World Heart Day: Protect Your Heart to Live Longer

World Heart Day
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Today the whole world is celebrating the World Heart Day, which is organized every year to spread awareness about the health of the heart and its importance among the common people. This amazing initiative was started in the year 2000 to make people to take care of their heart. It is highly unfortunate that every year large number of people fall ill due to the various problems of heart diseases, which includes, heart attack, stroke as well as heart failure and various others. As the heart problem is one of the leading cause of death occurring in the world, it becomes even more important to spread awareness about heat problems and inform people about various ways to make their hearts healthy.

Considering this in mind, the World Health Federation, a non-governmental organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, started to celebrate the World Heart Day on the last Sunday of September every year. However, from 2011, the organization stated to celebrate it on September 29th every year.

The theme as well as objective of the particular year is not always pre-decided. Large number of volunteers and collaborators of the organization works hard in making the initiative successful every year. The major focus of this whole campaign is to guide the common people on how to take care of their heart and what are some of the effective preventive measures, which they can use to keep their heart healthy.

World Heart Federation

As mentioned earlier, World Heart Federation is a non-governmental organization, which came into the existence after the amalgamation of the International Cardiology Federation and International Society of Cardiology. The earlier name of the organization, International Society and Federation of Cardiology, was changed to World Heart Federation in 1998.

The organization works in leading the whole world to fight against the evil of heart diseases as well as stroke. Around 200 members work for the organization along with its volunteers in 100 countries in the world from East Mediterranean, Europe, Africa, Americas and Asia-Pacific.

The main aim of the World Heart Federation is to organize a proper and effective campaign, which will be helpful for the common people to get rid of the heart ailments through proper treatment. Important ideas such as promotion of healthy diet, regular exercise, controlling the consumption of alcohol, importance of quitting smoking and tobacco are spread through this campaign, which is aimed at making people to follow a healthy lifestyle

The World Heart Federation plays a key role in promoting the health care professionals, policymakers, medical societies as well as patients to participate actively in the campaign to eradicate the problem of heart disease from the world. It also makes people to work hard in keeping their heart in good care to live longer in their lives.

Why the world celebrates World Heart Day?

If the statistics are to be believed, around 17.3 million people lose their lives every year due to the problem of cardiovascular diseases. The World Heart Organization is keeping no stone unturned in reducing the number of deaths due to heart problems. The problem of heart disease is highly gruesome as the World Health Organization says that around 30% deaths occur in the world due to heart problems.

Therefore, it becomes important to aware people about fact that heart problems and cardiovascular disease is indeed a primary reason behind a large number of deaths occur across the globe. According to the experts, major causes of the heart problems are high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, increased level of glucose, smoking, an absence of exercise, obesity as well as lack of healthy fruits and vegetable intake.

Telling people to involve themselves in the physical activities regularly, quitting some of the dangerous habits such as smoking alcohol along with following a regular checkup to know the health of your heart, is important and helps in taking good care of the heart. WHF along with WHO tells the people about all these important tips so that they can keep their hearts in healthy and working condition.

On this day, volunteers also make the people realize the problems which can be caused due to overeating, lack of exercise, following bad lifestyle, consuming unhealthy diets can result in causing various heart problems. So to prevent these problems it is important to make your lifestyle more healthy

Another important objective the World Heart Federation has kept before themselves is that providing people the knowledge of how to keep your heart in good condition so that they can keep themselves healthy and the number of deaths due to heart disease can be reduced. The same objective has also been put up by the World Health Organization along with reducing the mortality rate of the heart disease by 2025.


Every year, the World Heart Day is celebrated by organizing various events as well as activities linked to heart health so spread awareness among the people. The main objective is to involves more number of people in the events as well as activities to make the world free of heart diseases. One can easily find the information about the events and activities of the World Heart Day by following the WHF on social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram along with following the updates on the official website of the World Heart Federation.

In this celebration, a large number of governments and non-governments organizations participate to promote the initiative through various activities such as concerts, public talks, camps for heart check up as well as overall checkups, fitness sessions, screenings and exhibition along with many more. All these events are organized in around 100 countries across the globe with the help of the volunteers as well as the collaborators. For all the people, who want to participate and promote the campaign of cardiovascular disease, this is a great opportunity not only to spread the awareness but also to meet new people and sharing ideas on how to spread the initiative further effectively so that it can reach billions of people all across the world.