9 Best Bath Chairs for Disabled Adults- Helpful Bathroom Accessory

9 Best Bath Chairs for Disabled Adults

Personal hygiene is a priority of health and well being for everyone. Adults with disabilities find it difficult while bathing. Disability by birth, injuries or paralysis, it can be uneasy when it comes to bathing. Being disable must not stop you from prioritizing hygiene. We brought you a solution for you in terms of Bath Chairs for Disabled Adults which are specially designed.

We recommend bath chairs for disabled adults over a normal plastic chair. Normal chairs are not flexible and sturdy to use for bathing. Bathing chairs for disabled adults are designed in helpful way. The adjustments, flexibility of bathing chair is far better compared to a normal chair. But you need to find a top bathing chair for disabled adults.

If you are not able to decide which is the best bathing chair for disabled adults then you must take the help the below list. Let your choice make it the bathing task easier for yourself or your family member. Below is a list of best bathing chairs for disabled adults.

The List of Top Bath Chairs For Disabled Adults

1. Carousel Sliding Transfer Bath Chair

Carousel Sliding Transfer Bath Chair

The bath chair helps for easy sliding in and out of the tub. This chair is fixed with non slip rubbers to prevent the person form moving. The vigorous movements are common during the shower. So, the chair seat is designed in a way to prevent slipping down from the chair. You can get a sturdy back support during the bath and place your arms on the armrests.

The material of the chair is made with medical grade which doesn’t absorb water. The coating of the chair is rust free which for high durability. It is a chair that equipped with adjustable legs according to the need. It is provided with an adjustable strap for the safety of user through the shower time. The chair allows the person to slide from side to side effortlessly.

It is an easy to assemble chair without any extra tools and equipment need. Every joint and fit of the chair is fixed for a heavy duty. It is a best bath chair for disabled adults with the capacity of 330 lb.

If you are looking for the bath chair with a spacious seat then this can be excluded from your list. Check your comfort with the chair and then buy it.

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  • Padded seat and back
  • Strong armrests
  • Adjustable legs
  • Side to slide sliding
  • Non slippery rubbers
  • Medium size seat

2. GreenChief Bariatric Heavy Duty Bath Chair

GreenChief Bariatric Heavy Duty Bath Chair

If you are looking for an affordable and easy to use bath chair then this must be your pick. It is made to assemble easily for a comfortable use. The bath chair comes with a wide seat where a disabled person can stretch the hands and legs for a hygienic bath. The seat is featured with the drainage holes which lets the water out.This way the user can sit on the seat with a proper grip.

Generally, disabled adults must be more conscious on the bath chairs. A supportive bath chair makes the bathing comfortable and safe. Greenchief bath chair is to offer the comfortable experience with the padded seat, armrest and back rest. It is a well designed bath chair with anti slip rubber support.

You can adjust the height of the chair depending on the shower stool or the bath tub. It is not for the disabled persons but great for the elderly people, pregnant women and injured people.

Also It is made to offer the support for 400 pounds weight. It is a best bath chair for disabled adults with high quality material. The handles are of aluminium frame to prevent corrosion. It comes with a shower handle and the required tools to assemble the chair for bathing.

  • Heavy duty up to 400 pounds
  • Padded seat and armrest
  • Wide and spacious seat
  • Aluminium frame handles
  • Anti slip rubbers
  • Single side armrest

3. OasisSpace Heavy Duty Shower Chair for Disabled Adults

OasisSpace Heavy Duty Shower Chair for Disabled Adults

When looking for a best bath chair for disable adults you must check whether convertible or not. Not matching the height needs can disappoint you with the purchase. For example, take this bath chair which is extremely convertible with the height adjustments from 16” to 21”.

The bath chair makes your bathing time pleasant with good support and balance. The padded back support, armrest and seat are make it super comforting. The strong base avoids skidding and slipping. You can buy this as a best bath chair for disabled person up to 300 lbs.

OasisSpace bath chair is ergonomically designed to contour the body. It is a waterproof chair that makes your seating non slippery while bating. Additional feature is the drainage holes which eliminates water form the seat. You can feel secure sitting on the seat as it non slip and non sliding.

This is a multi purpose chair for disabled folks, pregnant women and elderly women.Moreover a lightweight chair for a an easy transfer into bath tub and to set it back after the bath. As the bath chairs get soaked in water due to long bathing time they tend to rust easily. You don’t face such problems with this chair as the handles are aluminium framed. It will be corrosion free and durable.

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  • Heightening feature
  • Corrosion free material
  • Waterproof product
  • Padded seat, armrest
  • Sturdy back support
  • Non slip rubber legs
  • Tough assembling

4. Medokare Shower Stool for Disabled Adults

Medokare Shower Stool for Disabled Adults

If you are looking for a best bath stool for a disabled person then you must get the details about this product. It is designed with a padded seat and anti slip rubbers. You need not assemble the stool but use it instantly for everyday bathing. It is an easy to use chair for bathing. This is a besuited option for the less spacious bathrooms and small bath tubs.

The lightweight and portable stool with proper seating. The seat wont slip but helps you seat comfortably when bathing. The seat is punctured with the drainage holes. The holes drain the water out of the seat which gives hassle free sitting during the shower.

You can change the size with the adjustable legs. You can adjust the height from 12.5 to 18.5. The stool can hold the weight of 130 kgs/280 lbs. You have the side handles for this stool which allows you to hold it while showering.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Non slip, padded seat
  • Adjustable legs
  • Capable of 280 lbs
  • No back support
  • No armrest

5. Moen Non Slip Bath Safety Transfer Bench

Moen Non Slip Bath Safety Transfer Bench

Here is smart designed bath chair that befits for disabled adults. This can be a bathroom accessory that can be helpful during various health conditions like disability, injuries, pregnancy.

You can adjust the bath chair from 16.5” to 21” height. You can place in bath tub and to reach the shower head perfectly. A wider seat allows you to sit on the chair without any discomfort. It offers the sturdy support up to 400 lbs.

It has the non slip base which allows the user for flexible movements while showering. You need not worry about slipping down from the seat. It is featured with an inbuilt water outlet. You can sit on the “no water” seat till the end of shower.

It is similar to a comfortable bench that gives you a sufficient space when bathing. You can have stable back support using this chair. It is fixed with a sturdy handle at the side. You can take the support of the handle. The handle can be used for an easy transfer in and out the bath tub.

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  • Adjustable legs
  • Inbuilt water drainage
  • Capable up to 400 lbs
  • Non slip base
  • Spacious seat
  • No armrest

6. Carex Universal Bath Seat for Disabled Adults

Carex Universal Bath Seat for Disabled Adults

Carex bath seat is a budget friendly product with easy to use design and built. It is a best bath stool for disabled person who needs less support. You can change the height from 16” to 21”.

As it is a lightweight and sleek bath chair its fits most of the bathrooms and bath tubs. You don’t have to assemble the stool. It is as simple as placing it and use directly for bathing. And It is good to know that this affordable stool is capable of holding up 400 pounds.

It is made with the safety features like inbuilt handle, stable seat and non slippery legs. You can hold the side handle and have the shower without others. You can safe sitting on the seat that has the water drainage seat. The sturdy rubber stoppers help you sit on still and have your bath.

  • Well adjustable legs
  • Non slippery base
  • Capable of 400 pounds
  • Lightweight product
  • Small seat
  • No armrest

7. Medokare Shower Stool for Disabled Adults

Medokare Shower Stool

Bath chairs are not a need for everyone. If the person is partially disabled then stool gives ample of support. You can go with this product if your search is for a best bath stool for disabled person.

It is well furnished with a padded seat for secure sitting til the end of showering. If you notice, the seat has the holes. The holes are to drain the water out and give a proper sitting grip. To sit stable on the stool, you can hold the inbuilt side handles while bathing. Though it is a compact and small stool, the potential is to hold 280 lbs weight.

The bath chair must be convertible to use according to the height. You can heighten the stool up to 18.5”. it is a lightweight bath stool and easy to fit in the small bathrooms. You can also place it in the tubs and effortlessly transfer it.

Assembling this stool is completely uncomplicated. You can buy this bath chair for your disabled family member which comes within low budget. Such simple options can make it a happy buy.

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  • Convertible product
  • 280 lbs capacity
  • Padded seat
  • Drainage wholes
  • No armrest
  • No back rest

8. GreenChef Shower Stool/Bath Seat for Disabled Adults

GreenChef Shower Stool-Bath Seat for Disabled Adults

A flexible seat for showering is a smart choice. Check out this bath stool if you are particularly looking for a rotating chair. It is extremely flexible with 360 Degree rotating feature. It will not even take more than a minutes in assembling the stool for bathing.

Next benefit is you can use it in less space. If your bathroom is smaller then you need not worry about buying a suitable bathing chair. You can adjust the chair with various height range from 14” to 19”. It allows you to utilize the 6 height setting as per the personalized requirement.

The stool is constructed with corrosion frame aluminium frame. It is accompanied with a 12 inch shower handle. You can fix it on the smooth surface for a secure support while bathing. Not only that the product is sent to you with a bath loofah. Undoubtedly it is a one of the best bath stools for disabled adults.

  • 360 Degree rotating
  • Convertible height
  • Small and compact
  • Easy to assemble
  • Shower handle
  • Free bath sponge
  • No backrest
  • No armrest

9. PCP Shower Safety Seat for Disabled Adults

PCP Shower Safety Seat for Disabled Adults

Here is a recovery chair for various medical conditions like pregnancy, injuries and disability. It offers the back support until you complete your bath. It is best bath chair you can select for disabled adult. The capacity of the chair is up to 300 pounds weight. You can amend the height with the range of 17” to 21” inches.

It gives a superior bathing experience with padded seat and back support. It avoids the disabled person from bending beyond the comfort while bathing.The chair is a non skid designed product with drainage holes.

The chair is for a independent bathing anyone disabled and aged people as well. Portable chairs give less support which is a drawback of the product. Whereas, this portable chair with lightweight still gives great support. It slick on the bathroom floor and fits in area of a bathroom. It allows you to place and bath in a wet basin without a stable grip. You can arrange the chair without any additional tools.

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  • Padded backrest and seat
  • Height conversion
  • 300 pounds capacity
  • Drainage holes
  • Non slip rubbers
  • No hand support

Buying Guidance For Bath Chair for Disabled Adults

Height adjustments

When buying a bath chair look for the height adjustments. A convertible chair with height adjustments is easy to use.


Capacity is a factor that you must consider when buying a bath chair for disabled adults. It depends on weight of the user. Know the capacity and see it can match your weight for a comfortable sitting.

Seat space

All the bath seats don’t come with the same seat design. The bath chairs are furnished with the spacious seats. A few bath chairs come with small seats. But your choice must be as per your requirement.

Additional support

You can choose the bath chair with additional support. Firm back support and armrest can help you have a comfortable bath. Check if the seat and backrest and armrest are padded.


Material is another factor that plays an important role while choosing a bath chair. Pick the product which is coated with rust free material. This can enhance the durability of the product.

Drainage holes

Mostly seat of the bath chairs are punctured with holes. The holes are to drain the water out of the seat and allow you to sit securely while bathing.

Sturdy base

The bath chairs with improper base are risky to use in the bathrooms. We stress on the importance of choosing chairs with sturdy support. Pick a chair with non slip legs that are fixed with rubber stoppers. It can resist the wet floor or tubs and avoid slipping.

Wrap Up

It is a challenge for disabled adults while bathing. Bending and stretching are not easy movements. They definitely need a helping hand but an independent bathing. A best bath chair for disabled adults can make it simpler to bath as it avoids over bending and hard stretching while bathing.