All You Need to Know About Oatmeal Bath

oatmeal bath

Oatmeal bath has been considered as one of the best options to solve various health problems since a long time. You can provide this oatmeal bath to your babies or take for yourself to counter skin problems and issues. Oatmeal is highly good to counter skin problems such as itchy and dry skin.

Even though you can use various products containing oatmeal to treat your skin diseases, taking an oatmeal bath for yourself can prove as an amazing health remedy.

Here, we have tried to provide all the important information regarding the remedy of oatmeal bath along with its various benefits. Read on to know more about the ingredients as well as process to prepare and provide effective oatmeal bath to yourself.

Ingredients for oatmeal bath

oatmeal bath

There are some of the important ingredients which you need to make an effective oatmeal bath for yourself. Some of the major ingredients for the oatmeal bath are as follows.

  • Food processor, coffee grinder, blender
  • Warm water
  • Oatmeal, 1 cup. You can use unflavored instant oatmeal, quick oats along with slow cooking oats.
  • Muslin bag, cheesecloth to grind the oatmeal finely.

How to Make an oatmeal bath

make oatmeal bath

Important steps, you need to take to make an effective oatmeal bath are as follows.

  • Make a very fine, consistent powder of oatmeal by grinding it in the coffee grinder, food processor or a grinder.
  • Now add the powder in a glass of water after tasting it carefully. Mix the ground oats fully so that it can mix well in the water.
  • You should ground the oatmeal enough till it forms a substance looking similar to milk and having a silky feel.
  • If the white substance is not formed, ground the oatmeal even finer until you get the milky solution with an amazing silky feel.
  • You can also put the ungrounded oatmeal in the tub if you are having difficulties in grounding the oatmeal for a longer period of time. However, if you don’t want to clean your bathtub after bathing, it is recommended to avoid this.

How to Take an oatmeal bath

oatmeal bath

Follow the steps given below to provide oatmeal bath to yourself or your loved ones.

  • Mix the oatmeal in the running warm water in the bathtub and stir it well with the help of your hand for proper mixing.
  • Break any oatmeal which you find and mix it well in the water.
  • Now enter the bathtub and soak in it for 15-20 minutes.
  • You can rinse some oatmeal water on your skin.
  • If you are having an oatmeal bag, you can have a hot bath of the temperature according to your choice. Avoid using water which is too hot in the temperature.
  • While taking your child out of the oatmeal bath be careful as the skin will become more slippery. Using towels can be highly useful
  • You can have an oatmeal bath twice or once every day or according to the dosage prescribed by your doctor.

Benefits of Oatmeal Bath

Benefits of oatmeal bath

Some of the major health benefits of the oatmeal bath are listed below.

1. Contains Anti-Cancer Properties

Oats are filled with various health-friendly phytochemicals, which are highly helpful in countering the risk of cancer, especially breast cancer as it is helpful in controlling the flow of estrogen in females.

2. Controls Blood Sugar

Oats are filled with beta-glucan, which is highly helpful in increasing the viscosity of the food along with the small intestines by turning itself into a gel during digestion. This helps in slowing down the digestion process and helps in prolonged absorption of carbohydrates. This proves highly beneficial in controlling the changes in the blood sugar.

3. Maintains Blood Pressure

Regular consumption of oats is helpful in maintaining the controlled level of blood pressure and is also helpful in providing the similar effect of antihypertensive medications. It is important to keep your blood pressure in check as this may trigger various heart issues.

4. Manages Weight

Oats are also helpful in providing the feeling of satiety for a long period of time. This helps in keeping your stomach full which prevents the effects of overeating as well as obesity.

5. Provides Smooth Bowel Function

Oats contain both soluble as well as insoluble fiber. Fibers does not dissolve in water and helps in making the stools heavier. This results into eliminating of tools through the passage and preventing constipation condition.

6. Reduces Cholesterol

As mentioned earlier, oats are filled with soluble fibers, which are highly helpful for the functioning of the intestinal tract. Soluble fiber is also useful in controlling the levels of cholesterol in the body and keeps a check on it.

7. Treats Acne

Oats are also highly useful in treating various skin diseases. Acne is one of the common skin problems, which can occur on almost any kind of skin type. Usage of oats can help you in keeping the problem of acne at bay.

8. Dryness Removal

Regular consumption of oats also or using it water also helpful in removing the problem of dry, flaky skin as oats are filled with polysaccharides, which works as gelatinous when mixed in water. It is also useful as it forms a healthy film on your skin to prevent any skin disorders.

9. Acts As A Natural Cleanser

Oats can also work as a natural cleanser due to the presence of saponins in it. These are highly useful in removing dirt as well as oils from the pores without causing any irritation. It is also necessary to remove the development of dead skin cells from the body which can clog the pores.

10. Treats Itchy And Dry Scalp

Oats are natural moisturizer and helps in getting rid of dryness as well as itchiness from your hair. It is also used in various shampoos as it is helpful in making hair more softer as well as shinier.

11. Improves Overall Athletic Performance

Oats are rich and an amazing source of carbohydrates, which are helpful in providing much needed calories to the body according to the energy requirement of the body. Experts suggest the consumption of oats 45 minutes before or after performing exercises for better health benefits as oats are good in altering the metabolism of the body in healthy ways.