Balanced Diet Chart For Good Health

Balanced diet chart

A balanced diet must be your top priority during your mealtime. You can follow a balanced diet chart for eating the right way. Eating too many carbohydrates and fat and not taking protein or the opposite might make you unhealthy and obese. You might be prone to health risks too.

Eating meals in proportions are the right way to eat. Your health can be controlled from the bad effects of bad way of eating. By maintaining a proper balance in the diet, you can make yourself strong, fit, healthy and energetic. A balanced diet chart can guide to the best way of eating.

Before going into the balanced diet chart, let us take a glance at some advice that comes in handy to you.

Balanced Diet Chart

1Do not starve

Some believe that staving can be a good way to weight reduction, but that is false. Reduction in the number of calories all of a sudden can lower your metabolism and it can take the body into fat storage mode. Starving and reducing weight is not advisable at all.

2Calorie intake differs with factors

Calorie intake depends on age, sex, lifestyle and level of physical activity. It is essential to consume required amounts of calories for body growth.

For adult women around 1200 calories are needed. For men, around 1800 calories are needed in general. Due to reductions in metabolic rates with age, the amount of calories decreases.

For young children, around 1,000 calories are needed. For older children and adolescents, around 1,400 calories are needed, with boys needing higher calories than girls.

If you are active, you need more calories. If moderately active, it can be lesser. If you are too inactive and lack physical activity, your calorie intake might have to be reduced.

3Consume right

Make suitable changes to diet and lifestyle that can contribute to a fit body. Try replacing milk bread with brown bread or whole grain bread. Avoid having rich fatty desert and have fruit salad for your desert.

Replace white sugar with brown sugar. Instead of sodas and soft drinks or more cups of coffee, try drinking fruit juices or smoothies. These tips can be a way to maintain a fit body. Otherwise wrong way of consumption can cause imbalances in your body.

To keep away from unnecessary fat that might accumulate in the body or to be fit and healthy, you need a balanced diet chart. The following balanced diet chart, when kept in mind, can help you achieve the best physique and body.

4Amount of calories per day

It is important to know how many calories you have consumed during the day since it can burn the same systematically. You can easily burn calories you had consumed during the day. Take a diet plan like for 1200 calories, so that you may keep a check on the calorie intake.

5Your mealtime

We generally eat three big meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner. But a long gap between your meals can make you eat between the meals. It is good to divide your meals into five portions with breakfast as the main meal of the day. It can be followed by morning snack, lunch, an evening snack and dinner. You can eat a balanced diet with a low – calorie lunch, morning snack and dinner ideas.

See to it that you have a gap of 3 hours between each meal. If it is more than 3 hours it increases the cortisol ( a stress hormone)levels, that signals the body to store more fat. Eating small meals can keep the cortisol levels in control. It helps in the reduction of the belly fat too. Staying hungry due to long gap between meals can make you weak and lazy. Maintaining proper mealtime can help digestion, as well as help in weight loss.

6Physical activities during the day

The activities that you do during the day help in weight reduction in an effective manner. It will help in consuming calories as per your physical activities too. If you do not take part in physical activities then you must not consume more than 1200 calories. Those who have much physical, activities during the day need not consume more calories. Get at least 150 minutes of physical activity if you are having a sedentary life style.

Include healthy food in your diet that can help you achieve good results on health. Always include healthy and nutritious food in your diet and also check if it is balanced or not. Do not forget that your body needs nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Include foods that contain low carb, protein and fiber like vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

7Do not skip proteins

Proteins are known to be the building blocks of the body. They help in muscle growth and repair. A lack of protein in diet can lead to muscle deterioration, organ failure and heart problems.The best sources of protein are meat, poultry eggs and seafood.

8Include dairy

Dairy products like skimmed milk, low – fat yogurt, cottage cheese are the dairy products you should include in your diet. They are the best source of calcium.Lack of calcium can lead to bone disease. Three portions of dairy are recommended every day.

Hence a balanced diet can be the best way to keep good health as it balances food requirements.By following this balanced diet chart, you can improve your health and reduce weight and keep fit.

By Pradeepa Polineni