Everything You Want to Know About Left Eye Twitching

left eye twitching

Eyelid twitching is a painless or harmless, constant involuntary spasm of the eyelid muscles which is also known as blepharospasm. Although the common twitch appears in the upper eyelid, twitching can occur to both upper as well as lower eyelids. Few people may also face the problem of right or left eye twitching so strong that they need to close their eyes completely.

We have tried to provide all the important information here about the twitching of eyelids so that you can get all the information about the topic.

What Does It Mean When Your Eye Twitches?

hen your eye twitches

There are various scientific beliefs behind the twitching of eyes especially left eye twitching. Various factors play an important role in twitching of eyes. However, in various countries, it is also associated with various superstitious beliefs as well. Therefore here we will discuss both the scientific as well as local beliefs of eye twitching in various countries.

Why Does My Eye Twitch?

If you are wondering about why do eyes twitch? It is important to know that twitching of your eyes, as mentioned earlier, associated with various reasons. Although this twitching is painless and does not provide any harm, they can make you uncomfortable. In various cases, it has been found that eye twitching is accompanied with other facial twitches as well as uncontrollable movements.

Superstitiously, it is believed that left eye jump phenomenon is beneficial and provides important gains. Let’s discuss some of the important causes of eye twitching.

What Causes Your Eye To Twitch?

Some of the important causes of eye twitching are as follows.

1. Stress

Twitching eye can be a major sign of stress. This problem becomes even more important when it is related to some vision problems such as eye stra

2. Tiredness

Tiredness due to lack of sleep as well as stress can help in triggering the condition of eyelid twitching.

3. Eye Strain

A strain on your eyes can occur when you need glasses. As eyes are the delicate organs of our body, even minor eye problem can put a lot of pressure on your eyes which can cause eye twitching.

4. Caffeine

Uncontrolled consumption of caffeine is also linked to the condition of eye twitching. It is important therefore to not consume coffee, chocolate, tea as well as soft drinks to cure eye twitching.

5. Alcohol

Alcohol is another major reason for the condition of an eye twitch.

6. Nutrition imbalance

According to the experts, deficiency of certain food products such as magnesium can lead to eyelid spasms. However, there are no bug shreds of evidence to prove it.

7. Allergies

If you are suffering from certain eye allergies, it can cause itching, watery eyes. Rubbing of eyes also causes the production of histamine. Histamine, according to various studies is one of the main causes of eye twitching.

8. Dry Eyes

Drying of eyes is another condition which is caused due to the overuse of computers. This situation is also one of the main eye twitching causes.

Left Eyelid Twitching Meaning

Left eyelid twitching meaning

Left eye twitching is linked to many superstitious beliefs. According to various cultures, right eye twitch is associated with good luck superstition. This means that good thing is going to happen in your life such as any good news, receiving of money. On the other hand, left eye jump is considered as a bad omen.

However, in some cultures left eye twitch is also associated with good luck or occurring of incredible things in your life.

1. South African Culture

In African culture, it has been said that meeting the person with twitching of left eye can cause fungal infection to your tongue or the occurrence of boils on the body. Although there is no scientific evidence are available to back this theory, people suffering from this problem live under fear in the society.

Another theory says that twitching of left eye is linked with myths that the particular person is envious of others. The claim is that the person with twitching of eyes is malicious and carries a negative perception about the achievements of others.

2. Chinese Culture

Chinese culture claims that twitching of left eye is linked to good luck superstition. Conversely, in Chinese culture, it has been said that twitching of right eye indicates bad omen.

Chinese people also believe that you are going to cry when your left lower eyelid gets twitched. Thus it also suggests that something bad is going to happen in your life. If your eyelid muscles are twitching due to spasm, then according to the Chinese culture, people are gossiping about you.

In Chinese culture, the benefits or loss of twitching left or right eye is based upon on the time of the day.

Time of the day Left eye twitching Right eye twitching
11 pm to 1 am You will meet a noble visitor You will be invited to the party by your friends
1 am to 3 am Something bad will happen You are thinking of someone
3 am to 5 am Visitor from another location will come to your home Something good will happen
5 am to 7 am Expect a special visitor Everything good will happen
7 am to 9 am You will meet a best friend from another location You will be in small danger
9 am to 11 am You will get invitation for party You will be in chaos
11 am to 1 pm You will receive invitation for dine Great disaster to going to occur
1 pm to 3 pm You will receive large money Something joyous will happen
3 pm to 5 pm You are going to lose your money You will think about someone close to you
5 pm to 7 pm Someone will visit your home You are going to host a visitor from another location
7 pm to 9 pm Someone will be coming to your home You will attend a meeting or will be in crowd
9 pm to 11 pm A friend will visit you You could be in trouble which can even take you to court

3. Indian Culture

The result of eye twitching is based on the gender of the person who experienced eye twitching. Unlike Chinese culture, time does not have any importance in Indian culture for eye twitching.

In Indian culture, twitching of right eye is linked to good luck. It is considered a sign of good things will happen in your life.

In women, twitching of left eye is seen as good while in men it is considered as a bad omen. Men who experience the twitching of left eye will face something really bad, according to the Indian culture.

Additionally, when your left eye pupil is twitched, it considered as a symbol of good luck. Spasm in middle eye, according to the Indian culture, is a sign of getting money, while the involuntary action of the left eyelid is considered as a sign of misfortune. Twitching of left eyebrow is considered a sign of you are about to get a baby in your family. Twitching of lower part of eye tells you that you are going to spend an enormous amount of money, according to the Indian culture.

Left Eye Twitching Treatment

Left eye twitching treatment

Although the twitching under left eye is considered as a good omen in your culture, it is important to get medical help in treating the condition of left eye twitch as it may be one of the signs of neurological disorder which are associated with Parkinson’s disease.

It is important not get panicked by experiencing the left eye twitching as it is considered painless and not highly harmful. Additionally, if it is associated with Parkinson’s disease, the prolonged spasm will appear on right side of the face.

Treatment of left eye twitch is also linked to the treatment of various allergies that may have faced by you. It is important to consult with your doctor immediately to get relief from facial spasms. Your doctor can prescribe you certain medicines after the complete evaluation of your disease.

Some of the important alternative medicines in the treatment of left eye twitching and acts as great left eye twitch remedies include,

    • Hypnosis
    • Massage Therapy
    • Nutrition Therapy
    • Tai Chi
    • Yoga and meditation
    • Acupuncture
  • Biofeedback

You can even try some effective home remedies for the treatment of left eye twitch.

Natural Home Remedies for Twitching on Under Eyes

Home Remedies for Twitching on Under Eyes

If your left eyelid keeps twitching constantly, you can also opt for various natural home remedies. We have listed some of the important natural remedies which you can consider to get rid of left eye twitching.

1. Sleep well

It is necessary to take a sleep of minimum of seven hours as the total time of sleeping is considered as 7-8 hours. You can have various health problems if you are not sleeping enough. Your eyes badly hurt due to lack of sleep and they do not get enough rest. This may lead to twitching of your eyes. Thus, it is important to take enough sleep by going to bed at the right time.

2. Maintain lubrication in your eyes

Drying of eyes is also linked with eye twitching. You can surely solve the problem of dry eyes at your home. Clean your face with a lukewarm water by adding some honey to it. After cleaning dry it out with the help of a washcloth. Along with providing a soothing effect, honey helps in keeping your eyes well moisturized. It also helps in keeping the eye well-lubricated by reducing the irritation in the eye.

3. Milk Drops

Use the milk drop therapy to protect your eyes from allergies, pollution, smoke as well as dust particles along with various chemicals such as detergents. Milk provides a soothing effect to your eyes that helps in relieving irritation as well as twitching of your eyes. Milk also helps in providing required moisturization to your eyes by moisturizing it.

4. Provide Soothe to Your Eyes

Your eyes might get highly stressed by doing day-to-day activities such as watching TV or working on your computer for a long period. This may result in the creation of spasm. To overcome this situation, provide a cold compress to your eyes using a cold water as well as a washcloth. This will help in providing relaxation to the eye muscles.

5. Consume Balanced Diet

Consuming balanced diet solves various issues at home. This also helps in reducing the problem of spasm on facial skin. Make sure you are consuming the food rich in vitamins B12 as well as magnesium mineral. You can eat green vegetables which are rich in magnesium. You can also op for B12 supplements every day to raise vitamin B12 diet.

When to See a Doctor?

When to see a doctor

If the condition of eye twitching is serious, it is important to take emergency medical treatment. If is necessary to see your doctor if you are experiencing chronic twitching of eyelids. Consult with your doctor immediately, if you are going through,

    • Red, swollen eyes with unusual discharge
    • Drooping upper eyelids
    • Closing of eyes while twitching
    • Twitching for long periods
  • Twitching is affecting other parts of the body

Prevention of Left Eye Twitching

Prevention of left eye twitching

Follow the tips below to get rid of left eye twitching problems.

    • Keep a journal about when you face the problem of twitching
    • Cut down the intake of caffeine, alcohol, tobacco.
    • Sleep well and cut down stress levels
  • Go to bed before 30 minutes or an hour to release pressure from your eyelids. This helps in reducing spasm.

It is important to get rid of the problem of left eye twitching as it can also be a sign of any other underlying disease. Making certain lifestyle changes can help you treat the condition of left eye twitch more effectively. This might be a sign of a neurological disease which needs medical attention and can prove fatal if ignored.