How to Get Rid of and Kill Roaches Naturally

natural roach killers

Get Rid of Roaches: Roaches invite a lot more other complications at home. Therefore, it is important to get rid of roaches quickly. Roaches are harmful as they can get into everything, produce themselves rapidly and can easily survive without food as well as water for up to a couple of weeks.

However, you can remove all roaches from your house by following some important points as well as effective roach killing products and tools. You can also get rid of roaches fast by using some natural remedies. We have provided all the important information about how to get rid of roaches.

Many people use various chemical products for killing cockroaches. However, you should know that roaches can even survive a nuclear explosion. So these chemical bug bites may not help you effectively. Following natural methods, instead, has shown significant improvement in getting rid of cockroaches from your home.

First, find out some of the major causes of cockroach infestation at home.

Causes of Roach Infestation At Home

  • Lack of cleanliness
  • Lack of pest control measures
  • Uncovered stored foods
  • Opening of drain pipes

Common signs of Roach Infestation Are,

  • Seeing of hatched eggs of roaches or shell casings
  • Feces of cockroaches similar to black pepper of ground coffee
  • Pungent odor due to serious infestation
  • Visibility of dead cockroaches
  • Stomach problems in children most probably due to an infestation of cockroaches in the kitchen.

Best Way to Get Rid of Roaches

Best way to get rid of roaches

Although there are various ways to get rid of roaches such as best roach killers as well as chemical Insect Growth Regulators or IGRs which you use. However, keep in mind that cockroaches are highly resilient to drugs and you need to keep a lot of patience in killing roaches.

If you are wondering about the best home remedy on how to kill roaches. You can certainly try roach traps. This is an easy, simple but at the same time highly effective method to get rid of cockroaches at your home.

To make a roach trap,

  • Take a vessel or a bottle with a large head.
  • Apply some vaseline inside the bottle or vessel.
  • Keep some food with intense odor in the vessel. You can keep cheese or a small piece of banana.
  • The roaches will try to enter the vessel for food, and they will get trapped inside it as vaseline will not permit them to exit.
  • You can keep these vessels inside cabinets, in the kitchen or the dining room. You can also simply keep it at their breeding place as well.
  • This easy home remedy will decrease the growing population of roaches significantly.

How to Use Natural Roach Killers?

How to use natural roach killersYou can also opt for some effective homemade roach killers to prevent the cockroach infestation at home. These are natural methods and will not cause any damage to your family or pets if used properly.

We have listed some of the amazing natural remedies for killing cockroaches. Read on to get full information about it.

1. Baking Soda And Sugar

The effective combination baking soda and sugar helps you in killing cockroaches. However, you need to find out the exact place of breeding of these roaches to apply this mixture there.

  • Mix equal parts of baking soda with sugar in a bowl.
  • Sprinkle this mixture in areas where you have seen cockroaches.
  • Make this bait in enough amount to use it regularly.

2. Boric Acid

Along with killing roaches, boric acid is also helpful in eliminating ants as well as other pests. However, keep it away from children as they may cause serious problems if consumed. Remember that this is a poison and too much contact can make you ill.

  • Sprinkle this acid at your home so that cockroaches will walk on it.
  • The acid will now be stuck to legs and body of cockroaches.
  • While grooming it will be ingested by them, resulting in death.
  • Keep the acid away from water as it makes the acid ineffective.

3. Bay Leaves

Bay leaves do not eliminate the cockroaches. However, they act as a great natural roach repellent. Apart from that, bay leaves are not poisonous, and therefore you can use them at your home.

  • Take few bay leaves and make a powder of it by crushing them.
  • Sprinkle this powder at the areas where the coaches are present.
  • Use of various Indian spice instead of bay leaves is also helpful in repelling cockroaches.

4. Lemon Juice Or Peels

Lemon has been used widely as amazing household cleaners. Apart from cleaning hard stains, lemon can also be used to repel cockroaches. Lemon is filled with anti-pathogenic properties which help in keeping cockroaches away.

  • Add some lemon juice into a spray bottle and apply it on areas, which are hard to reach.

You can also follow another method.

  • In a bucket add some lemon juice and water.
  • Ensure that lemon juice is not get diluted too much.
  • With the help of this water, clean all the areas where you see cockroaches.
  • Apart from repelling cockroaches, you can also get a clean home with a fresh lemon smell.

5. Fabric Softener Spray

Another best remedy is spraying fabric softeners on cockroaches to kill them. However, you will need to spray fabric softeners directly on the roaches, which is quite difficult. Applying fabric softener on roaches suffocates them as roaches use their skin to breath. To make the fabric softener spray,

  • Mix fabric softener in the water and fill it in the spray bottle.
  • Make sure that amount of fabric softener is greater than water.
  • Before applying it on roaches just shake it well.
  • You can also use dish soap instead of fabric softener. However, according to few people, it is less effective.

Important Tips to Keep Roaches Away

Important tips to keep roaches away

Following the tips given below will help you in providing better protection against cockroaches.

  • As roaches can lay up to 50 eggs at a time, it is important to perform the above methods repeatedly till you get rid of them completely. Even one roach can prove harmful.
  • Keeping cleanliness and proper sanitization at your place along with filling all the entry points is essential in preventing the entry of roaches in your house.
  • Calling the experts or following pesticide management solutions should also be followed if the intensity of roach problem is high.
  • Be repetitive and careful while following roach elimination treatment. Even though you don’t see any roaches, the eggs left by them might get hatched at any time.
  • Follow all the treatments above before you experience full-grown roach infestation.