Want to Quit Smoking – Follow These Tips


Do you want to quit smoking, but not able to do that? Why is it so difficult to quit smoking? Yes, Smoking is an addiction which is difficult to leave. Inner power is the first thing that will help you to get out of this problem. Now again the question has come to mind, How and when I will get inner power to quit? Of course for that you need someone who can motivate you to get out of this problem. There are other things that may help you to quit smoking.

Tips to Quit Smoking

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• As people are different in nature and habits, different people have different addictions of smoking. A person who is addicted to it for a long period of time may find it difficult to quit smoking, but not impossible. A person who smokes two to three days in a week have more chances to quit smoking easily.

Smoking Kills• Try to keep yourself busy at work or family and friends. Spend as much time as you can with them. So that, the craving for smoking won’t come to your mind. You can try any one out of this for being busy in daily life, like going out for the dinner at your favorite restaurant or for a movie, playing a game at smoking free area. Keep chew gum in mouth for maximum time. It keeps your mouth busy for a maximum time. Start doing meditation, exercise, yoga and morning walk. It may also help you to quit smoking.

smoking won’t come• Develop your own quitting plan and try to follow that plan for the maximum number of days. Select the date when you want to start on the calendar and every day put a cross mark on the passing date of smoking free day of your life. By this you will get inner power to follow that chart for a number of days. Start by fixing the milestone by motivating yourself that ‘this month I will not smoke for 10 days’ and try to cover that day. Keep this practice until you achieve your goal of quitting smoking.

quitting smoking• Sudden quitting is very difficult for a smoker. So try to quit one by one. Because if you fix that ‘Yes from now I will not smoke and will never see the cigarette’, this may prove a little difficult. So try to cut one by one cigarette from each day. This may help you to quit the smoking.

the last one• Smoking is an addiction to tobacco. In this actually a person have a habit of moving the hand to the mouth for smoking. For this you can replace the cigarette with any other thing which you are really fond of like chips, pop corns, etc.

• In Lunch or tea time people have a habit of smoking. They will have a friend, who also have a habit of smoking. At that time your friends will surely tempt you to have a cigarette. To avoid these types of situations, stop going outside in the smoking area.

• According to new research e-cigarette may help you to quit smoking. As we discussed above the habit to move hand to your mouth, in that, it can be helpful and may reduce the habit of smoking.

the end• Take help of your friends. Tell them about the resolution you took on quitting smoking. Tell them the way, in which you can easily quit the cigarette like not smoke in front of you, keep away from you and help you to remember your goal.

By: Shaveta Kandhari