Benefits of Black Cherry Juice for Health, Skin, and Hair

black cherry juice

rCherries have always been highly useful for various health benefits it provides to your body. That is also the reason, black cherries have been eaten in various forms such as baked, in desserts in almost all parts of the world. Black cherry, as the name suggests, has a darker covering on them unlike the red cherries, which contains red covering. Black cherry juice has also been consumed in large amounts throughout the world due to its various health benefits.

Here, we have tried to provide all the details about the black cherry juice as well as its important health benefits. Read on to know more about the possible side effects which can appear due to the consumption of black cherry juice.

But, first, it is important to know to get information about what black cherry fruit really is.

What is Black Cherry Fruit?

Black cherry trees are normally tall in height as the black cherry fruit can grow up to the height of 80 feet, according to the experts. Even though the cherry fruits are black or red in color, unripe fruits are normally found orange in colour. For various birds such as woodpeckers, sparrows, red fox, raccoon, wild turkeys and animals like grey squirrel eat black cherries as their primary foods.

The mid astringent flavor of black cherries makes them one of the amazing choices for using in dark chocolate cakes and garnishes for various cocktails.

Black cherry, which is also known by various names such as rum cherry, mountain black cherry and wild cherry, can also be used as an amazing supplement. The black cherry supplements are available in two different types. One is derived from the bark of the cherry tree and the other one is black cherry juice.

However, it should be noted that leaves of the cherry tree as they contain a chemical which converts into cyanide after consumption. The same chemical is also available in the bark so it is important to consume the bark supplement in moderation and after taking the suggestion from the doctor.

Health Benefits of Black Cherry Juice

Most of the important health benefits of the black cherry juice are associated with the benefits of black cherry. Here, we have provided some of the amazing health benefits of black cherry juice. It has been found that black cherry play a very good role in treating various symptoms as well as medical conditions.

  1. Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  2. Treats Arthritis
  3. Good For Heart
  4. Provides Healthy Sleep
  5. Prevents Cancer
  6. Oxidative Stress Reduction
  7. Tooth Decay Prevention
  8. Good for Skin Health
  9. Protects Skin
  10. Provides Anti-Ageing Benefits

1. Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Inflammation in the body causes various problem in the body due to free radicals, which affects the immune system adversely. It is, therefore, considered as one of the important cause of various heart diseases. Consumption of black cherry juice helps in eliminating all the free radicals in the body, which in turn is necessary to break the inflammatory pathways. Therefore, consumption of black cherry actually helps in reducing inflammation in the body.

2. Treats Arthritis

In arthritis, pain is caused due to the crystallization as well as accumulation of the uric acid in the joints. A large amount of urate in the body causes the risk of gout attack. In various researchers, it has been found that the consumption of black cherry juice helps in providing relief on the arthritis pain due to the effect of anthocyanin compounds, which is helpful in eliminating all the crystals from the joints. Regular consumption of black cherry juice, therefore, helps in treating arthritis.

3. Good for Heart

As black cherries are helpful in providing protection to the arterial walls against damage, they are also highly beneficial for your heart. It is also helpful in reducing the level of blood lipid level in the body due the presence of melatonin in it. This is helpful in reducing the risk of stroke as well as various heart diseases. The anthocyanin compounds present in the black cherries are also important in protecting heart from diseases.

4. Provides Healthy Sleep

One of the important content, which is present in black cherries is melatonin, which is an antioxidant produced in the brain and helpful in providing good, natural sleep in regular patterns. Providing additional amount of melatonin to the body through black cherries helps in countering conditions such as insomnia and depression. Therefore, experts recommend to drink a glass of black cherry juice before going to sleep to get the natural and peaceful sleep.

5. Prevents Cancer

Black cherries are filled with lots of antioxidants which are helpful in preventing the formation of the cancerous cells. Additionally, black cherry does not contain large amount of sugar in it. Therefore you can eat black cherry regularly to prevent the deadly diseases.

6. Oxidative Stress Reduction

Free radicals causes a lot of damage to the body by robbing the electrons in the DNA, which is more commonly known as oxidation. This oxidation creates too many problems for the body immune system. As mentioned earlier, black cherry juice consumption helps in removing these free radicals from the body and helps in reducing the oxidative stress.

7. Tooth Decay Prevention

Black cherry consumption also prevents tooth decay by preventing the accumulation of the plaque on the teeth. Plaque plays a major role in causing cavities as well as decay. Along with the juice, you can also add black cherries in your diet for preventing the condition of tooth decay.
Skin Benefits of Black Cherry

There are also various skin benefits, which you get after consuming black cherry juice. Some of the skin benefits of black cherry juice are listed below.

8. Good for Skin Health

Black cherry provides enough hydration to your body, which is helpful in getting bright, clear and vibrant skin. Black cherry juice also helps in providing smooth flow of nutrients to the skin cells and thus provides healthier, clearer and firmer skin.

9. Protects Skin

Regular consumption of black cherry juice is also highly useful in protecting the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Thus, it is also effective in treating skin cancer as well as various skin diseases. Beta-carotene content in black cherry plays important role in protecting the skin from sun damage.

10. Provides Anti-Ageing Benefits

Black cherry juice consumption is also helpful in providing protection from premature ageing. Anthocyanins antioxidants in black cherry provides important benefits in reducing fine lines and protecting damage caused by the free radicals. This is also helpful in reducing the signs of wrinkles.

Black Cherry Benefits for Hair

Some of the major black cherry benefits of black cherry for your hair have been listed below. The health of hair totally depends upon the supply of health-friendly nutrients to the hair follicles. As black cherry is filled with rich amounts of minerals, vitamins as well as antioxidants, it can provide a lot of benefits.

1. Prevents hair loss

Hair loss is caused due to one of the common cause knows as anemia. Adding enough amount of black cherry in your diet helps in getting rid of anemia as it is an amazing source of iron. As it cures anemia, it also does well in getting rid of hair loss.

2. Promotes health of hair

There is a reason behind the use of black cherry as ingredient in number of vitamins and supplements for promoting hair health. Important health-friendly vitamins in black cherry helps in promoting the health of hair.

Possible Side Effects of Black Cherry Juice

Even though black cherry contains important health-friendly benefits, it also has some of the possible side effects. The side effect of the black cherry may cause when the overconsumption occurs. Some of the major side effects of consumption of black cherry are as follows.

  • Uncontrolled consumption of black cherry can cause indigestion as well as diarrhea.
  • Overconsumption of black cherry may also cause health problems due to a large number of sugar and calorie intake.
  • Sorbitol in black cherry may create problems for people suffering with small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, irritable bowel syndrome.
  • People suffering with fructose malabsorption can also face a number of problems due to the consumption of black cherry.


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