New Study Shows Intermittent Fasting As A Possible Cure For Type-II Diabetes


Type-II Diabetes can be very taxing on one’s health. From increasing death risks to disrupting one’s quality of life, the possibilities are actually endless. With that being said, there is obviously medication for the same but at the same time, there are things that sure do end up being a hinder to the process of treatment. Have you ever thought of fasting as a possible treatment for the same?

A new study (R), conducted by a few doctors writing for the journal of BMJ case reports suggest the influence of intermittent fasting as a possible cure for type-II diabetes. They noticed the influence in three of their patients that were admitted under their treatment. The patients concerned were actually able to cut out the insulin injections altogether when they included this process of fasting in their day to day life.

When we talk of statistics, it is believed that in every 10 people in the United States and Canada, one people suffer from Diabetes. This is the primary reason why this is considered as one of the most serious diseases in the economy. This specific disease itself is believed to cost around $245 billion in a year to the US economy.

The author of the study stated that while diet actually does play a very crucial part in managing the signs and symptoms of the disease, there are actually much more aspects to it than that. Lifestyle changes solely can never control the glucose levels all by themselves. Bariatric surgery is a valid option in this field of treatment but even that doesn’t have profound impacts and have side effects to it.

Drugs can manage the condition but in order to cure and uproot the problem from the roots, it is not really enough to uproot the problem completely. In order to stave the symptoms off completely, it is necessary to ensure that one indulges in something what the researchers did.

For their study, three male subjects in between the ages of 40 and 67 were influenced to try out the planned intermittent fasting in order to check whether or not the same would have beneficial impacts on one’s overall health and the symptoms of type-II diabetes.

In addition, they were administered with their daily doses of various drugs as well as the daily units of insulin apart from the fasting diet. The patients not only suffer from diabetes but also suffer from high blood pressure as well as high levels of cholesterol.

The three patients had different kind of approach to the same. While two of them did their intermittent fasting every other day for a stretch of 24 hours, the third subject only fasted for three days in a week. During the fasting process, the subjects were fed with a single low calorie meal once throughout the day and were given low calorie drinks to ensure that they don’t faint or have negative impacts on their bodies.

This approach to the process of fasting for a cure for the type-II diabetes was not something out of the blue and all of a sudden. The patients attended an extensive 6-hour long seminar and conference on the topic of a nutritional training seminar. In this seminar, the speaker emphasized speaking on the development of diabetes along with its impacts on one’s body.

Not just that, the study even discussed about the facts of insulin resistance, healthy eating as well as how to manage the condition of diabetes using therapeutic approaches.

This kind of approach to treatment of the type-II diabetes was continued up till 10 months following which the insulin levels, fasting blood glucose, average blood glucose as well as the waist circumference of the patients were re-measured again.

All of the three patients, within just a month, were effectively able to give up their daily requirement of insulin injections for the management of their diabetes and glucose levels in the body. In one of them, the effects were visible in just five days itself.

Two of the subjects were able to completely stop the consumption of their drugs and one of them was able to give up three out of the four drugs they previously took. Not just that, all three of the subjects were able to lose their weight by 10-18% which is pretty impressive and not just that, they were also effectively able to reduce off the excess fasting glucose levels by impressive amounts which ended up reducing the risks of future complications.

This specific observational study was actually fruitful and ended up providing with positive feedback to their administered approach. Because of the fact that the study has just been conducted on three subjects, it is quite important to ensure that you don’t end up drawing firm conclusions from the same concerning the approach to the treatment of type-II diabetes.

The author of the study concluded finally stating the fact that even though there are not many cemented approach for the treatment and this specific mode of intermittent fasting as an approach to treatment is mainly beneficial to either reverse or end up eliminating the need for any source of type-II diabetes treatment.