8 Simple Exercises To Relieve Constipation

8 Simple Exercises To Relieve Constipation

Constipation is an extremely common stomach condition. It is treatable with proper diet, home remedies and a healthy lifestyle. But do not skip exercising as it is the most important thing to help ease constipation. You must try yoga and other cardio exercises to relieve constipation.

The yoga exercises are simple to practice everyday along with the breathing patterns. Cardio exercises are the best to activate body movements. And these exercises are effective to treat irritable bowel syndrome. They are to aid in relieving the stool or gas and clear other stomach conditions like bloating, digestion. You can include these easy exercises to your daily routine. A 30 minute brisk workout for constipation is the best treatment.

We have given you a list of best yoga exercises to treat constipation naturally. If you have the digestion problem or improper bowel movement then you can start practicing the below exercises right from today. However, these are the effective exercises for your overall health. So, why would you miss such benefitting activity?

Which Are The Best Exercises To Ease Constipation Naturally?

1.Half spinal twist

Half spinal twist

This is a simple exercise to give you relief from constipation. As you twist your body to sides, this can give a proper movement to clear the digestive tract. This is an exercise that lets poop out and also a workable one that strengthens your spine. The exercise is quite easy to practice for beginners with clear instructions. While you twist your body, you must be gentle and then try to master the exercise with regular practice.

Steps to practice

  1. Start with a sitting position stretching out your legs.
  2. Place your right foot on the floor and in front of the left leg.
  3. Your left leg must be close to your pelvis region.
  4. Hold your right knee with your left hand.
  5. Then place your right hand on the floor for support.
  6. Gently twist your face towards your right shoulder.
  7. Hold the pose for 5 seconds and relax.
  8. Switch the sides with the same steps as above.

2.Cobra pose

Cobra pose

This yoga pose is to allow digestion and bowel movement. Not only constipation but also helps with other symptoms relatively. If you have gastric problems then this simple exercise can be a good treatment. You can get relief from the conditions without any twisting hence one of the easy exercises that you must practice.

Steps to practice

  1. Lie on your tummy by pointing out your toes.
  2. Press your palms into the floor under your shoulders.
  3. Engage your leg and abdominal muscles while lifting your head up.
  4. Curl your neck backwards and lift your shoulders up.
  5. Hold the pose taking normal breaths for several times
  6. Then relax your lower body on the floor and repeat again.

3.Wind relief pose

Wind relief pose

You are applying pressure on your tummy with your knees tucking in. This can move the stool down and ease constipation. It also helps receive gas that is caused by constipation. You can practice this exercise everyday morning in order to get rid of constipation.

Steps.to practice

  1. Start the exercise by lying down on your back.
  2. Raise your legs together towards your chest.
  3. Hold your legs and hold the position for 10 seconds.
  4. Then relax and repeat the exercise for 4-5 times.

4. The bow pose

The bow pose

While you are pressing your stomach into the floor you can push the stool down. It allows letting the poop out with gentle pressure. This simple exercise is great to get rid of constipation and also aids in blood circulation with a good stretch in the body.

Steps to practice

  1. Lie on your tummy and stretch out your legs.
  2. Bend your knees to easily reach the foot with hands.
  3. Grab your foot with the help of hands.
  4. Inhale and lift your chest by looking up to the ceiling.
  5. At this step you will feel stretch in your legs and arms.
  6. Now hold the position for 10 seconds.
  7. Relax your knees, hands and the body gently.
  8. Now repeat the steps for 2-3 times.

5.Adamant pose

Adamant pose

Adamant pose is another simple exercise to alleviate constipation. It gets your rectal muscles into a neutral position which promotes constipation relief. Here are the steps you can take to practice this yoga pose as part of your daily routine.

Steps to practice

  1. Sit in a kneeling position and place your plans on the thighs.
  2. Straighten your spine and open your chest.
  3. Head up, keep your shoulders straight.
  4. Hold the pose while focusing on your breath and relax.
  5. Repeat the exercise again for 3-5 times.

6.Deep squat pose

Deep squat pose

A deep squat pose allows your super body to move a little more forward which applies pressure on your tummy and aids in relieving constipation. If you have trouble passing the stool or gas often then this is the best exercise to practice. The low squat has the benefits like strengthening your quads and legs. It builds your core and makes the lower body stronger.

Steps to practice

  1. Start with your feet wider than hip width apart.
  2. Squat to the lowest possible by gedung your knees.
  3. Let your hips relax and lower your butt closer to the floor.
  4. Hold the deep squat pose till it creates a stretch.
  5. Relax and repeat the pose for 5-10 times.

7.Forward lunge

Forward lunge

Another exercise to treat constipation is forward lunge which allows your stomach to engage in movements. This exercise enables a twist at the torso which encourages the bowel movement. Lowering and raising your body can unfold your muscles. It is a relaxing exercise to add to your morning routine.

Steps to practice

  1. Keep your upper body straight with a standing position.
  2. Back your shoulders and chin up. Keep your shoulders relaxed.
  3. Spot an object and stare at it but don’t keep looking down.
  4. Now engage your core and step right leg in front lowering your hips.
  5. Keep both your knees bent at 90 degree angle.
  6. The front knee must be above the ankle and the other knee must be off the floor.
  7. Balance all your weight on the heels while you return to the starting position.
  8. Repeat the above steps for 5 times and switch the legs.

8. Cat and cow pose

Cat and cow pose

Cat and cow pose creates an effective movement that eases constipation. If there is any Build up in the

digestive tract then this position can clear it and you will get rid of the stomach problems that come along with constipation. You can even practice this simple yoga exercise every morning to reduce gastric problems. This pose is associated with other benefits like good mental health, increasing body flexibility.

Steps to practice

  1. Come on to your fours on the floor.
  2. Place your palms and knees on the floor comfortably.
  3. Engage your core and start the exercise by gently exhaling.
  4. While exhaling tuck in your tail with the help of abdominal muscles.
  5. Now push your head downwards closer to your chest.
  6. Hold the pose for 10 seconds and relax.
  7. Now inhale while increasing the arch in the middle of your body.
  8. Head up towards the ceiling and hold the pose for 10 seconds.
  9. Relax and repeat the two poses for 5 times.

If you are looking to get rid of constipation then workout can be one of the effective options. You must be taking care of your diet and lifestyle, habits accompanied with a brisk workout. You have the exercises that help relieve constipation allowing your digestive system to work better. These exercises also aid in easing the stomach conditions like gas, digestion and bloating.