Best Easy to Digest Foods

Best Easy to Digest Foods

Food is the important thing for our body. Through food consumption we get energy, and therefore doctors always insist you to consume food regularly to keep the body in proper condition. However, eating sometimes can also cause digestive problems. This can also convert into acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome as well as bloating. Therefore the consumption of some of the easy to digest foods becomes highly important.

Foods that are easy to digest helps in promoting healthy digestive system. We have listed some of the major easily digested foods which you should consider for proper growth and development of your body. These foods are also helpful in providing important nutrition to the body.

1What Foods Are Easy to Digest

Here is the list of some amazing food or food categories, which you should consider while consuming the foods to boost overall digestive system.

2Low fiber foods

According to the experts, dietary fibers are not digestible by the body, and they pass through the body easily with carrying other major impurities. This ability of fiber makes it an amazing food which helps in bowel movements.

If consumed with enough amount of water, fibers also easily digestible by the body. However, consumption of fiber without enough water can cause constipation.

Low fiber foods such as cereals, peaches as well as cucumbers are also highly easy for digestion. You can include these foods in your diet if you cannot drink while having meal.

3Steamed vegetables

Although vegetables are rich in vitamins as well as fiber, consumption of raw vegetables may prove hard for the digestive system. Eating raw vegetables can put unwanted pressure on your digestive system. S

teaming or heating few vegetables can help in freeing up nutrients so that it makes available for your body. Vegetables will also get softened by steaming which makes them easier for digestion.

You can also boil the vegetables. However, don’t throw the boiled water as vitamins and minerals will get released into the water while boiling.

4Low-fat foods

Saturated fats requires more efforts from the body for breaking down. Consumption of heavy meals consists of high carbs or fats are not beneficial for the body and can cause various health problems. Therefore choosing low or unsaturated fat foods may help you in promoting digestive health of the body.

Consuming high-fat diet, requires more acid to break down the food. Hence, if your are suffering with acid reflux, production of more acid makes the condition more painful.


Anything which is less solid is highly beneficial for the body for digesting. Your doctor will always recommend something soft to treat an upset stomach or while recovering from the food poisoning. Although you get various benefits from the consumption of foods, you may also face problems with your digestion. Instead, consuming fruit juices as well as smoothies might help you in providing same nutrition without causing any harm to your digestion. Consuming dairy products in limited quantities can also help in boosting overall digestive health.

Some Specific Foods Easy to Digest

Consuming these specific foods can help you in promoting your digestive growth as these foods are considered highly easy for digestion.


A rich source of fiber, bananas are soft as well as contains comparatively mid taste. Presence of fiber makes the food to break down easily. It also provides potassium to the body in required amounts. However, as bananas are high in glycemic index, the recommendation of eating banana depends upon your blood sugar levels.

7Chicken Breast

Expert say that any lean meat is highly easy for digestion. Having said that, chicken breast is also rich in protein compared to lean turkey or beef. Avoid frying while preparing the meat as oil can create complications in your digestion. You should prepare meat through boiling, grilling as well as baking.

8Peanut Butter

Apart from soft texture, peanut butter is rich in proteins as well as minerals. It is also easy for digestion. You can consume peanut butter according to your choice such as creamy, chunky as well as smooth.


Among all fishes, salmon is considered as one of the easiest for the digestive system. Along with minimum fat as well as cholesterol, it is also rich in omega 3 fatty acids as well as proteins. Baking the salmon makes it even more soft and easy for digestion.


Oatmeal is highly good in lowering your cholesterol levels. It also rich in fiber and soft in texture. It can easily be used in your breakfast. You can even add flavors while preparing your oatmeal. However, make sure that it does not cause any damage to your digestive system. You can add few fruits and nuts, maple syrup as well as some peanut butter in your oatmeal dish.


Egg is knows as a complete food. It is soft and certainly highly easy to digest. They are also rich in mineral as well as proteins. You can eat eggs soft or hard boiled for making it even more easy for digestion. You can prepare it in scrambled form. Avoid frying of eggs by putting oil as it is not good for the digestion.


Although brown and white both rice are easy for digestion, white is considered the best. It is made up of the simplest carbohydrates which works easy for the digestive system. Rice grains are also essential for the body as it helps in breaking down as well as processing other foods.

13Butter with toast

You should always eat some butter along with the toast to treat the upset stomach. According to the expert, a slice of toast along with butter is highly easy for digestion. Toast is rich with simple carbs which help in easy digestion. However, remember to use low-fat butter or margarine.


Almost all types of nuts are considered as one of the best foods for digestion. Nuts are rich I omega 3 fatty acids and contains important nutrients which helps in promoting the functions of the digestive system.