13 Ways Of Becoming A Morning Person Easily And Effectively

Becoming a morning person

Being a morning person is not a cakewalk. The dreadful ringing of the alarm along with the consistent urge of sleeping just “5 more minutes” is what makes the task even harder. Don’t even try to deny that, at some point or the other, we have all been there and done that. Snoozed the alarm multiple times, didn’t we? Becoming a morning person comes from the motivation.

If you have tried and tested out the common ways, only for none of them to be effective enough to actually work a long time, there are a few more ways that one can adhere to in order to wake up fresh and bright in the mornings.

In this article, we are going to be discussing the common yet very effective ways of becoming a morning person and that too, for the long term.

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How to Become a Morning Person

1. Cyclic Sleep Schedules are a Must

Cyclic sleep schedules are a must

One of the most effective ways of becoming a morning person is by having a cyclic sleeping schedule that ensures that sleep in a suitable time of the night for you to be able to wake up fresh and bright in the morning. Anything otherwise can actually and tediously affects your sleeping cycles.

If you sleep late at night, chances are that you could be an early riser but that comes with its fair share of exhaustion and stress. Try and sleep 15 minutes earlier than you normally would and gradually prepone those 15 minutes every day rather than drastically changing the sleep (R) timings.

2. Adhere to a Routine

Adhere to a routine
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Having a set and regularized routine for every evening will inadvertently affect your overall health and that is not something one says just for the talks, it actually does happen.

When you program your mind and body with a routine (R) during the evening that you just before going to bed or so, our body gets programmed in a way to get triggered that it is time for sleep. The circadian rhythm of the body sets and resets the body clock to be able to help you sleep sooner at night and wake you up earlier the next morning.

3. Have a Healthy Diet

Have a healthy dietDiet and the timings of your food consumption play a very crucial role in your sleep schedule. Actually, even experts (R) have insinuated the fact that eating something heavy before bed can make people feel uneasy which is one of the main contributing factors to lack of sleep at night.

And it is not just the food that you need to look out for, any form of beverage or even just the plain mineral water that you drink in bulk before bed can make you frequent the washroom quite often that you expect it to.

Cut down the eating and drinking right before going to sleep. Make sure that you do so at least 2 hours before bed so that the food has suitable time to get digested.

When you sleep better, waking up in the morning doesn’t feel like a chore and is helpful in actually helping you become a morning riser.

4. Dim the Lights at Night

Dim the lights at night
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Many people tend to like the idea of sleeping with lights on or even just the bedside lamp on. That is not something that helps you sleep better, it does quite the contrary, even without you knowing.

The bright lights during the night tend to alter the melatonin levels in the body which has profound impacts on letting you sleep at night. Any kinds of changes in the levels of melatonin levels (R) are what affect the sleep.

Dim or switch off the lights in the room and even stay away from typing away at the smart phone for you to get the much needed sleep. The bright light and hormonal imbalance related to melatonin is what ends up affecting the circadian rhythm as well. Affected circadian rhythm causes disruption in making you wake up early which is why it is best to get rid of the root cause behind the same.

5. Make Up for the Sleep Debt

Make up for the sleep debtMany of us often tend to struggling falling asleep during the night which is why we either sleep in late than usual or stay exhausted throughout the day because of lack of sleep. Sleep debts should always be made up for during the day time by taking a nap.

If you have slept late at night, don’t let that disrupt your circadian rhythm and wake up in the morning as usual. To make up for the lack of sleep, take a quick half an hour nap (R) during the day and that should put everything to place.

When you make up the sleep with a quick nap, it helps you with waking up early as per usual during the morning.

6. Get Some Head Start with a Prep Before Bed

prep before bed
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So, now that you know how the direct blue light from the smartphones adversely affect your overall sleep cycle, it is believable that you have quite a fair amount of time before bed that you need to put good use to.

Get some things sorted before bed; things that you would need to get the next morning. It could range from literally nothing to a lot of things. Prep form some healthy kind of breakfast for the next morning. Cut some of the veggies and keep it stored in the refrigerator. You can even get your gym bag sorted for the next day, just some quick yet important tasks that can keep you ahead of time so that you can wake up bright and early and conjure the day ahead.

7. Cozy Bed and Environment for a Better Sleep

Cozy bedYet another factor that affects your sleep and in turn, your schedule of “how to become a morning person”, is the lack of warmth and coziness in the bedroom.

Adjust the temperature so it is not too warm, neither too cold that will leave your teeth chattering and body shivering. The optimum temperature (R) of the room plays a very crucial role in deciding the quality of sleep.

See to it that the mattress that you are sleeping in supports your back properly. It is necessary to ensure that if the mattress is leaving your back achy, it is time to ditch that one for good and get a new one.

8. Have a Set Goal for the Morning

Have a set goal for the morningMajority of the people who think of becoming a morning person have a set reason behind the same. It’s either because they want to hit the gym or have a long journey to make to their office. Whatever it is, it is necessary to have a goal or reason behind the why you want to wake up every single morning. Once that’s set in stone, you are more likely going to be more motivated to wake up quickly without hesitation.

Just a quick suggestion, a quick morning stroll of 60 minutes can actually be very beneficial for your health.

9. Just Rip the Bandaid Right Off

Just rip the bandaid right offHaving to wake up right after the alarm is often times a very daunting task, isn’t it? All you want to do is just get that extra 5 minutes of sleep to make up for the lack of sleep the night before.

Well, to burst your bubble, it is believed that waking up right when the alarm rings is possibly on the best ways to get on with the day. It might be hard but the feeling of drowsiness doesn’t necessarily last for quite long once you start on with the daily activities.

On the contrary, when you try and catch those “5 minutes of sleep”, you are most likely going to end up going back to a state of deep sleep unknowingly, primarily because you are technically in a light sleep stage during that time.

10. Apps Sometimes Help Too

Apps sometimes help tooWith the dire need and growing demand of health applications, especially the ones that help with the sleeping cycle, it is necessary for you to install one if you need to know the secret behind how to become a morning person.

These apps are meant to help you get up from the sleep when it is the lightest so it is easier for you to curb the feeling of being too tired or agitated in the morning. It is necessary to ensure that you get the best kind of app amidst the lot, primarily because of the fact that it is one of the most common determinants in helping you in becoming a morning person.

There are several applications (R) which have motion sensors that help detect which times of the morning is the best for waking you up and trust me, when the alarm goes off on this one, you would actually be happy to wake up and not the opposite.

11. Get Moving as Soon as Possible

Get moving as soon as possibleThere are several wrong things that happen in and around when the alarm goes off and while the sound of getting that extra minute of sleep might sound tempting, getting up and engaging yourself in any kind of activity right off the bat can actually be very helpful in keeping your sleep induced body awake.

Make a cup of coffee or tea for yourself. Brush your teeth and make a healthy breakfast. You’ll not just eat better and have a recharged morning; you’ll feel a lot more energised and happy about it.

12. Get up at 6:00 AM (or 7:00)

Get up
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Don’t get deceived by the picture above, nobody waked up this happy.

That being said, waking up at a constant time every single day might actually be the key to you becoming a morning person. If you have a set routine of waking up every day at 6 ‘o’ clock, chances are that your body clock or the biological clock will be set to wake you up every day at that specific time itself.

The suprachiasmatic nucleus is the one that regulates and manages our biological clock and a set routine of waking up makes it accustomed for the nucleus to trigger the brain to make the person wake up at the specific time itself. That is exactly how it works.

If you have been constantly on the lookout for how to become a morning person, start by trying to wake up at the same time every single day, not before or after. Program your body accordingly.

13. Natural Light Throughout the Day

Natural Light throughout the dayWhile being out in the sunlight can cause sunburn and tanning, it can also be an amazing thing to help you with your sleeping cycle.

As I mentioned in the prior part of the article, while the blue light tends to adversely affect the secretion of melatonin, direct natural sunlight has positive impacts on the same. So, getting ample amount of sunlight not just helps you get your daily dosage of Vitamin D, it also helps in the secretion of the said hormone.

Better sleep at night assures helping you getting up easily the next morning.

Becoming a morning person is not rocket science. All you need is a little bit of determination and you are all set to go. Hope these above mentioned tips and tricks were more than enough to guide you through your journey of how to become a morning person.