Lie Bumps – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

lie bumps

Lie bumps appear on the tongue when the taste buds on the tongue suffers from the inflammation. This inflammation takes place in the numerous papillae which consist of your taste buds. It causes pain, discomfort as well as affects the sense of the taste. There are numerous causes through which the lie bumps can occur on your tongue.

It is important to recognize the underlying cause as soon as possible to treat the condition of lie bumps. There are various home remedies which you can consider while reducing the effect of inflammation.

Here, we have tried to provide all the important details about the problem of lie bumps along with major causes as well as symptoms. Read on to get full details about the treatment of lie bumps along with some important tips to prevent the inflammation.

What are Lie Bumps?

What are lie bumps

There are around 2,000-8,000 taste bud receptors live on the tongue. Although they are hard to notice, they play a vital role in sensing various tastes such as sweet, sour, salty, savory as well as bitter of various foods and drinks. However, our tongue is one of the most sensitive organs in our body and therefore it may be easily inflamed or injured due to various injuries. This may lead to the occurrence of tingling or burning sensation on the tongue.

Even though the lie bumps are known as the bumps which appear after lieing, the researchers have found out the main reason behind the eruption of small bumps on a tongue.

What Causes Lie Bumps?

What causes lie bumps

Lie bumps are one of the common health conditions and can occur due to numerous reasons, although they are not fully proven. However, some of the major causes of lie bumps are listed below.

1. Tongue injury

Tongue injury is one of the common cause of the inflammation on your tongue as it may cause damage to the sensitive tissues.

2. Acidic or spicy foods

Consumption of spicy or acidic foods may also cause the condition of lie bumps on your tongue as it causes irritation to your taste buds.

3. Asthma or eczema

One of the common symptoms of eczema or asthma is the inflammation of bumps on the tongue as it causes the swelling of the taste buds.

4. Food allergies

Certain food allergies may also cause the condition of lie bumps due to inflammation. It is important to take medical helps immediately on this condition.

5. Stress

There are various disadvantages of stress. Lie bumps are one of them. You may face the inflammation of the tongue as stress causes the weakening of the immune system.

6. Viral infections

You can experience the problem of lie bumps due to viral infections as well. It can be spread genetically in the same family.

7. Vitamin B deficiency

The tongue inflammation, as well as the appearance of the whitish bumps on the tongue, is one of the common symptoms of deficiency of vitamin B in the body.

8. Alcohol or smoking

You may face the problem of irritation on your buds due to excessive alcohol drinking as well as smoking as both contains various irritants which may cause health problems.

What are the Symptoms of Lie Bumps on the Tongue?

symptoms of lie bumps on tongue

The most common symptom of the appearance of lie bumps is the formation of swollen bumps of red or white in colour on your tongue. According to a large number of people, they look similar to pimples.

These pimples may also be highly painful while eating as well as drinking. Even though the people suffer from itching, burning as well as a tingling sensation on their tongues, a large number of people suffer from the condition of lie bumps with no symptoms except tremendous pain.

The condition of lie bumps along with other symptoms may cause the condition of lingual papillitis. Although it may also indicate with the formation of red or white painful swollen bumps, these are caused by a virus. It is also considered as contagious. It is more common in children than adults and may joined with the symptom of swollen glands. It may take up to few weeks to cure this disease.

How to Get Rid of Lie Bumps Fast?

get rid of lie bumps fast

1. Diagnosis

It is highly important first to consult with your doctor about the main cause of the lie bumps which are persistent as well as painful.

Your doctor might make a diagnosis from the appearance of the bump. Your doctor may also suggest a biopsy if he or she is unsure about the cause of it as the bump may also appear due to the condition such as human papillomavirus.
Your doctor will numb the area and will eject a small section to examine it under the microscope for proper diagnosis.

2. Treatment

It is recommended to follow various major home remedies to treat the condition of lingual papillitis or the lie bumps. Along with home remedies, you can also use some over-the-counter medicines to get rid of the lie bumps.

Some of the major lie bumps remedies which you can consider are listed below.

  • Gargling as well as rinsing with the help of salt water
  • Brush your teeth twice at least along with rinsing with the help of good quality of mouthwash to eliminate harmful bacteria.
  • Avoid the consumption of foods which may cause irritation. Instead, you can consume smooth or blander foods.
  • Use the OTC treatment known as Zilactin, which cover the lie bumps and protects them from the friction. Friction may cause the irritation which may complicate the situation even more.

How to Prevent Lie Bumps Irritation?

 prevent lie bumps irritation

Even though these treatments might help you in eliminating the problem of lie bumps, it is important to prevent the risk of the development of lie bumps irritation for proper care and to ward off the infection.

Avoid cutting the lie bumps as it may cause severe bleeding which may prove highly difficult to stop. These cuts or scrapes may also cause the secondary infection and may cause further problems.

Avoiding the consumption of citrus, spicy, sour or acidic foods while you are suffering from the problem of lie bumps, should also be avoided.