Benefits And Limitations of Chinese Garlic

Chinese garlic

Garlic is indeed a health-friendly herb which is required by the body if consumed in limited quantities like it is highly useful for cold treatment. Most of the garlic, which is distributed all around the globe, comes from China and it is considered beneficial. There are various Chinese garlic benefits such as weight loss as well as relief from acid reflux or heartburn.

However, according to some new studies, garlic from China is not considered good and some moderation is needed over the consumption of garlic, according to the experts.

Here we have tried to provide all the important information about whether you should consume Chinese garlic or not. Read on to get full details about the benefits as well as side effects of Chinese garlic.

Is Chinese garlic safe to eat?

Before we get further on this topic, it is important to understand that even though countries produce garlic, most of the garlic which is distributed all around the globe come from China. It is important to take good care while consuming garlic from China. Otherwise, it may result in various severe health conditions.

It is highly easy to identify the garlic from China. To recognize, just look at the bottom of the garlic. If its roots are removed and have left an empty, then it is definitely a Chinese garlic. If roots are present then that garlic has been harvested from different sources.

It is considered that the Chinese traders remove the roots of the garlic to make them lightweight. However, it is not a perfect way to identify garlic from China. Other traders might do the same for economical purposes. But this is the easy way you can identify the garlic from China.  Apart from this, Chinese garlic also feels slightly metallic in taste. Some other ways to identify garlic from China are,

  • The garlic from local farmers will be more bulbous than Chinese garlic, which will be lighter.
  • According to the experts, local garlic scores well in Brix flavor measurement, which garlic from China scores only 28 of total 40.

In the United States, around 80% of Garlic comes from China and the rest is manufactured in California. The quality of Californian garlic is considered much better than the Chinese herb.

Garlic comes from China

Chinese herbThe garlic from China is not considered safe as the farmers in China uses various pesticides which are illegal to use. These pesticides include parathion and phorate, which are banned by various countries. These pesticides are used to harvest crops to save efforts and time. You should keep in mind that both the pesticides are considered highly toxic to the body.

The soil of farms in China is also a severe cause of concern, According to the report, it has been found that most of the Chinese soil is mixed with metals such as cadmium and arsenic along with the high amount of various harmful fertilizers as well as pesticides. The water in the rivers of China is also contaminated with the household waste as well as harmful chemicals released by industries.

It is better to purchase garlic from the local farmers or you can also grow the garlic at your home, which is considered highly safe.

What are the best ways to use garlic?

What are the best ways to use garlic

The best way to use garlic to get its important benefits is to use it in every food while preparing. It is a beneficial spice and has been used in various cultures as an amazing health remedy for various health conditions. Some of the major benefits of garlic are listed below.

● Prevents diabetes side effects

Apart from the absence of insulin, diabetes also causes various other side effects. Diabetes affects the functioning of kidneys, causes various heart disorders as well as poor eyesight. The use of extracted oil from garlic is considered highly useful.

● Reduces cholesterol levels

Garlic, which is high in allicin compounds, work really well in reducing the LDL or bad cholesterol and prevents it from oxidizing. Garlic should be included in the diet to reduce the high cholesterol level, which can cause various problems.

● Hypertension

Garlic is a classic herb which is also useful in curing the problem of hypertension. Allicin compounds in garlic are helpful in relaxing the pressure in the blood vessel. It is helpful in reducing platelet aggregation and counters thrombosis.

● Heals Infected wounds

Garlic provides herbal treatment if placed on infected wounds. It is recommended to use it with a small amount of water instead of using directly in its raw form. Using it without water may cause skin irritation due to undiluted oil.

● Acne

Acne is the most common condition and affects almost all people sometimes in their life. You can use garlic along with various other health-friendly ingredients such as honey, turmeric as well as a cream to heal the acne scars and also to prevent the development of acne on the skin. Garlic also contains a various important antibiotic substance to provide smooth to the skin rashes.

● Treats sexual problems

Garlic is also considered as an aphrodisiac in nature and helps in regulating sexual desires. Various health benefits of garlic are also known to increase the level of libido in both men as well as women. It is recommended to consume garlic in their diet or in supplement form if you are suffering from sexual problems.

What are side effects and safety tips of using Chinese garlic?

safety tips of using Chinese garlic

Even though garlic consumption is good for your health, you should not consume it beyond the limits. It is considered safe to eat a whole bulb of garlic in a day in various forms such as in juices or meals. Consumption of garlic beyond its required amount can cause,

  • Sleeplessness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Skin irritation such as inflammation or blisters

Special precaution and warning of Chinese garlic

warning of Chinese garlic

It is recommended that people suffering from garlic allergy should never consume garlic even in small amounts. For others, although garlic consumption is safe and considered as non-toxic, it should be in moderation. It is also important to eat garlic after the consultation with your doctor if you are suffering from health conditions listed below.

  • Brittle diabetes
  • Insomnia
  • Pemphigus
  • Impending surgery
  • While consuming blood-thinning medications
  • Dehydration
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Acute inflammation
  • Organ transplant

Garlic can also interfere with certain other medications in the body due to its strong effect on various important functions such as immune, metabolic as well as circulatory. You should also avoid the consumption of garlic at least a week before undergoing surgery to confirm quality blood clotting. Remember, garlic is a blood thinner, which can create problems while clotting and may result into excess loss of blood.

By Prajakt K.