Top Functions of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

benefits of Eucalyptus essential oil

Every essential oil that you may ever come across will find its own set of uses in your daily life. Some may induce sleep, while others might just help you in staying awake.

Here we are discussing about the health benefits of Eucalyptus essential oil and where in your daily life you may find use for it.

Uses of Eucalyptus Essential Oil


Eucalyptus oil is known to be an proven cure for sinusitis. Moreover, other respiratory conditions like bronchitis and even the common flu.

The oil may either be used along with a carrier oil, or it may be diffused for the purpose of aromatherapy. If used topically, in combination with a carrier oil, you may choose to apply the oil directly over the chest and neck and shoulders.

When used in the diffused state, a few drops may be poured over into a container of boiling and the vapors inhaled by covering the setup with an overhead towel.

2Removes Stains

Eucalyptus oil has all the properties to be a miraculous stain remover. Simply by mixing a few drops of the oil with water and spraying it over the area that the stain occupies.

This is a particularly safe remedy for houses with children and messy pets, as there are no harsh chemicals involved.


Eucalyptus oil belongs to the category of essential oils that work towards keeping your systems and senses up and working. You may be fatigued by over work, lack of sleep, traveling, and the kind.

A few drops of Eucalyptus oil mixed with black tea or coffee is a surefire way of rejuvenating your senses and getting your mind focused on whatever that you were up to.


Eucalyptus oil is as effective a remedy for asthma, as it is known to be for sinusitis and bronchitis. It may either be used in the diffused state and the vapours inhaled,or in combination with a carrier oil, wherein the concoction rubs on the chest to provide relief.

5Air Purifier

The antiseptic properties of eucalyptus oil make it an unmatched air purifier. The oil, if simply diffused throughout the room, through a spray bottle, or a vacuum cleaner, not only kills germs, but also leaves behind a lingering smell.