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What Your Foot Shape Says About Your Personality? 9 Interesting Answers!

What Your Foot Shape Says About Your Personality? 9 Interesting Answers!

Before you proceed, I want you to extend your legs out and analyze the shape of your foot.

What kind do you have?

Is the second finger beside the foot longer?

Do you have a very weird looking toe?

Knowing these can help you get a clearer answer on what your foot shape says about your personality.

Foot ancestry is a concept that has been in works for decades. While some believe in its authenticity, some don’t.

If you are someone who believes the shape of your foot and toes says a lot about your personality, this is the right article for you.

Without further ado, let us take a quick look at what your foot shape says about your personality, shall we?

What Does Your Foot Shape Say About Your Personality?

What does your foot shape say about your personalityRemember what we asked you to do in the first sentence of this article? Did you analyze what kind of foot shape you have?

If yes, refer to the image shown below to check what kind of foot shape you have.

check what kind of foot shape you have

To be fair, there are several feet shapes but there are four major ones that are considered standard.

The four types include the following:

  • The Common foot
  • The Flame foot
  • The Square foot
  • The Stretched foot

These are the basic ones but there are a few more that you most definitely can look into.

To help you gauge your foot ancestry, we are going to be sharing some of the common insights on the same.

1. When You Have the Common Foot

When you have the Common footCommon foot, otherwise known as the Roman foot is a very common foot shape. According to a few statistical reports, around 20-25% of the population across the world has Roman foot shape.

People with such a foot shape are believed to have a very balanced and proportionate body features.

Additionally, people with such foot shape are believed to be extrovert. They are not just outgoing but are easy to talk to. They like experiencing new things in life and adventure is their last name.

People who roman foot are also believed to be travellers who like to explore new places. They like to experience new forms of culture and traditions around them as well.

2. When You Have the Egyptian Toe

When you have the Egyptian toe

51.7% of the world population has an Egyptian style foot shape.

This foot shape is characterized by a long toe with tapered fingers down the side. Often, the tapered angle is 45 degrees.

But, unlike the roman foot, people with Egyptian foot shape like to be treated like how Queen Cleopatra was. They like to be pampered 24×7.

They aren’t necessarily narcissists but they do have a “superior” feeling about themselves.

Even with that kind of a need for attention, they are good beings with a compassionate heart. They are friendly and can help people when they are stuck in a pickle.

If you have been wondering what your foot shape says about your personality, this is how people interpret you if you have an Egyptian foot shape.

3. When You Have the Square Foot

When you have the Square foot

You will find very rare people having a square foot shape. In this type, the first four fingers of the feet are of the same length followed by a smaller finger in the end.

This is not a foot shape that you will come across every day. It is also termed as the “peasant foot”.

People with such a foot shape are believed to have a very calm and collected personality.

They are someone who likes to know more about things and then analyze the details before finalizing their thoughts.

They like to think things through before they conclude for that.

4. When You Have the Flame Foot

When you have the Flame foot

Also often termed as the “Greek foot”, even this is a rare type of foot shape noticed in just 5-10% of the world population.

The foot shape is characterized by the presence of the second toe beside the big toe being longer in comparison.

People with this kind of foot shape are believed to have a very optimistic personality.

Even if they face struggles, they fight through them and keep a positive outlook on things. They will likely have complaints too but they learn to look at the bigger picture in the end.

People with Flame foot often find it hard to find a good shoe that fits perfectly.

5. When You Have an Extremely Tiny Pinky

When you have an extremely tiny pinky

Pinkies are anyways the smallest finger on the foot but what if you have an extremely small pinky in comparison?

This foot shape is compared a lot similar to the Egyptian toe but there are some differences to it.

Often, people with such a foot shape are believed to have a very open and outgoing personality.

But, these kinds of people are also believed to be secretive about certain instances in their life. It is tough to say what kind of topics they are secretive about but there will be things that they avoid or try to not talk about.

In general, they are good people and don’t have a bad personality overall.

6. When Your Toe is the Biggest in the Foot

When your toe is the biggest in the footToes on the feet are generally the longest, except for the Greek foot shape. If you have a longer toe in your foot, the same can say a lot about your personality.

People who have a bigger toe in comparison to the other fingers, they are believed to be smart and creative.

Not only do they like to explore new things in life they are also always open to try and fail. You have a very different perspective on life and the world surrounding you.

People like these are not necessarily overachievers but they can sometimes lose the hindsight of their goals in life.

Additionally, the complete opposite of that, meaning that you have a shorter thumb in comparison, means that you are good at multitasking things.

7. When You Have a Stretched Foot

When you have a stretched foot

The Stretched foot is a foot shape wherein the toes are fused along with the big toe that tapers down towards the top.

If you are wondering what this foot shape says about personality, the options are pretty extensive.

These kinds of people are very introverted and shy. They like to keep things to themselves and often come off as a secretive person.

They are also believed to have dynamic and fluctuating moods and can act on impulse. They also tend to have issues with their temper and can react out badly when provoked.

8. When You Have WideSet Toes

When you have wide-set toes

If you have no issues with the nail polish sticking to the adjoining toe, you likely have have wide-set toes. This type of foot shape is characterized by a considerable gap in between the toes, especially between the big toe and the second toe.

These kinds of toes are found in travellers. People with such a toe shape have been found to incline towards travelling and exploring new places.

They are the kind of people who like exploring new spots and adventures and adding memory to their pages of life.

They are found the happiest when they are out in the world, exploring new spots.

9. When you Have a Longer Fourth Toe

When you have a longer fourth toeAs weird as it sounds, there are people who have a longer fourth toe. It is a rare occurrence but it is something a few people have.

While there is not much said about such a foot shape, it is believed that these kinds of people are very attached and rooted in their families.

They always take care of the well being of their family and like to ensure their best health and happiness.

On the contrary, people with a shorter fourth toe are considered the ones who don’t a very close-knit relationship with their family. They are the ones who try and distance themselves from their families.

Does Having a Big Toe Have Any Spiritual Meaning and Connections?

Does having a big toe have any spiritual meaning and connectionsThe term “Big Toe Spiritual Meaning” is not something random but does have a meaning to it.

Even though there are no specific scientific explanations behind the same, it is believed that the big toe connects to the fifth element of a human body’s spirit, Ether.

This element is beyond the visibility of the human world and is an intangible force.

Since the Big Toe is believed to connect with Ether, any kind of pain or discomfort with that could indicate an underlying issue.

Often, spiritual experts also suggest saying that blisters on the big toe could also highlight an unseen force from an external source.

One of the most questionable facts about the connection between big toe and spirituality is when the toe is curled up towards the sky. Experts believe that people who experience that are very spiritually oriented.

Does Foot Shape Say Anything About Ancestry?

Does foot shape say anything about ancestryWith the rise in genealogy studies, more and more companies are coming out with their DNA kit to help assess people’s ancestry.

It has created a rave in the market.

But, how feet can tell your ancestry? This is a question that many people have asked. And, to be honest, it doesn’t.

Science suggests that there is no correlation between the foot shape and size in indicating your ancestry. That is not how things work.

You will come across several ancestry websites claiming the correlation between your foot shape and ancestry when that is not a fact.

No evidence tells that the foot shape is significant in concluding about one’s ancestry.

Human feet are subject to a person’s body shape and their birth history. Experts suggest that even the left and right feet aren’t identical in individuals.

This is enough of a reason why one needs to understand that there is no relation between your foot shape and ancestry, especially when there is science involved.

Morton’s Toe and Intelligence

Mortons toe and Intelligence

Is your second toe longer than your big toe?

If that is the case, chances are that you have heard people telling you that it indicates better intelligence, doesn’t it?

But, what is the correlation between the two?

Also termed as Morton’s toe, this foot shape is common in individuals with a longer metatarsal which makes the second toe longer than the first one.

Even though people do believe that such people are geniuses and have a brain of an Einstein, there is no scientific evidence to back up those claims.

So, if you are wondering about what does it mean to have a longer second toe, it doesn’t necessarily mean you a higher IQ.

Answering what your foot shape says about your personality can be a tough call. To be honest, there is no specific scientific study to back up these claims. But, there have been generalized studies overlooking thousands of subjects following which these conclusions have been drawn. Then again, personalities are subject to change and can vary from person to person and have nothing standard as claimed.