18 Easy Ways To Lose Weight Without Exercise That Will Leave You Shocked

lose weight without exercise
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Everyone wants to lose weight but there’s not many that want to indulge in some exercising. Are you one of those people who want to lose weight without exercise? Well, trust me; you are not just the one in this.

Losing weight without exercises might feel like an empty and hollow attempt. Something that works but doesn’t work well enough, doesn’t it? Well, you are mistaken.

In this article, you’ll find traces of easy hacks and ways that will prove that weight loss without exercise is not a myth but a reality. So, who is ready to snap a before and after picture after reading through this article and trying out the weight loss hacks?

How to Lose Weight Without Exercise?

How to lose weight without exercise
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Now, this is the section that we indulge in to find the easy and effective ways to shed those extra pounds without even trying any of those strenuous activities. So, if you are in to find out the easy hacks, settle down, grab your favourite snack and swipe up.

C’mon, do it! Swipe up, it might help with weight loss too, who knows, right?

Check Out the Most Popular Self Care Tips On Lose Weight Without Exercise

1. Messy Eating Might Actually Help


We are often advised by people to be mindful of what we are eating, right? But, would you have ever thought if I said that eating messily could actually help you lose weight?

Probably not, right?

A study conducted by the Cornell Food and Brand Lab. mentioned saying that there are possibilities that a person is more likely to eat less. Well, of course, when you see empty pizza boxes, candy wrappers and chicken bone lying around the house, the last thought on your mind is going to be of eating.

Well, works out perfectly if you want to monitor the quantity of how much you are eating, isn’t it?

*wink* *wink*

2. Switch to Brighter Lights When Having Dinner


Candle light dinners are nice, indeed very romantic and heartfelt, isn’t it? But, the thing that staggers out is the fact that science shows that people are more likely to eat unhealthy when succumbed to a dimly lit area.

Instead of eating in a dim environment, if you are someone who is looking for effective ways of losing weight without exercises, try and switch up the environment. Seek out brightly lit areas for having your food.

In a study (R) that was published in the Journal of Marketing Research, it was stated that 16% of people who ate in a bright room were more likely to order and eat healthy rather than the trash that could make them gain weight. So, if you are watching that waistline, try and avoid candle light dinners for a few days or months.

3. Hang Out with Friends of All Shapes and Size


While you might think that opposites attract, the same might actually always be the case, not at least when it comes to choosing friends, isn’t it? We tend to get along with people who have similar thoughts and values as us which is exactly what helps us get along well, right?

Well, a study (R) published in Obesity tends to disagree with the same. According to the study, people are more likely going to end up losing weight or stay motivated to lose weight when they are surrounded by skinny or fit friends are more likely going to lose weight without exercise quicker than any other remedies.

The one thing that you absolutely need to ensure is the fact that the friends you choose (skinny or not) are motivating you and not downsizing you because of how much you weight or even for your body shape. If that’s the case, it is time to let go off of these people you call “friends”.

4. Diet Coke Needs to Make an Exit Out of Your Diet


While the consumption of just a diet soda or any diet beverage might make you feel like you just hit the jackpot, well, you are slightly mistaken. If you thought that just the mere mention of diet in the can of the soda is going to be the answer for your question of how to lose weight without exercise, you were sadly mistaken.

Instead, it is necessary that you cut off the diet coke completely from your diet, primarily because of the fact that the artificial sweeteners used in these diet cokes are actually worse for your weight loss expectations, not to mention, the kind of bad impacts they have on one’s overall health.

And these are not fake hoaxes because even a conducted study (R) concluded this for a fact that the consumption of diet coke doesn’t necessarily contribute to weight loss like many people might think, rather, it does quite the opposite. These artificial sweeteners often tend to hinder the activity of a number of other enzymes and hormones in the body.

Instead of artificial sweeteners try these natural sweeteners.

5. Portion Control Is the Key


Eating in portions is nice, maintaining that is great but when you cook in large batches; it becomes hard to deduce what one single serving is or what it should be, right? Well, if you are someone who wants weight loss without exercise, try and restrict your meals to portions.

It is often hard to have a clear idea about portion and servings. Start with buying the measuring utensils that will give you a clear idea about the exact portion sizes and let you eat how much your body needs to function.

A study (R) even showed that people who stuck to the actual portion sizing rather than eyeballing the servings themselves lost a lot more weight in comparison. So, next time, instead of guessing it all, try and buy the meals that come in portioned servings.

6. Vanilla? Vanilla.


If you have been on the lookout for some of the most effective home remedies to lose weight fast without exercise, vanilla might be the one for you.

I am pretty sure you are sitting her wracking your brains, like, HOW?

Well, the sweet scent of vanilla is not just amazing for your olfaction and for your taste buds but is an amazing mode for actually helping suppress your excess hunger pangs, which is amazing, isn’t it?

Not just that, study (R) has shown that people who tend to rub a bit of vanilla essence on their wrists and smell it from time to time have more potent capacities of averting the dessert cravings and bypass them. And we are all very much aware, which part of the meal contains the maximum amount of calories, don’t we?

7. Declutter Your Kitchen


Cleaning the kitchen is possibly one of the last things you want to do when you are under a lot of stress, right? But, did you know that people who are under stress are the ones who are most likely to not just leave behind more of a messy kitchen but even eat more than what they supposedly would on normal days. Well, that does call for something, doesn’t it?

A clean and decluttered kitchen not just helps relieve your stress (R) but you are more likely going to eat home cooked food if you have a clean kitchen. On the contrary, if the kitchen is all over the place, chances are that you will end up living off of takeouts which is yet another invitation to weight gain.

So, declutter your kitchen to help boost your weight loss too. Skeptical? Well, try it once at least.

8. Air Pollution is a Culprit?


More the post part, many people who live in big cities and near the bridges and near the main roads don’t tend to realize how the pollution surrounding them is not just harmful for their overall health but is a potent reason behind the consistent weight gain as well.

In a study conducted (R) by the researchers from the University of Southern California, they found that air pollution plays a direct role in weight gain. While the mechanics behind the same are not crystal clear, the conclusions do show the impact of air pollution on one’s possible risks of obesity.

That being said, it is not always possible to avoid air pollution because it is everywhere but take the necessary preventive measures to help steer clear off of this issue. It is believed that the effects of air pollution might be pronounced because of the direct impact on one’s metabolism. Get an air purifier if the conditions are way too worse.

9. Water, Water and More Water


Drinking water is possibly one of the easiest ways of losing weight without exercises. And when I say that, I actually do mean it. Water tends to make one feel full on a temporary basis, thereby helping them to avoid overeating or even curbing the hunger pangs that are like false alarms of you being thirsty.

Conducted study (R) has even shown how the people who drank 6 whole glasses of chilled water throughout the day showed bettered and improved metabolism by a rate of 12% which is definitely amazing. Not just that, they even lost 50 calories along with. Can you even imagine losing weight just by drinking water and not even having to do any exercises?

So, if you are on the lookout for effective ways to lose weight without exercise, start with drinking more water throughout the day. Ideally, it is suggested to stick to 8 glasses per day for optimum results.

10. Multivitamins?


Yes, multivitamins can actually be a boon people who have been questioning how to lose weight without exercise. It might not make sense to you but it is very effective in making your lose weight and lose those extra pounds without having you to move an inch.

In a study conducted (R) on the obese women in China, it was found that people on a daily dosage of multivitamins lost their weight much faster than the ones who weren’t. Why this works is mainly because there are several instances when the person is extremely obese but is undernourished. This is what tends to increase the hunger and cravings which make them end up eating more than what they normally would.

Consuming multivitamins on a daily basis makes up for the nutritional needs to which affects the overall well being of an individual, thus helping them lose the unwanted flabs in their body.

11. Antibiotics? A Hard Pass


In a conducted study (R), it was found that people who ended up consuming more antibiotics during their lifetime, especially as a child, are more prone to being at risks of becoming obese at a later stage in their life.

It is believed that the excess consumption of antibiotics tend to get rid of the good bacteria from the gut which is beneficial in the effective weight loss. This is why it is necessary to cut down the consumption of antibiotics and take them as a last recluse and not something you need just because.

That being said, if you are taking an antibiotic, makes sure that you make up for the good bacteria in the gut by consuming foods rich in them like yogurt, probiotic drinks etc.

12. Beans are the Magical Foods


In a study (R) published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it was found that people who wanted to lose weight without exercise could actually rely on beans as their savior. How?

Well, beans are a powerhouse of fibers which help boost metabolism which is one of the primary factors that helps positively affect one’s weight loss.

According to the study, people who consumed lentils or chickpeas or any other form of bean as a part of their diet on a daily basis experienced amazing results in return with respect to weight loss even without any kind of changes in their lifestyle or even diet.

All you need to do is add an extra bowl of beans to your every day diet and you are sorted.

13. Salad Plates for Now, Maybe


While we have effectively exempted exercise from your weight loss regime, there is definitely at least something you need to give up in order to achieve the beautiful figure that you wish to get, right?

After all, you win some, you lose some, right?

Now, salads are not just fulfilling and nutritious, they are amazing for your weight loss as well. If you want to experience weight loss without exercise, try and switch it up with a salad bowl instead. The lack of physical activity will at least not aggravate your weight; rather, the salad might actually do you well than bad.

Thinking about rice for sinner? What about some salad instead?

14. Organic Veggies!!


While the organic vegetables might be a bit taxing on your budget and pocket, it is amazing for your health. Why? Because they are not stripped off of their nutrients. These kinds of vegetables contain more amount of nutrition which is what helps give off a better boost to one’s overall health and well being.

Majority of the fruits and veggies that we get in the normal market are sprayed with abundant of pesticides and insecticides which end up hampering the overall endocrine functions (R) of the body, thereby affecting one’s metabolism as well.

If organic produce is completely out of your budget, try some alternative ways that won’t affect your health negatively or impact your healthy even worse. Grow your own vegetables, if need be.

15. Use Chopsticks!


Are you confused as to why I am persuading you to eat with chopsticks when we are here talking about the ways that answer the question of can you lose weight without exercises? Well, chopsticks might actually end up helping you lose weight or even at least prevent you from gaining some.


Anything that slows down your eating process effectively contributes to your weight loss. When you are eating slowly you are eating more mindfully which helps you satiate your hunger much quicker than what would have happened if you were gobbling the food down with some spoons instead.

If you don’t have chopsticks at your disposal, try and switch it up with a fork in your “non-dominant” hand. That works just as fine.

16. A Proper Night’s Sleep


Sleep the necessary amount for losing weight. Wait, hold on! Calm down. Before you reach conclusions that how sleep can actually help me lose weight without exercise, hear what I have to say.

In a research conducted by the National Institutes of Health, it was concluded that people who didn’t get the optimum amount of sleep the night before are more likely going to end up eating an extra 500 calories (R) the next day.

So, now, you do the math.

Not just the excess eating, lack of sleep and exhaustion often take a toll on one’s overall hormonal levels which is yet another factor that can induce weight gain in an individual. So, if your priority is losing weight without exercise, get a proper night’s sleep.

17. Extra Food Additives are Devils in Disguise


While you were fretting about those extra calories and Trans fat in your junk food, there were some hidden devils that you were probably not even aware of.

Several foods that we consume on a day to day basis are loaded with a lot of food additives (R) that do worse than good which is why it is necessary for you to check the additives in the packaging before you are buying food for yourself.

Make sure to look out for the emulsifiers because those are one of the worst kinds of weight inducers in the body. Switch up the common foods with additives with some healthier and something that won’t leave behind a dent in your overall well being.

18. Meditation Brings Peace


Start your day bright and early with the constant chants of OM. Yes, that might actually be the key to your weight loss without exercise. We often tend to eat when we are either sad or a lot more stressed. These can make you overeat which is exactly what ends up making us gain weight which is contrary to what we want.

That being said, meditation is an amazing way of getting rid of those extra layers of stress in your mind which helps in bringing you the peace of mind that you have always been seeking for.

Even a study shows that people who meditate tend to have better mental health which positively impacts their eating habits and in turn, their weight as well.

In order to lose weight without exercise, one needs to ensure that they give up some of the other luxuries in life which is why this list of 18 things might be a bit of an eye opener. While you are not running on a treadmill, you also can’t expect to munch on a big fat burger to help you lose weight, right? Eat smart and eat healthy.