11 Healthy Wall Sit Benefits – Strengthen Your Lower Body!

11 Healthy Wall Sit Benefits

Are you looking for a simple yet effective lower body workout that can boost you up? Try wall sit ups. It is amazing how wall sit benefits can improve your lower body.

Wall sit ups is an easy exercise. You just need to take the support of a wall, squat in a seated position, and stay there for a few seconds until you can hold yourself. The wall sit ups is good for your glutes, hams, and quads. Most of the runners, athletes, and body builders enjoy the wall sit benefits.

If you are keen on learning about wall sit benefits, read this article and get all the details of what you’ve been looking for.

What Are The Benefits of Wall Sit Exercises?

Here is what you need to know about the best miracles of wall sit exercises!

No 1 – Good For Lumbar Stability

Good For Lumbar Stability

Wall sit exercise even benefits the lumbar region(R) and this goes unnoticed most of the time. In this workout, you’d need to squat straight and maintain a straight posture.

No 2 – Aids Weight Loss

Aids Weight Loss

An effective means to losing weight is by burning those extra calories in your body. By doing wall sit, you will certainly lose weight. In fact this is one of the best wall sit benefits for runners or even all of us who don’t workout otherwise.

Although you don’t have much movement while doing this exercise, this modified squat will support your knees and help you burn calories by making you sweat out. This low impact exercise is going to be fun.

It is difficult to accurately estimate the number of calories you will burn with wall sit because other factors like metabolism, hereditary, and your lifestyle come into the picture. However, if you wall-sit for 10 minutes, you are likely to burn around 30 calories.

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No 3 – Improves Ab Strength

Improves Ab StrengthOne of the best miracles of wall sit exercise is it strengthens your abs in the best way possible.

As mentioned earlier, wall sit ups is modified squatting and if squats have never ditched your abs, even the wall sit exercise will give your abs all the strength it needs.

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No 4 – Enhances Flexibility

Enhances FlexibilityAthletes need to be flexible in order to achieve their fitness target. Did you know? One of the wall sit benefits for athletes is that of improved flexibility?

The moment you get into the modified squat position, your feet muscles get flexible over time. Initially, your legs will shiver and you might feel like giving up. Don’t do that, wait for your muscles to get flexible and stronger. Gradually, your legs will start getting stronger.

No 5 – Improves Muscle Strength

Improves Muscle Strength

Body movement gets easy when you have strong muscles. You can enjoy a sport or an activity when your muscles are flexible and robust. Did you know that one of the wall sit benefits is that of boosting strength in your muscles?

When you bring your body down and hold that position for a few seconds or minutes, all the stress goes on your quads and calves, thus making it an effective workout for strong muscles. Mainly, it is the area from your thighs to the foot that gets strengthened.

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No 6 – Strengthens Calf Muscles

Strengthens Calf Muscles

Among a list of the best wall sit benefits, achieving strong calf muscles is yet another interesting point. With strength in your calf muscles, your legs tend to get so strong that you’d be able to perform intense workouts.

For example, you can do leg press and several others without any difficulty. If you go to see, this is one of the best wall sit benefits for runners and athletes too.

No 7 – Simple And Fun

Simple And Fun

When a workout is fun and simple, you will not mind trying it often. Especially if you are someone who likes to keep away from workouts because you have to follow many steps, then you are going to find wall sit ups really easy.

No 8 – Builds Stamina

Builds Stamina

To build stamina, a form of isometric workout will serve the purpose. Wall sit ups is that perfect workout. It works miracles on your lower body by strengthening the quadriceps and improving muscle strength.

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No 9 – Helps You Focus Better

Helps You Focus Better

Wall sit ups might look easy but to practice it is slightly challenging. The reason it gets challenging is because you have to focus on your posture and keep motivating yourself to stay there.

For instance, chances are that you might slip or lose balance while trying to remain seated. So, in order to keep that balance and stay where you are, you will need to improve on your concentration levels.

No 10 – Tones Your Butt

Tones Your Butt

The most desirable and interesting wall sit benefit is that of getting toned butts. Surprising, isn’t it? If you are tired of flat butts, it is time to get them in shape by regularly doing wall sit ups. Just imagine how well your flat butt will get rounder and super toned.

No 11 – Good For Your Bones

Good For Your Bones

Wall sit ups are even good for your bones. As bones provide a structure and take good care of your organs, it is essential for them to be strong.

It is amazing how one of the wall sit benefits does good to your muscles and bones at the same time.

If you want to avoid problems such as osteoporosis, arthritis, or brittle bone diseases, you should make it a point to regularly do wall sit ups.

How To Do A Wall Sit Exercise?

Wall sit push ups are fun and challenging. All you need is a wall to lean on and the willingness to complete this workout.

Follow these instructions to make the most of the wall sit ups benefits!

  • Find a flat wall to rest your back on. Make sure you push your lower back and shoulders too.
  • Keep your body straight, firmly place your feet on the ground and slightly spread it apart.
  • Tighten your core muscles, drag your back down the wall, and bend your legs until you feel the strain on your knees or any part of your leg. See to it that your knees are directly above the ankle.
  • Stay in this position for 30 seconds to a minute. When you begin, it is enough if you can even stay in this position for 20-30 seconds.
  • Let both your palms rest on the wall.
  • Just as you dragged your back down, with the same pace, drag it up and stand straight.


If you wish to utilize wall sit benefits for bodybuilding, you can try a variation in the wall sit exercise.

No 1 – Inverted Wall Sit

Inverted Wall Sit

Even inverted wall sit benefits the body in numerous ways. It soothes tired legs and treats cramps, eliminates back pain, calms the mind, and it is an effective stretching workout.


  • Stay close to a wall. Roll a mat on the floor.
  • Lie down on your back, lift your legs up, and make sure it is in a 90 degree angle.
  • Place your hands on your tummy or stretch it out.
  • See to it that from your butt to the heels your body is stuck to the wall.
  • Stay in this position for a minute or two

You can perform this wall sit variation three times a week.

No 2 – Wall Sit for biceps

Wall Sit for bicepsThis wall sit benefits your lower body and arms.


  • Fill up a bottle of water.
  • Get into the wall sit position.
  • Stretch your arms forward and with both your hands, hold the bottle in front of you.
  • Look straight, lift it above your head and bring it to the chest level.

You can perform this wall sit variation everyday.

No 3 – Wall Sit for your toes

Wall Sit for your toes

  • Get into the wall sit posture.
  • Lift your left heel above the ground, stay there for a few seconds, and bring it down.
  • Lift your right heel above the ground, stay there for a few seconds, and bring it down.
  • Now, lift both your heels above the ground, stay there for a few seconds, and bring it down.

You can perform this wall sit variation everyday.

No 4 – Wall Sit for your thighs

Wall Sit for your thighs

Wall sit variation is anyway good for your lower body. However, if you want an intensified workout for your thighs, you should try this variation.


Get into the wall sit posture.

Lift your left leg up and make sure it is in a 90 degree angle right above the ground.

Stay there for 1 minute and repeat the same procedure with your right leg too.

Things to keep in mind!

If you want the amazing health benefits of wall sit exercises to work on your body. Keep these points in mind. .

  1. Make sure to rest your back on the wall.
  2.  See to it that your core muscles are tight.
  3.  Your hips and knees should be aligned in a 90 degree angle.
  4. Spread your feet as much as the width of your shoulders.
  5.  If you don’t want to rest your back directly on the wall, place a stability ball and then rest your back on it to complete the wall sit exercise.

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Doing Wall Sit Exercises

  1. While doing wall sit ups, at times, the knees tend to get extended beyond your ankles. You should avoid this mistake. Keep in mind to have your knees and ankles in one line.
  2. Bent thighs is another common mistake everyone makes. That being said, make it a point to keep your thighs in a 90 degree angle.
  3.  Many a times, pressure is applied on your toes. You should avoid doing this and be comfortable by even placing your sole on the ground.

Who Should Avoid Wall Sit-Ups?

No doubt, wall sit benefits are interesting, but you should even know that it is not meant for individuals having severe pain in their knees.

If there is pain in your knees but you are confident that you can do this exercise with a knee cap, then consult your doctor and see if that’s possible.


To all the fitness lovers out there, hope these 11 wall sit benefits are compelling and motivating to improve your upper and lower body.

Wall sit ups don’t come along with too many steps, but holding your body in that position is enough to strengthen your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Interestingly, these wall sit benefits for runners, athletes, and body builders can even do good to individuals who don’t exercise regularly.