How to Get Rid of Watery Eyes

watery eyes

The problem of watery eyes or epiphora is the condition of an uncontrolled overflow of tears on the face from the eyes without any reason. It causes the tear film drainage of insufficient size, instead of drainage through the nasolacrimal system, and the tears start to appear on the face.

Although tears are required in the eyes for the lubrication process, excessive tear watering may lead to difficulty seeing. This condition can occur in the person of any age. However, it is more common in the infants below 12 months of age and grown ups above 60 years of age. This disorder may appear in one or both eyes.

There are various watery eyes symptoms. If left untreated, it may also cause burning watery eyes. It is recommended to take immediate action to remove the disorder to reduce the risk of future complications.

Here, we have tried to provide you all the important information about the problem of watery eyes. Read on to get details about the causes, symptoms, treatment as well as prevention of water eyes problem.

What Causes Watery Eyes?

causes watery eyes

The two major causes of watery eyes are the overproduction of tears and blocked tear ducts.

1. Overproduction of tears

Our eyes produce more tears to get rid of irritants in eyes due to sore watery eyes and the itchy watery eye treatment is recommended to cure it. Overproduction of tears may cause due to following reasons.

    • Allergic conjunctivitis○ Infective conjunctivitis
    • Ectropion, the condition of turning lower eyelid toward an outward direction.
    • Injury to the eye due to scratch.
    • Harmful chemicals like fumes or even onions.
  • Trichiasis, the condition caused by marginal entropion.

2. Blocked tear ducts

Watery eyes may als cause due to the underdeveloped tear ducts.  Although this problem may appear small babies, the problem gets treated itself in few weeks.

This problem may appear due to the narrowing of ducts or blocking of tear ducts due to swelling caused by inflammation. Due to blocked tear ducts, your tears will not drained naturally and will start to accumulate into the tear sac. This problem can increase further as the accumulated liquid can cause various eye infections. In inflammation can also spread to the other parts such as nose.

This condition may also cause due to the problem of dry watery eyes.

3. Other causes

There are various other major causes of overflow of tears from the eyes. These causes are listed below.

    • Certain medications○ Corneal ulcers, sore watery eyes
    • Keratitis, infection of cornea
  • Allergies such as hay fever○ Bell’s palsy

What are Symptoms and Signs of Water Eyes?

symptoms and signs of water eyes

The major symptoms of watery eyes along with water in the eyes all the time are listed below.

    • Itchy eyes
    • Burning eyes
    • Swollen eyelid
    • Sneezing
    • Discharge
    • Eye pain
    • Bloodshot red watery eyes
    • Decrease in visibility
  • Watery eyes due to runny nose

Even though the condition of watery eyes is considered severe, it is recommended to consult with the doctor immediately it the condition is accompanied with other symptoms such as pain, tenderness in eyes or nose area, excess discharge etc. These are all serious symptoms and need to treat as early as possible.

How to Stop Watery Eyes Fast?

stop watery eyes fast

Fortunately there are various remedies for watery eyes to get instant relief for watery eyes problem. It is recommended to get watery eyes treatment from the experienced expert to reduce various other side effects of the treatment.

Usually the problem of watery eyes goes away within few weeks and no treatment is required. You doctor will perform the eye test to know the exact cause. Your doctor will also ask about the recent eye injuries as well as health conditions. It is also important to tell your doctor about all the prescribed as well as over-the-counter medications you are consuming.

Certain tests can also be asked by the doctor to determine whether the tears passes through tear ducts. Your doctor may suggest few remedies for watery eyes according to its causes.

1. Irritation

If you are suffering with the problem of watery eyes due to infective conjunctivitis, your doctor may wait few days to let the condition treated by itself or may prescribe some antibiotics.

2. Ectropion

Your doctor may suggest surgery to hold the eyelids from going outwards and to tighten the place.

3. Blocked tear ducts

This condition requires a surgery to form a new channel for the tears through tear sac to the inside part of the nose. This will let the accumulated fluid to pass out of the body through nose. This surgical process is known as DCR or dacryocystorhinostomy.

4. Trichiasis

The doctor will surgically remove the eyelid which is growing inward or any other foreign particle which is causing the problem.

How to Prevent Watery Eyes?

prevent watery eyes

There are various condition through which this problem may arise such as watery eyes from allergies or watery eyes in the morning. It is important to follow some preventive steps, though there are various medications for watery eyes available.

Follow the points listed below to prevent the condition of watery eyes.

    • Always wear sunglasses, goggles as well as face mask to protect your eyes from injury, burns as well as sunlight.
    • Avoid entering in areas which are known for containing allergen and stay away from harmful allergies. You can consume oral antihistamines 20-30 minutes before entering into such environment, if required.
    • Try to consume balanced diet throughout your entire life.
    • Avoid rubbing or touching your eyes when they become irritated or itchy.
    • Avoid touching your eyes with unwashed hands to prevent the spreading of germs.
    • Try not to come in contact with the people suffering with bacterial as well as viral infections. You should also prevent yourself suffering from the allergies by not sharing linens, eye drops, make-ups or sterilizing common items in your house.
  • Aging also causes various problems. It is important, therefore, to take an appointment with the doctor for overall health as well as eye examination.

Trying these points as well as the treatments provided above may help in treating the condition of watery eyes. However, it is recommended to consult with your doctor about the exact cause of the problem. Your doctor may suggest effective treatment for the cause.