Top Exercises to Increase Height

Exercises to Increase Height

The height of a person plays a major role in in building personality of the individual. Nothing personal against those short, as it is all comparative, yet we all could do with the addition of a few extra inches to our frame.

Often, one may come across a number of acupressure techniques and natural or synthetic medication, which vouchsafe of height gains, the chances of success, although may vary.

The closest we could come to perfection, is perhaps some natural combination of exercises that with adequate diet may bring about increase in height. Exercising regularly, with correct orientation, strengths the muscles, thus bringing about the synthesis of the growth hormone, which is responsible for height gain. These hormones rebuild themselves drawing nutrition from the diet that we consume.

Read on ahead about these exercises to increase height, and see for your self if growth of height, past adolescence is a myth or reality.

Tips to Height Gain

1Bar hanging

Gravity could be very demoralizing for the height, as it shrinks the spinal column and the joints. The cartilage and the muscles get compressed, thus bringing about an overall shorter appearance.

Simply letting your dead weight hang, stretches your torso and vertebral column. Regular practicing would result in an increase in height over time.

2The Alternate Kick

This exercise is also known as the dry land swims and concentrates on your lower back. The exercise is performed by lying down on the stomach, and fully extending the body by extending the arms straight in front, while you are facing towards the floor.

In the position raise your left arm over the right. Keeping your legs straight, raise your right leg, as far above the ground, as it is possible. Hold this position for as long as possible, and repeat the exercise in the reverse order with your right arm and the left leg.

3Pelvic Shift

This exercise exerts minimum stress on your body, yet brings about stretching of your spine and lower body, from the hips down.

The exercises commences by laying down on the back, and positioning your shoulders and arms firmly on the floor. Consequently bend the knees, and pull back your feet, as close to the glutes as you may.

The position to be held, for as long as one may, before returning to the original, horizontal position. The frontal muscles of the glutes are stretched the most of this stretching action.

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4The Cobra Stretch

The cobra stretch is a yogic posture that intends to stretch the spine, and in the process makes it more flexible. The posture is also beneficial for the growth of cartilage in between the vertebral gaps, causing an increase in your height.

The posture is achieved by lying straight in the floor, with all your limbs straight and relaxed. Subsequently, you may arch you back and raise your chin simultaneously, to the maximum extended position. Hold the position for as long as you may, before returning back to the starting position.

5One Leg Hop

This exercise is not just simply in terms of its movement, but also convenient in terms of location where you may perform it. Now you should not be surprised if you come across some on the tube trying to do the one leg hop.

Just hopping on one leg, alternately stretches the tendons and muscles of the lower body, and thus brings about longitudinal elongation.

6Pilates Roll Over

This exercise helps in providing strength to your spine, besides adding additional length to your torso, by stretching the vertebrae and the neck sections.

In the initial position, you need to lie down flat on your backs with your hands by your sides. As your legs stay together, lift them up and behind by hyper-extending your back, until you are able to touch the floor with your toes. The more you are able to stretch your back, the more elongation your spine experiences.

7The Forward Spinal Stretch

This stretching exercise needs to be done, by sitting up straight, with your legs stretched in front of you.

Inhale deeply, as you extend your arms out in front, even as you bend forward and try to touch your toes with your fingers.

By Abhro