Causes and Treatment for Headache at Base of Skull

headache at base of skull

Headaches appear in different types and all these types of headaches changes according to people. All these headaches may originate from different parts of your body. Sometimes you may feel a headache which is originating from your nose area which is linked to sinus problems or one of the symptoms of sinusitis.

Sometimes you may also experience a headache at the base of the skull. Headaches appear in different types and all these types of headaches changes according to people. All these headaches may originate from different parts of your body.

This headache may cause due to a variety of reasons. In this condition, severe pain in the shoulder area as well as on the arms can also be felt. You may also feel difficulty while getting up. This pain will also put yourself away from doing your daily tasks. It is necessary to get a headache at base skull treatments to get a headache at the base of skull relief.

It is important to get full information about various causes as well as treatment for this headache. Read on to get all the details related to the topic for proper guidance.

What are common causes of a headache at base of skull

causes of headache at base of skull

Some of the major causes of a headache at base of skull are listed below,

1. Trauma

Trauma can be caused if you have undergone neck injuries recently as well as faced the problem of stiffed neck. The ligaments of the joint may get badly affected due to this and cause tension or a headache at the base of the skull. You may even experience pain in the area of the back near the skull. Although this pain might be highly uncomfortable, you may get relief through getting some rest.

2. Neck arthritis

The condition of neck arthritis affects the joints of the neck and causes neck pain at the base of skull and headache. In this condition your cartilage becomes inflamed, and the bones of the neck rubbed against each other. This may also cause pain in the right side of the head. The joints may get affected badly can cause severe pain.

3. Sleeping position

If you ever have experience body pain after getting up from the bed, then your sleeping position is not proper. It is important to take care of your sleeping position along with quality sleeping. Most usual part would be affected by this pain is base of your skull. To counter this, it is important to take your neck properly elevated. Increased elevation also results into the pain in your back and neck area.

4. Slipped disc

The disc or tissues which protects the bones supporting the spinal cord may also get slipped due to uncomfortable position. This also can cause pain at the base of skull. This occurs because the pinching of the nerve which causes severe headache.

5. Muscle tension

Sometimes few uncomfortable positions may cause tension on your muscles. As the tension progresses, it may cause pain if left untreated. It is important to stretch and move around to reduce the tension from your muscle to prevent headache at the base of skull.

6. Osteoporosis

Deficiency of calcium as well as important nutrients may cause deterioration of your bones. This condition is found more in elderly than the younger ones. In this condition bones can also turn brittle, soft as well as weak. This can also affect the base of the skull and can cause headaches.

7. Tumors

Some skull tumors which forms at the base of the skull are not considered as malignant but they may develop in the area below the skull and may cause pain as well as headache.

8. Sitting for long time

Lack of exercise as well as working in front of the computers for a long time may also affect your whole body. This may cause severe pain at the base of the skull as well as at neck. These headaches, as well as pain, can be eliminated by opting for more healthier as well as active lifestyle.

How to Get Rid of Headache Base of the Skull?

rid of headache base of skull

If you are experiencing headache everyday or if there is pain at the base of skull there are various home remedies which you should try to get rid of this health problem. Some of the major remedies to treat the problem of headache at the base of skull are listed below.

1. Eat fish oil

Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids which works efficiently on curing the problem of headaches as well as pain. You can also opt for consumption of fish which is also a healthy way of getting rid of headache.

2. Eat ginger

Ginger, one of the effective healthy spice, is also highly helpful in preventing headaches as it contains large amount of Thromboxane A2, which is also exclusive to ginger only. This is helpful in diluting blood vessels and preventing the feeling of headache.

3. Cut coffee consumption

Although caffeine consumption is helpful for working for long hours, it will also cause the problem of headache. Therefore, too much coffee consumption is harmful for the body. Consume caffeine even after you are experiencing headache may complicate the situation even more.

4. Maintain a better posture

Bad posture affects not only your back as well as neck but also the base of your skull. It is highly important to maintain better posture to get rid of pain and headache at the base of skull. Maintain your posture with keeping your shoulders straight, stomach in and chest out. Maintaining this posture for long periods will help getting various health benefits.

5. Consume healthy supplements

Consuming healthy supplements such as the supplements of magnesium can work effectively in countering the problem of headache. Magnesium supplements not only will eliminate headaches but also will provide one of the important mineral to the body.

Best Headache at base of skull treatment that you may undergo

Best Headache at base of skull treatment

Apart from major home remedies which are mentioned above, you can also try some treatments which may provide better relaxation as well as a headache at the base of skull relief. These headache treatments at home are highly important and provide relief from a headache at the base of skull and forehead.

1. Muscle relaxants

Muscle relaxants are also helpful in treating the condition of a headache caused due to strained muscles. This strain may be reduced by consuming muscle relaxants. However, it is important to consult with your doctor before using it.

2. Neck traction

To support the ligaments as well as muscles of the neck which are strained can be supported by neck traction. This will also help in removing pressure which is felt on the nerves.

3. Neck brace

Wearing protecting guard around your neck to prevent your neck from going into the position which may cause various problems such as a headache at the base of the skull is also helpful, and this condition is known as a neck brace. You can remove the neck brace once the affected area is fully healed.