Can We Make Mineral Water At Home?

Mineral Water at home

Yes, preparing mineral water at home involves pretty simple process. But why mineral water It is because it is considered as the healthiest kind of bottle water as it is free of chemicals and contains essential minerals to enhance health. To learn more benefits of mineral water and the procedure to make mineral water at home, read through this article.

What Is Mineral Water?

It is essential to understand the difference between the mineral water and the filtered water. Filtered water may be free of dust and bacteria, but mineral water is rich in life-supporting minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium.

People living in areas with soft water that contains lesser minerals are prone to higher risk of heart diseases, and ironically the same happens for those drinking hard water. Hence, drinking mineral water helps big time.


Check Out These 5 Simple Steps to Make Mineral Water At Home.

Types Of Mineral Water:

Mineral water may be categorized into types based on the source of the water like natural mineral water, bottled mineral water and spring water. As per the guidelines, each of the types are sourced and processed.

1. Natural Mineral Water:

Natural mineral water is the water that has originated from a subterranean water resource protected from pollution and environmental factors. It is generally passed through 200 individual tests to preserve the purity and the mineral content.

2. Bottled Mineral Water:

Bottled mineral water is also called the table water, which is an artificial mixture of ingredients and tap water. It is not linked to any particular water source. It is usually supplied through large containers.

3. Spring Water:

Spring water too comes from subterranean water resources just like mineral water. It need not contain particular amount of minerals but offers several nutritional benefits.

Types Of Mineral Water-Mineral Water at home

Benefits Of Mineral Water:

Numerous health benefits are linked to mineral water. Bottled mineral water comes with time more minerals like magnesium and calcium compared to filtered tap water. Several studies reveal that people drinking mineral water on daily basis were able to reduce their blood pressure. Thus, drinking mineral water can surely add to your daily intake of minerals.

The essential minerals present in the mineral water enhance your health. The calcium present in it is good for bone health, while magnesium helps maintain normal blood pressure and keeps heart ailments at a bay.

Mineral Content In Mineral Water:


One liter provides

Calcium Magnesium Potassium Sodium
 Apollinaris 100 mg (10% DV) 130 mg

(33% DV)

20 mg

(<1% DV)

410 mg

(17% DV)

Gerolsteiner 348 mg

(35% DV)

108 mg

(27% DV)

11 mg

(<1% DV)

118 mg

(5% DV)

Perrier 170 mg

(17% DV)

6 mg

(2% DV)

1.5 mg

(<1% DV)

12 mg

(<1% DV)

San Pellegrino 200 mg

(20% DV)

52 mg

(10% DV)

4 mg

(<1% DV)

36 mg

(2% DV)

Vichy 54 mg

(5% DV)

9 mg

(2% DV)

48 mg

(1% DV)

1110 mg

(46% DV)

Step By Step Process to Make Mineral Water At Home (DIY mineral water):

Buying mineral water everyday is an expensive affair. Why not DIY? Find below the ingredients and procedure to prepare mineral water at home.

What are required?

    • Filtered tap water 1 lt
    • Baking soda ⅛ spoon
    • Epsom salt ⅛ spoon
    • Potassium bicarbonate ⅛ spoon
  • Seltzer bottle 1


    1. Add 1 liter filtered tap water into an open vessel.
    1. Add baking soda, thereby you add the sodium mineral to the water.
    1. Add Epsom salt to increase the water purity.
    1. To the solution, mix potassium bicarbonate and keep stirring.
    1. Pass the solution through a seltzer bottle and finish the last step.
  1. Simply squeeze the handle of the seltzer bottle to get mineral water.

The above mentioned procedure is the simple way of making mineral water at home.

Points to Consider While Preparing Mineral Water at Home:

    • For filtered tap water, you can use your regular water purifier.
    • Allow the water to filter thoroughly.
    • Before transferring the filtered water to the open jar, ensure the jar is thoroughly clean.
    • Baking soda/sodium bicarbonate essentially adds sodium that is beneficial in curing health issues like constipation, indigestion, heartburn, bloating and arthritis. Ensure that you add the ingredient in the right quantity.
    • Epsom salt, another ingredient, acts like a disinfectant that makes it safe from bacteria.
    • It is important to thoroughly mix all the ingredients to the purified water while adding every ingredient.
  • Soda siphon can be used for thorough blending of the minerals. It is a gadget that comes with a siphon and cartridge and is used to disperse carbonated drinks.

2 Healthy Drink Recipes With Mineral Water:

1. Strawberry Delight

Things required: 

    • fresh strawberries 1 cup
    • lemon juice 2 tbsp
    • coconut sugar 2 tsp (optional)
  • boiling mineral water 2 tbsp

How To Make:

    • Add lemon juice and strawberries to a food processor.
  • Add coconut sugar for more taste. Process and transfer it to a glass. Drink fresh.

2. Pear and Rosemary Fizz

Things required: 

    • pears 2
  • sprigs of rosemary 2

How To Make:

    • Add pears to a processor and juice them out.
  • Transfer it to a glass and top with mineral and sparkling water.

In conclusion, mineral water is one of the healthiest ways of getting your fluids on, besides getting in that extra bit of nutrition. Moreover, studies have revealed that mineral water is not bad for health, in fact, it is linked to more health benefits.


1. Is Mineral Water Better For You Than Regular Water?

A. Tap water is always cheaper than bottled or mineral water. Both offer hydration, while mineral water adds more nutrients along with hydration. However, in some countries, mineral water is not consumed due to the contamination fears.

2. What Kind of Minerals Are Present in Water?

A. The major minerals found in drinking water are magnesium and calcium.

3. Are Minerals In Water Good Or Bad?

A. It is good to consume mineral water. Specially, drinking water during and after exercise sessions will help keep the body hydrated, overcome tiredness and flush away toxins to maintain the lubrication of the body.

4. What is the Taste of Mineral Water?

A. The flavor of mineral water varies based on the mineral type and content present in it. Mineral water mat taste sour when it has fewer minerals. It is because the carbonic acid dominates. In case a lot of sulphate is present in the mineral water, it tastes bitter. Sodium combined with chloride gives salty mineral water.

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