11 Usual New Year Health Mistakes We Tend To Make!


January is typically the month of goals, resolutions and a fresh start to the new year. Most of us are all fired up and ready to get on with accomplishing our dreams and health goals, right?

We are all epitomes of imperfection and that’s where we fail to live upto most of our goals. If we start to prioritize which goal needs to be worked on first, we can set things right.

Talking of prioritizing, your health will top that list and if you successfully check that off, you are just a step away from reaching your other goals. For a matter of fact, you go with reaching your health goals with hammer and tongs, despite that, every new year we all make a few health mistakes.

Read this article to introspect on the usual new year health mistakes we all make and you will find an opportunity to correct these mistakes the next year.

New Year Health Mistakes That Go Unnoticed – Let’s Rectify Them!

Knowingly and unknowingly we circum to temptation or get entangled to laziness and take our health for granted.

Even though you are a fitness fanatic or conscious about what you eat, you end up making these mistakes. Don’t regret the mistakes. Just do it right this time and we are here to help you correct these mistakes.

Read them one by one!

Mistake No 1 – Hasty Health Goals

Hasty-Health-GoalsDecisions made in haste never serve the purpose, isn’t it? Then how can we consider hasty healthy goals the good ones?

In enthusiasm every new year we make health goals too quick. We don’t give it the thought it needs and this is the first new year health mistake we make.

For instance, you might set a goal to run 5 kms every morning without thinking if you can make time for it and say suppose you are in a profession wherein you have to report to work early, here is there a scope to attain that goal? Not always, right?

3 Tips to Rectify This Mistake

  • Think of your goal a month in prior
  • Assess if you can work on it every day
  • Hold on to your excitement and be practical

Mistake No 2 – Failing To Plan

PlanTo be on point with health goals you cannot go about dieting or randomly exercising.

In order to be a healthy individual this year you need to have a plan in hand and start working on it. That said, how many of us start to plan or stick by it?

Lack of planning will not give you the desired result and this is a usual mistake most of us make with our health.

4 Tips to Rectify This Mistake

  • Research about all healthy foods get to know about their nutritional value
  • List down unhealthy foods you want to reduce eating
  • Plan a fitness activity you would like for yourself
  • Know what you want to improve in your body

Mistake No 3 – Setting A Goal For The Sake Of It

Setting A Goal

Many of us get influenced with the new year hype and for the sake of making a goal we set big goals that gets too taxing and we finally forget the goal. It is important to have health goals to lead a healthy lifestyle (R)  however, you shouldn’t impose it on yourself.

For instance, you don’t have to make a goal of losing 10 kgs in one week. It is not practical and in the bargain you will over-strain yourself.

2 Tips to Rectify This Mistake

  • Set small and useful goals
  • Work on changing a bad habit rather than taxing your body

Mistake No 4 – Forcing Yourself On Foods You Dislike

Forcing Yourself On FoodsYou are in the right direction if you want to eat salads instead of burgers. Now, do you really love vegetables? Or are you being a hypocrite?

Changing old habits is not a bad idea. Deliberately forcing yourself upon foods you totally dislike is like a sin to your cravings. In reality, its not always required to make such a sacrifice.

3 Tips to Rectify This Mistake

  • If you don’t like eating vegetables directly then switch over to drinking a vegetable soup or maybe stuff the vegetables in a chapati
  • Find an alternate having a similar nutritional value to what you dislike
  • If the food you crave to eat is unhealthy, ensure to eat it once in a blue moon, don’t make it a habit.

Mistake No 5 – You Lack In Making Precise Goals

GoalsIt is such a pleasure to make health goals, but are we always clear and specific in what we want? We can take this situation as one of the drawback in the health resolution we make every year.

For instance, say suppose your goal is to put on weight, to take this goal ahead you select a list of foods and a number of energizing workouts to reach your goal.

Where you tend to make a mistake is in not being specific about the goal. You might decide on picking up weights to build your muscles but you don’t decide on the number of times and days to perform this workout.

Here you know what to do, however, you are not sure of how much to do and how many times to do it.

2 Tips to Rectify This Mistake

  • If your goal is to eat cheese and put on weight then decide on the quantity and number of times you will eat cheese in an entire week.
  • Track your progress – are you reaching all specific goals?

Mistake No 6 – Setting Goals Way Too Far

Setting-GoalsWe focus on what’s way too ahead forgetting what’s right in front of us not just with our health but the other resolutions as well.

Are you sure if the goal you are making is going to do good to you in the present? Or are you think more than what’s required for your health. Most of us make this mistake.

You cannot make a three year plan with your health, your resolution should be practical and in the present.

2 Tips to Rectify This Mistake

  • Make a health resolution every week
  • Make smaller resolutions every 3 days

For example, if your goal for the month is to run 200 kms. Start to plan and work on it week by week. Further break it down to every 3 days. This way you get to accomplish your health resolution.

Mistake No 7 – Not Sticking Long Enough To Your Goal

Not Sticking

It is easy to make a goal, but sticking to that goal is all it takes. This is where most of us lose interest or due to being less determined we forget the goal and it goes away in the wind.

At start we give our 100% and if we face too many challenges as days pass by, the goal tends to fade away from our mind and we finally give up on that goal.

3 Tips to Rectify This Mistake

  • Don’t give up, fail 100 times and you might succeed the 150th time
  • Don’t burden yourself with too many tough goals, go easy and take it one at a time
  • Make a goal that interests you so that you will always look for a chance to stick to it

Mistake No 8 – Incorrect Perspective

Incorrect-PerspectiveIf you look at performing an activity or taking up a responsbility as a punishment, you will never be able to build the right perspective towards getting to where you want to be.

That said, when it comes to making a healthy resolution, if you think exercising is like a punishment instead of a fun activity, the wrong perspective will never let you succeed at your goal and this is where most of us make a mistake with our health resolutions.

3 Tips to Rectify This Mistake

  • Be positive when you look at your goal
  • Don’t surrender to self-doubts of whether I will be able to achieve this goal or not. Believe in yourself
  • Break your goals down if you have tried enough

Mistake No 9 – Thinking Of Dieting As A Solution

Thinking Of Dieting

Dieting is in fashion and sounds cool. In reality, skipping meals is the worst health mistake and if you are thinking of it as your health resolution this year then you better find yourself a better health resolution.

Skipping meals can hamper your metabolism, makes you lazy, decreases concentration levels and lowers your sugar levels.

Why punish yourself with this kind of a health mistake? Stop prioritizing what’s in fashion above your health, never take your health for granted!

5 Tips to Rectify This Mistake

  • Eat small meals every 2 hours, don’t over-stuff
  • Balance between junk and health food
  • Don’t be too rigid with yourself
  • Never starve
  • You can fast once a week, it is known to reduce oxidative stress in your body

Mistake No 10 – Overcounting Calories

Overcounting Calories

Well, the lesser the calories the better is your health. However, the right eay to look at it is, the right calories for a healthy body.

Going overboard with the new year hype, most of us make this health mistake of counting on our calories too much and we end up doing it all wrong.

When you focus on eating fewer calories, you make yourself all the more hungry and starving for long causes weight gain, if your new year health goal is to lose weight then it’s going to spoil it all.

Your only solution to correct this mistake is to get your right calorie intake at the same time, focus on eating healthy meals instead of heav meals.

Mistake No 11 – Ignoring Mental Health

Ignoring Mental Health

The most important of all is to be mentally happier and peaceful. Do we focus on this aspect of our health?

Most of us are either thinking of losing weight or we are pick a fitness goal. Do we ever think about our mental health or focus on how to keep ourselves de-stressed?

For good mental health, one needs to feel good emotinally and psycologically. Chances of falling sick is the least if you learn how to get a hold of the stress in your mind.

3 Tips to Rectify This Mistake

  • Introspect and see if you are happy or not, focus on inner-happiness
  • Stop storing emotions in your heart, find a way to let out what you feel
  • Practice meditation to maintain a calm mind


Every individual wishes to stay healthy, however, most of us make maximum health mistakes every year.

On the account of new year, we quickly make health goals and it so happens that we always find a scope of improvement when it comes to implementing them.

So, as you have a list of the common health mistakes we all make, will you take it as an opportunity and take an oath to reverse these health mistakes and live healthier this year?

Wishing you all good health this new year!


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