Hip Bursitis Treatment – 8 Home Remedies That Work

Hip bursitis treatment
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Hip bursitis is often a very fancy term for a condition that’s causing pain near your hip region. While many people often tend to take the prospects of pain and discomfort around the hips as nothing serious, it actually is quite serious. Indulging in hip bursitis treatment is not just important, it is a necessity.

There are a number of ways in which one can approach this treatment method. If you are struggling with the constant sharp shooting pain around the abdomen, it is best suggested to ensure that you do seek the necessary medical advice without further delay.

By the end of this article, you will have a fair clear idea about everything there is to know about the treatment for bursitis of the hip.

What is Hip Bursitis?

What is Hip Bursitis
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Our hip is composed of a number of small fluid filled sacs. When these sacs get irritated, that’s when the condition of hip burisitis occurs. It is predominantly one of the most common reasons behind hip pain.

In medical terminologies, it is also often known as Trochanteric bursitis.

If you are wondering what Bursa is, they are fluid filled sacs that are present near the joints for extra cushioning. The human body consists of over 150 bursae spread all across the body.

There could be a number of factors contributing to making the bursae inflamed which is what we know as bursitis. The reason why it is predominantly known as trochanteric bursitis is mainly because of the fact that it affects the area of the bone known as the trochanter which is situated around the hips.

What are the Causes of Hip Bursitis?

What are the causes of Hip Bursitis
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With the basic terminology out of the way, it is time we divert our focus on the causes behind this condition.

Owing to the seriousness of this condition, there could actually be a number of factors causing this problem.

That being said, some of the most common ones include:

  • Trauma or injury
  • Consistent overuse of the bones and the muscles around
  • Poor posture
  • Bone spurs or calcium deposits
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Prior history of surgeries around the area
  • Obesity and being overweight

What Are The Symptoms Of Hip Bursitis?

What Are The Symptoms Of Hip Bursitis
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Coming on to the symptoms of the condition, some of the primary ones that definitely need immediate attention include:

  • Pain around in the hip region that majorly occurs outside of the hip or thigh
  • Worsening condition of the pain with heightened physical activity
  • Sharp shooting pain while walking up the stairs
  • Pain while lying down on the affected side
  • Excruciating pain on touching or pressing the side of the hip

How To Treat Hip Bursitis?

How To Treat Hip Bursitis
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There are a number of treatment options for this condition, some being home remedies to treat hip bursitis and some being the medical treatment approaches.

Irrespective of anything, if you are suffering from the constant pain, there are so beneficial ways in which you can handle it and get the problem fixed.

The treatment approach for this condition does depend on the severity of the condition – whether or not it is infected or not.

If the condition is non-infectious or aseptic hip bursitis, chances are that you can easily fix the problem with home remedies.

On the other hand, if the condition is a septic hip bursitis, it is best suggested to ensure that you do opt for professional help without fail.

Home Remedies For Hip Bursitis

Home Remedies For Hip BursitisWhen it comes to the home remedies to get rid of hip bursitis, the possibilities are quite vast. If you have been struggling with this condition for quite some time now and provided that it is not infected, these below enlisted home remedies can definitely be of a lot of help.

In here, we are going to list out some of the most effective ways to treat hip bursitis at home.

1. Essential Oil

Essential OilEssential oils of German chamomile, rosemary, sweet birch, wintergreen or even copaiba oil has been found to have beneficial impacts in warding off the problems associated with the pain related to hip bursitis.

The main reason why they are effective enough for healing this is mainly because of the fact that essential oils are loaded with beneficial anti-inflammatory (R) (R) properties that have been found to help in reducing the swelling effectively. They are also quite beneficial in providing relief from the pain that many experiences.

What to do?

  1. In a bowl, add half a cup of olive oil or coconut oil
  2. To that, add a few drops of any of the anti-inflammatory essential oil of your choice
  3. Apply the oil mixture on the area of the hip that’s paining
  4. Massage with gentle hands
  5. Leave it on to let it seep into the skin

How often?

  • Every night before bed

2. Exercises

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Exercise is a very quintessential part of Hip Bursitis treatment. If you are consistently suffering along with this problem, chances are that starting the day with exercise can positively impact the condition.

Experts believe that starting the day with exercise helps ensure that you start off your day with your muscles active and engaged which proves out to be beneficial in the later part of the day.

3. Get Some Rest

Get some restOne of the most common reasons why the hip bursitis recovery time is extended more than it should be is because of the lack of rest people take.

If you are diagnosed with this condition, one of the best forms of treatment is to opt for some much needed rest.

Instead of overworking the muscles and the bones around the affected region, it is best suggested to get the much needed rest that it requires to heal properly.

4. Cold or Warm Compress

Cold or Warm compress
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Both cold and warm compress works amazingly for the treatment for bursitis of the hip. It goes without saying that if you are suffering from constant pain, using compress can not just help provide relief from the pain but even work to reduce the inflammation effectively.

Warm compress helps in boosting the blood circulation around the area, further helping in getting rid of the pain and inflammation around the area.

What to do?

  1. In a cold or warm heating bag, fill it up accordingly and place it on the affected area
  2. Leave it on for a few minutes, ensuring to press down gently on the spot
  3. Do this a few times throughout the day

5. Stretch

StretchYet another one of the amazing answers to how to heal hip bursitis quickly is by stretching your muscles out.

Often times, the lack of movement and the constant inactivity of the muscles and the bones can end up causing pain around the hip region. If you have been struggling around even more so, chances are that you need to stretch the muscles with the stretch exercises that you are aware of.

This helps in restoring the flexibility around the body and even gets rid of the rigidity and pain around the hip that many often tend to complain about.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Yet another one of the effective ways to get rid of hip bursitis is with the usage of Apple Cider Vinegar. While the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar are quite extensive, they have also been found to have effective results in handling the pain associated with the hip bursitis.

While there are not much scientific evidence to support why it is effective, it is believed that the rich presence of vitamins and minerals (R) is very effective in toning down the swelling effectively. Additionally, it also enhances the circulation around the region, further boosting the prospects of faster healing.

What to do?

  1. Dilute some apple cider vinegar with some water
  2. Dip a towel into this and wring out the excess
  3. Apply this on the area that’s paining
  4. Leave it on for an hour or so

7. Hydrotherapy

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Yet another one of the beneficial and effective ways to treat hip bursitis is with the aid of hydrotherapy. Even though technically it’s not necessarily a home remedy, it does work wonders for one’s recovery.

Swimming or even water aerobics are considered to be amazing exercises for your hip joints. Why hydrotherapy is effective because it helps work and strength the muscles without putting any kind of extra pressure on the hip joints.

8. Milk of Magnesia

Milk of Magnesia
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Magnesium does have a very important function in our well being. The fluctuating levels of this have actually been found to have negative impacts on the condition of hip bursitis as well.

The lowered levels of the magnesium levels in the body do have the potential to end up affecting the metabolic as well as the inflammatory properties of the body. Consuming the milk of magnesia helps impose effective anti-inflammatory properties on the body, thus helping heal the condition even better.

What to do?

  1. In a glass of water, mix 1 tsp of milk of magnesia
  2. Make sure it dissolves completely
  3. Drink this twice a day consistently for a week

How Long Does Hip Bursitis Last?

How Long Does Hip Bursitis Last
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Depending on the condition of the hip bursitis, the condition prevails from either a few hours to a few weeks.

If the condition is acute hip bursitis, chances are that it will last around for a few hours. Alternatively, if the condition is chronic, there are possibilities that the recovery time might take some days or even some weeks depending on the patient.

The prospects of hip bursitis treatment are quite extensive. If you have been struggling along for quite a long time now, it is time to finally opt for some effective treatment options that you can handle around. It is important to take the condition seriously and opt for home remedies or professional treatment. Here we have mentioned some of the best home remedies that can help treat the condition.