7 Kefir Health Benefits: How Good Kefir is for Health?

kefir benefits

Kefir is a dairy product which is considered as one of the amazing probiotics and highly effective in treating the problem of leaky gut. The base behind the name of kefir is a Turkish word ‘keif’ which literally means ‘good feeling.’ This is one of the traditional medicine which is traditionally used in Asian as well as European culture.

Kefir is highly useful for the body as it contains a high amount of bioactive compounds as well as good bacteria which helps in countering tumors, carcinogens, and various other harmful foreign particles. It is made up of grains combining of bacteria as well as yeast which interferes with milk and produces fermented milk which can also be consumed by the people sensitive to lactose.

You can make kefir through the milk of any animal such as goat, cow, sheep, soy coconut or rice. You can also prepare kefir with the help of coconut water.

Here we have tried to provide all the important information about the benefits of kefir for your health. Read on to get full details about kefir and its functions.

Top Benefits of Kefir

benefits of kefir

Some of the major benefits of kefir consumption are listed below.

  1. Strengthens Immunity
  2. Improve Bone Health
  3. Helps in Countering Cancer
  4. Improves Digestion
  5. Heals Skin
  6. Cures Allergies
  7. Removes Lactose Intolerance

1. Strengthens Immunity

Nutrients in kefir such as biotin and folate is helpful in raising your immune system and protects important cells in the body. It is also rich in health-friendly probiotics. One of the major components in kefir is Lactobacillus Kefir which is highly helpful in countering harmful bacteria such as Salmonella and E. Coli.

It is also rich in polysaccharide known as kefiran which is considered as antimicrobial and helps in fighting against candida infection. According to the experts, it is also helpful in reducing the amount of cholesterol in the body as well as high blood pressure.

2. Improve Bone Health

Osteoporosis is considered as one of the major bone diseases in which bones begin to deteriorate as it fails to get enough calcium. Kefir is helpful in providing enough calcium to the body as it helps in increasing the absorption of calcium from milk.

Bioactive compounds in kefir are also useful in strengthening the bones and halts bone degeneration. It also provides vitamin K2, deficiency of which is linked to poor bone health as well as low absorption of calcium by the body. Probiotics in kefir are highly important in providing calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin D and K2, which all are highly helpful in improving bone health.

3. Helps in countering cancer

Kefir consumption is helpful in reducing the risk of cancer, one of the growing life threatening disease. It has been found highly helpful in countering the multiplication of cells in the body. Additionally, the compounds in kefir force cancer cells in the stomach to destroy by themselves.
It plays an effective anti-carcinogenic role in the body which is helpful countering cancer. Along with reducing the growth of tumors it also makes it difficult for the enzymes to convert from non-carcinogenic to carcinogenic within the body.

4. Improves digestion

Kefir in milk or yogurt is also highly helpful in treating digestive problems and counters gastrointestinal diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, and ulcers. It also helps in protecting your gut after the consumption of antibiotics due to its probiotic content. It also cures digestion as well as various other digestive problems which can cause by these medications.

5. Heals Skin

If your gut is facing various problems, it may also result in the formation of various skin diseases such as psoriasis, rashes, acne as well as eczema. Kefir is helpful in curing these problems by activating all the good bacteria in the skin. Due to this property, kefir has been found highly useful on rashes as well as skin burns.

Kefir is filled with certain carbohydrates known as kefiran which is helpful in strengthening the immune system and helps the raising the healing power of the skin.

6. Cures Allergies

Different allergies, as well as asthma, cause various inflammatory issues in the body. However, kefir has been found highly helpful in reducing inflammatory cells which affect lungs, air passages as well as mucus buildup.

Kefir helps in boosting the immune system naturally which in turn helps in reducing the allergic reactions which occur on the body. It also increases the amount of good bacteria in the body which are highly helpful in treating various allergies. Along with this, probiotic content in kefir has also been found to be highly effective in reducing the symptoms of allergies.

7. Removes lactose intolerance

Dairy products contain a high amount of good bacteria which are highly helpful in improving the health of your gut. But a large number of people who are suffering from lactose intolerance might not take these bacteria in enough quantities. However, kefir helps you in converting lactose into lactic acid and makes it easier to get digested. Apart from this, there are various nutrients which are exclusive to kefir, helps in removing lactose from the dairy products.

According to research, it has been found that kefir works well in improving the digestion of lactose as well as difficulties in lactose absorption. However, according to the experts, use goat milk kefir for this purpose.

You can also test yourself for lactose intolerance. Just apply a small drop on kefir inside your arm. Let it dry and check for any inflammation after 24 hours. If you don’t find any irritation try increasing the amount of kefir regularly. If you are not experiencing any problems, then start to drink more kefir. You can also check it out from your doctor after doing some tests.

Kefir is an amazing remedy in countering various disorders and provides enough amount of calcium along with other important minerals which are highly required by the body. It is considered highly effective in treating gut diseases and treat various other digestive problems along with reducing allergies as well as the symptoms of lactose intolerance.