your throat.
When to see the doctor?

Even though the problem of losing your voice is not a serious condition and the situation can be restored after trying some natural remedies, it is important to take the suggestion from your doctor immediately, if you are experiencing various other symptoms along with the loss of voice.

If you are suffering with fever as well as cold longer than 2-3 weeks, it is recommended to take the help of your doctor immediately. Sometimes, the problem can even be caused due to any underlying disease in your body.


Following the healthy habits even though your voice is back on track, is necessary to take care of your voice properly. If you are on antibiotics, it is also important to complete the full course of antibiotics instead of giving up in the middle.

Take enough rest even if you are feeling better to get rid of the problem completely. Another most important thing you should during this time is to keep away from the dairy products. Consuming dairy products can be increase the proportion of mucus in the throat and it is important to get rid of all the mucus in throat to get your voice back completely.

Follow these tips if you are suffering with the problem of voice loss and want to get it back as soon as possible. All these tips are are natural and should not cause any side effects at all if used properly.