10 Different Types of Orthotics Shoes- Reviews and Buying Guidance

10 Different Types of Orthotics Shoes Reviews and Buying Guidance

If you are going through pain and soreness in your foot then consulting a doctor is the first step. Doctors’ prescriptions may include medicines and devices to treat foot issues. A device-like treatment can be with specialized shoes which are called orthotic shoes. If you are asked to use orthotics shoes over other regular shoes then you should know which is the best one. For everyone who is looking for the best orthotic shoes can check the list provided in this article.

We have chosen the best orthotics shoes for your various requirements. It could be for walking, sports or to pair with your outfits for styling. Have a clear need before when shopping for a pair of shoes as they are to bring you comfort, happy walks.

You have the top orthotics shoes for men and women. Also, check to consider the factors that are crucial before going for shoes to treat foot issues. Only then your purchase becomes worthy and contributes to your health.

1. Best Running Shoes for Orthotics

Best Running Shoes for Orthotics

Running is no less than a mini workout so only you prefer running as your physical activity. A morning run gives you good endorphins and more health benefits following it. But do you think running is as enjoyable as said with foot problems?

If you have any foot problems like instability, pain and soreness then you need orthotics shoes. Ditch your regular shoes and go for a pair of running shoes which are experts in handling your foot. Check out the below product which is made of mesh fabric for breathability and comfortable running.

This shoe is attached with abrasion rubber in critical areas as the outer sole for an increased durability. Hence, it is a best durable shoe that lasts with wear and tear.

It is easy to wear lace up shoes for men. You will have a secure fit with the proper lace tie. It comes with a removable padded footbed which is to take out for a personalized wear and gives you even support. The base of the shoe is cushioned to absorb the shock. All these unique features together made us pick it as the orthotics shoes for running.

  • Absorbs shock
  • Removable pad
  • Manages moisture
  • Secure fitting
  • Long durability
  • Inappropriate fitting

2. Best Walking Shoes for Orthotics

Best Walking Shoes for Orthotics

If you are looking for walking shoes to support your foot well then be wise and picky. This pair of shoes are engineered with rubber sole for extra durability. It sustains regular and rough wear. There is a suitable pair for all your sports and western wear.

The upper material mesh fabric to promote air circulation. There will be no discomfort wearing these shoes for walking. The footwear is designed including a footbed for that strong stability. This is a casual pair that you can wear for all kinds of activities like walking, sports and low intensity workout. Wearing these for travelling can be a good choice too.

If you are facing lower back pain then try these shoes. You can prefer the shoes if you are someone who stands or walks for longer hours. It reduces pressure in the back and relieves the pain. Also you can insert and remove the cushion according to your comfort and requirements. You can enjoy the supreme arch support with the orthotics shoes when choosing it for walking.

  • Removable cushion
  • Durable rubber sole
  • Mesh fabric
  • Perfect arch support
  • Little hard at arch

3. Best Golf Shoes for Orthotics

Best Golf Shoes for Orthotics

Golf shoes for orthotics can be an ultimate pick for training as they are cushioned at midsole. If you are exactly in search of such a feature then here is an option. It keeps you going forward in your training and sports without discomfort. You will see no damage with daily use as it is compression resistant.

It has the foam footbed and it is lightweight shoes which makes it a perfect pair for orthotics. The foam is firm yet flexible to wear. You don’t feel the cumbersome with packed wear. The base is extremely supportive with softness and firmness equally.

You will experience the best of these shoes for workouts on tough grounds. It is a brilliantly designed shoe with water resistant features. Wearing these shoes when the weather is not favourable is another benefit. You can be carefree as it is composed of leather. Also it is easy to cover up your foot with lace closure that is finely secure. Overall, it is an uncompromised option for golf shoes for orthotics.

  • Compression resistant
  • Enough firmness
  • Adequate softness
  • For bad weathers
  • Expensive

4. Best Cross Training shoes for Orthotics

Best Cross Training shoes for Orthotics

The training shoes are featured with previous models to provide versatility and durability. These shoes might look heavy to wear but are breathable. Hence,your foot feels relaxed, comfortable while wearing them on throughout the day.

It has a midsole cushioning which is resistant to compression. You can step out with these shoes for hanging out or workouts. These are the trainers that provide you the ‘excellent support with appropriate arches and sole constructions.

The upper of the shoe is water resistant made of leather. You can wear them on a rainy day and are ideal for any season. The outsole is non marking that doesn’t mark the floors and surfaces when using them.

These orthotics shoes for cross training come in multiple colors and sizes for a customized selection. It is a footwear made to improve athletic performance while you have foot issues. Also adds athletic style.

  • Stands compression
  • Everyday wear
  • Water resistant
  • Breathability
  • Pricey

5. Best For Dress Shoes – Dansko Men’s Walker

Best For Dress Shoes Dansko Mens Walker

If you are choosy about taking leather shoes for orthotics then you have a glance at this product. It is made of 100% leather to take the wear and tear. In fact, it is recommended as a staple of every wardrobe. The linings of the shoe are man made for longer durability with precision stitches.

The leather sockliner is added to the shoes for moisture wicking. Hence, it is the best dress orthotic shoe in all seasons. It helps keep your foot dry and cool in summers too. The footbed of the shoe can be inserted and removed to accommodate orthotics.

The outsole of the shoe’s rugged rubber increases the long lasting durability. The inner sole is synthetic for smooth walk. If you get a look at these shoes then you may opt for the best dress shoes as it is versatile to pair with different outfit styles.

  • Precision stitches
  • Removable footbed
  • Leather made
  • Moisture wicking
  • Expensive

6. Best Summer Shoes for Orthotics

Best Summer Shoes for Orthotics

The rubber sole and synthetic mesh is a combination for these orthotic shoes. This is the best summer shoe for orthotics with lightweight material. It is not heavy on your foot neither it makes you feel sweaty by wearing all day.

These kinds of shoes are made for low mileage running. It is a versatile shoe that you can wear with all kinds of casual outfits. If you are thinking to team them up with your sportswear then it is all set for a go. The mesh and synthetic materials are breathable. As the air circulation is promoted, you can choose these for summer. Look for such shoes as they can keep sweat and moisture away while supporting your foot with orthotics.

If you are going for running or workouts in summer then you can try these shoes for this time. Moreover, it has the breathable mesh that keeps your foot cool. The cushioning is moderate for comfortable walks, running and standing.

If you are specially looking for a shoe that suits for low mileage and running and for everyday this can be a right fit. You can have structural support with a mid foot cage. You simply have to lace it up for a clean and secure closure.

  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable mesh
  • Sweat absorbing
  • None

7. Best for Hiking – Oboz Firebrand II

Best for Hiking Oboz Firebrand II

The shoes are structured with a tough and high-grade rubber-like material. The heel of the shoe is deep with a high density of the material which increases the stability of your foot. This shoe pair of orthotics is the best for hiking as it absorbs shock and rebounds.

There is medium-density underfoot support to be an ultimate choice for hiking and other adventures. You can also go for these shoes during traveling. The top layer is made to be moisture-wicking which keeps your foot dry. There will be no irritation or trouble while wearing or post wearing the shoe.

This shoe is sculpted with a nylon shank for additional support in the heel and forefoot. A midsole with balanced cushioning is another supportive feature to accommodate orthotics. It is a waterproof shoe that keeps sweat and moisture away. So, you can buy it for hiking-like activities if you have any foot problems.

  • Heel and forefoot support
  • Waterproof material
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Shock absorption
  • Midsole cushioning
  • Narrow shaped

8. Best for Nursing – KEEN Women’s Presidio Shoe Shoes

Best for Nursing KEEN Womens Presidio Shoe Shoes

Nursing women need shoes that are favorable for orthotics. You may consider this shoe pair as it is for everyday wear that suits casual outfits. The upper part of the shoe is made of leather for water resistance. All you have to is lace up for a custom fit and get engaged in your casualties.

It has a nonmarking outsole for extra durability and long wear. The footbed is provided with additional density for accurate arch support. It gives great toe protection as it wraps up the entire toe bed. The footbed provides hugging arch support. If you are experiencing foot problems as nursing then you need a contouring shoe.

You can walk non-stop without marking the floors anywhere, be it adventures, sports or workouts as it is attached with a rubber outsole. These shoes are easy to clean with a swipe of damp cloth as the outer part is made of leather. You can prefer them for various outfits and withstand the tough wear and tear.

  • Contouring support
  • Non marking sole
  • Versatile to wear
  • Could be super stylish

9. Best for Deep Orthotics

Best for Deep Orthotics

The shoes are super friendly to match any foot type. If you are suffering from deep orthotics like severe pain in your foot then choosing this pair will not be a disappointment. The upper material of the shoe is meshed synthetic to encourage sweat absorption and wicking moisture. You can comfortably wear the shoes to overcome foot problems.

The outsole of the shoe is rubber for extended durability. These are the right choice for running, traveling, and low-intensity workouts as well. It helps to rest your foot as it is deep enough. You can slip your foot into the shoe and enjoy the comfy feeling.

As the foot feels secure wrapping inside the shoe, automatically it increases stability and mobility. You can pair the shoe with your casuals and sportswear as well. The shoe doesn’t cause any sore spots on the feet even after wearing it all day. But see that not to wear for a high-intensity workout as it makes you feel uncomfortable with soreness.

  • Good arch support
  • Comfy to wear
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Increased stability
  • Not for a high intense workout

10. Extra Depth Shoes for Orthotics

Extra Depth Shoes for Orthotics

Some people only prefer leather shoes for daily wear or occasional wear. Here are your kind of shoes with 100% leather. The sole is made of rubber for firm support and endless durability. It helps your foot stay secure and in place for happy mobility. Also, It has grid cushioning with depth where your foot can settle in softness.

It is a padded upper side for smooth walks. As the shoe is plush, walking for hours can be an effortless task for you. It is a highly recommended running shoe for people to manage orthotics. The underfoot has the protection of material that provides compression between the surface and foot.

The thickness between the heel and forefoot is accurate to support and stability while running or walking. While choosing this shoe, you must note that it is not water-resistant and waterproof. But an absolute choice to accommodate orthotics.

  • Structured built
  • Well cushioned
  • Rubber sole
  • Reasonable price
  • Not water resistant

Buying Guidance – How to Choose the Best Shoes for Orthotics


You must check the kind of stability that a shoe provides for orthotics. The way it snugs your foot makes it feel stable. When your foot is securely fit inside the shoe, it relieves from pain. In fact, it prevents soreness and pain that comes with various foot conditions.


See if your shoes are well cushioned inside. The footbed and the tongue of the shoe must be cushioned for a comfy feeling. If there is inadequate cushioning or padding then it may not be a befitting shoe for orthotics.

c)Outsole type

Outsole of the shoe is a crucial factor to count for orthotics. A firm sole enhances the stability of the foot. It must withstand the wear and tear of workout, miles of walking, travelling. So, we urge you to check the outsole type where it is made of strong rubber and any other solid material.


Something that you must consider without a miss when buying shoes for orthotics is breathability. A shoe pair must be breathable for moisture wicking and to absorb the sweat. Unless it is breathable, it is not comfortable. For this reason, some of the shoes are covered with mesh fabric. So, the choice is yours.

Conclusion: There are various medications to treat foot problems. But if your foot problem is manageable or post treatment you can choose the specialized shoe. The perfect shoe with soft cushion and firm support can keep your foot safe, in place. If you have been choosing the wrong shoe for orthotics then worsens the condition. You have a list of best shoes for orthotics along with the buying guidance.