9 Home Remedies For Staph Infection You Didn’t Know About

Home Remedies for Staph Infection
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Infections and their induction in our body is not something uncommon. Bacteria have the affinity of attacking our body any time without any kind of warning. Staph infection is the outcome of one such bacterial infestation. But, do the home remedies for Staph infection actually work?

Many people are often not even aware of the condition which ends up being an even bigger problem. It is important to pay close attention to the symptoms and take the necessary remedies to get rid of the problem for good.

In this article, we are going to be discussing about the various natural alternatives for Staph infection that can help get rid of the problem for good.

What is Staph Infection?

What is Staph Infection
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Staph Infection is a form of bacterial infection caused by the infestation of Staphylococcus bacteria. These kinds of bacteria are predominant on our skin and are very hard to detect. Owing to the fact that they are mostly not harmful, there residence on our skin doesn’t affect us in disastrous ways at all times.

But, there are instances when the Staph bacteria tend to invade deeper into the skin, trying to break through the linings. Many even end up entering our bloodstream from where they have the capability of travelling to the major organs of the body, which is often fatal.

When the bacterial delves deeper into the skin, it has the capability of causing lesions, boils and skin infection which cause pain and inflammation and in extreme cases, might even cause discharge of fluids.

What Causes Staph Infection?

What causes Staph Infection
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As mentioned before, the main culprit behind the induction of the staph infection are the bacteria infiltrating the system. There are several types of bacteria in and out of our body but the main one responsible for inducing this condition is the Staphylococcus bacteria.

The symptoms of Staph infection can predominantly range from small boils to several infections that can range to flesh eating infections as well.

There have been reports that some forms of the Staph infection have actually become antibiotic resistant which makes the treatment even more complicated.

Symptoms of Staph Infection

Symptoms of Staph Infection
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When it comes to discussing about the symptoms of Staph Infection, the possibilities are quite vast. There can be visible symptoms that affect our skin to the signs and symptoms we showcase in terms of our overall body functions and metabolism.

If you are here wondering what kind of symptoms you need to look out for, the list is extensive.

Some of the common symptoms of Staph Infection include:

  • Boils
  • Impetigo
  • Cellulitis
  • Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome
  • Food Poisoning
  • Septicemia
  • Toxic shock syndrome
  • Septic arthritis

Home Remedies for Staph Infection?

Home Remedie for Staph Infection

When it comes to the fastest way to cure Staph infection, many people rely on the over the counter remedies. But the catch is that not all of the antibiotics work for the condition. If you are here wondering how to get rid of Staph infection, we have some effective remedies up our sleeves to share with you.

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Check Out These Effective Home Remedies for Staph Infection

1. Epsom Salt for Staph Infection

Epsom Salt for Staph Infection

Epsom salt and its usage in the treatment of infections isn’t something new. The presence of the effective magnesium sulfate in it helps draw out the bacteria and the germs (R) from the infection, thereby helping it heal faster.

The antimicrobial (R) properties along with the effective anti-inflammatory properties also help in reducing the inflammation which further partakes in the cure for Staph infection.

What to do?

  1. To a pint of water, mix 1/4th cup of Epsom Salt
  2. Stir to dissolve everything completely
  3. Using a fresh gauge or bandage, soak it in the salt infused water
  4. Wring out the excess water and place it over the infected area
  5. Gently press it into the skin
  6. Leave it on for 15 minutes
  7. Rinse the area under clean water to get rid of the remnants of the salt water
  8. Dab with a dry towel

How often?

  • Repeat this 2-3 times daily

2. Bleach Bath for Staph Infection

Bleach Bath for Staph Infection
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Bleach Baths are yet another effective remedy for getting rid of staph infection naturally. If you have been consistently suffering from the condition, soaking yourself in the beach bath for 10 minutes can help relieve the condition.

The effective combination of antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory as well as skin moisturizing properties actually do help in getting rid of the bacterial infestation for good.

Even a study (R) has insinuated for a fact that children suffering from eczema, who are given a bleach bath every once in a while have lower risks of developing staph infection.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar for Staph Infection

Apple Cider Vinegar for Staph Infection

When it comes to the treatment for Staph Infection, the possibilities are rather quite complicated. Given the fact that there several strains of the bacteria that are antibiotic resistant, it is often hard to find the correct remedies for the condition.

Apple Cider Vinegar is believed to be an effective remedy for the condition of staph infection, mainly because of the amazing range of antimicrobial (R) and anti-inflammatory (R) properties it possesses.

What to do?

  1. In a deep vesseled bowl, add 2 glasses of water
  2. To that, add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
  3. Mix everything well
  4. Soak a cotton gauge in it and apply that over the infected area, gently pressing it in
  5. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes
  6. Rinse off the area with running water
  7. Tap dry the area with some towel

How often?

  • 1-2 times daily

4. Aloe Vera for Staph Infection

Aloe Vera for Staph Infection

Aloe Vera and its efficacy in treating skin conditions don’t require a separate introduction. Not only does it help cure staph infection at home, it is also effective in preventing it from returning.

The combination of antimicrobial (R), anti-inflammatory (R) as well as skin repairing and healing properties help in driving the infection out.

What to do?

  1. Cut open an aloe vera leaf and extract the pulp out
  2. Make a smooth paste of it
  3. Using clean cotton, apply that over the affected area
  4. Leave it on for 30-40 minutes
  5. Rinse it off once the same has more or less seeped into the skin

How often?

  • 2-3 times daily

5. Rubbing Alcohol for Staph Infection

Rubbing Alcohol for Staph Infection
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The application of rubbing alcohol to cure staph infection without antibiotics is quite effective. The alcohol definitely helps in curing the condition in two distinct ways. The disinfectant properties of the rubbing alcohol help keep the infection from proliferating.

Also, when we use 70% of the rubbing alcohol mix with water, it does have better impacts in comparison to when we use 90% instead.

The water along with the alcohol enters the bacteria and causes the “cidal” (R) effect which helps in not just killing the bacteria in question, it also sterilizes and prevents the bacterial from coming back.

What to do?

  1. Pour some 70% rubbing alcohol on the infected area
  2. Dab it on using some cotton
  3. Clean the area with it completely
  4. If it is stinging a lot, wash it off with water

How often?

  • 1-2 times daily

6. Coconut Oil for Staph Infection

Coconut Oil for Staph Infection

The application of coconut oil to treat Staph Infection at home might not be an ideal thought but it does work wonders. If you are wondering why, it is mainly because of the amazing properties it possesses.

If the staph infection you are suffering from isn’t caused because of the resistant form of the bacteria, the application of coconut oil can successfully be used for getting rid of staph infection naturally.

The combination of the antimicrobial (R) and anti-inflammatory (R) properties of the coconut oil helps in rejuvenating the skin and getting rid of the bacteria that has been creating havoc under the skin.

What to do?

  1. Take some coconut oil in your fingers and apply a thick layer over the infected area
  2. Leave it on for 20 minutes
  3. Wipe off the oil and rinse under water to clean the area completely

How often?

  • 2-3 times daily

7. CBD Oil for Staph Infection

CBD Oil for Staph Infection
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Cannabinoid Oil is yet another one of the effective remedies when it comes to the treatment for a staph infection. If you have paid close attention to the remedies concerning the condition of staph infection, you would know that the main importance is to get rid of the bacterial infestation in the body.

Given the fact that CBD Oil does have beneficial impacts as an antibiotic (R), it is not surprising that it is treated as a viable treatment method for the cure of getting rid of the staph infection. The topical application of the CBD Oil is believed to attack the pathogens, thereby killing them and preventing their proliferations.

What to do?

  1. Apply a thin layer of CBD oil using a cotton swab
  2. Leave it on and let it steep into the skin

How often?

  • 1-2 times daily

8. Colloidal Silver Dosage for Staph Infection

Colloidal Silver Dosage for Staph Infection
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Colloidal Silver is yet another amazing cure for staph infection. If you have been suffering from the staph infection and it is still in its initial stages, it is always best to opt for the administration of colloidal silver.

It is not just vividly full of antimicrobial properties (R) but is also quite beneficial in preventing the further proliferation of the bacterial outgrowth. This is what helps arrest the condition there and helps in recovering it from the quickly.

What to do?

  1. On cotton, pour a few drops of the colloidal silver solution
  2. Dab it over the affected area of the infection
  3. Leave it on for a few minutes
  4. Rinse it off and clean the area with rubbing alcohol if required

How often?

  • Once daily

9. Garlic for Staph Infection

Garlic for Staph InfectionWhen it comes to the home remedies for staph infection, garlic is possibly one of the best options. The active compound in the garlic, Allicin, is loaded with antimicrobial (R) and anti-inflammatory properties (R) which are quite beneficial in getting rid of the bacterium causing the infection.

Consuming garlic has also been regarded to boost the immunity (R) which further helps keep the possibilities of infection at bay.

What to do?

  1. Crush 1-2 cloves of garlic and make a smooth paste
  2. Apply this over the infected area and leave it on for 10 minutes
  3. Cover the area with bandage if required
  4. Rinse off once done and clean the area completely

How often?

  • 1-2 times daily

How Long Does A Staph Infection Last?

How Long Does A Staph Infection Last
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Before we jump straight into speaking of how long a staph infection lasts, it is important to understand a few base grounds of the disease.

While they can’t necessarily be called stages, but the healing process of with the home remedies for staph infection depends on the kind of severity of the condition.

  • For the most part, the infection can kick off with something as common as a boil on the skin to something as severe as flesh eating infection. This is the primary reason why it is important to be very assertive of the symptoms and reach out to a doctor if needed.

The difference between how has the one can treat staph infection at home depends on what kind of stage the condition is in and the kind of proliferation it is undergoing. Majority of the times, there have been reports suggesting the infection being induced by antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. These virulent forms of bacteria are often very hard to treat and thus prolong the healing process as well.

  • That being said, there are also a number of times when the condition can arrest itself in the stages of the boils and not proliferate from there. If that is the condition, it can effective get cured within a matter of 10-20 days with the correct administration of remedies.

If you are suffering from the condition that predominantly known as the Cellulitis, chances are that you might end up taking a bit more when it comes to healing. It is treatable with antibiotics and is quite effective in getting cured over time.

  • People diagnosed with diabetes and weaker immune systems tend to take more time when it comes to healing.

How Does the Staph Infection Spread?

How does the Staph Infection spread
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As mentioned before, the Staphylococcus bacteria are present in our skin only. While some are dormant and don’t inflict any kind of skin infections, the virulent streaks of the bacteria tend to have negative impacts on the body, causing infections and other forms of skin diseases.

When it comes to the spreading of the disease, the process can be quite extensive and quite common at the same time. Direct skin to skin contact with the carrier or even touching any object infected with the staph bacteria can cause the induction of the infection.

Not just that, the staph infection has the capability of entering the body through a cut or any form of wound as well. If you witness any kind of severe symptoms, it is quite necessary to reach out to a doctor to get the problem checked out from the root itself. If the MSRA strain of bacteria enters the bloodstream, chances are that it will end up affecting the major organs of the body.

How to Prevent Staph Infection?

How to prevent Staph Infection

When it comes to preventing staph infection (R), the precautions are anything one would necessarily need for the overall prevention of any form of infection in the body.

Some of the cautious precautionary methods include:

  • Ensure that you are washing your hands and legs with soap and water every time you come home from outside. This is precautionary to ensure that you get rid of as much as of the microbes from the body that you have carried around from the outside of the house.
  • Shower every day at least once to get rid of any remnants of sweat and bacterial growth and proliferation in the body. It is always suggested to pay extra attention to the intimate areas of the body and the folds and crevices too because those areas are the most prone to the outgrowth of the Staph bacteria. If you are an athlete or you just returned from the gym, shower immediately after.
  • Avoid using other people’s personal items like clothes, towels etc. to ensure that you don’t necessarily contract any form of infection that could be on those belongings. It is always best to ensure that you always carry your own essentials out to avoid mixing things up.
  • If you have fresh wounds and cuts, it is always best advised to keep them covered, either with bandage or even cotton to avoid entry of the bacteria into the wound which has the capability of inducing infection and making the wound worse by delaying the overall healing process.

When Does a Staph Infection Require Hospitalization?

When does a Staph infection require hospitalization
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As mentioned before, the severity of the staph infection and the process of getting rid of staph infection naturally doesn’t always pan out the way we want them to. If you are on the receiving end of the severe grounds of signs and symptoms, it is important to ensure that you assess the situation at hand and seek medical help without a shadow of a doubt.

  • It is often hard to detect whether or not the affecting bacteria in question are antibiotic resistant or something that has already affected and entered your bloodstream. Bacterial colonization in the bloodstream can be fatal for the person because the same can end up affecting your overall health.
  • If the visible symptoms of the infection are more than that of simple boils and are branching out to even worse conditions, it is beneficial to opt for immediate medical attention to get the problem checked out. God forbid but if the strain turns out to be the one that induces flesh eating infections, chances are that it will end up affecting your overall health.
  • Taking immediate action in case of Staph Infection is important because ignoring it can often end up inducing fatal conditions too.

The home remedies for staph infection are quite effective if done in the initial stages. If you find the natural alternations for staph infection not working out the way you would prefer it to, it is very important to seek medical help. Staph Infections can attack the special organs of the body and the last thing you want is to be infected to a point where it becomes fatal for your health.