Cabbage Soup Diet: Best Weight Loss Remedy

cabbage soup diet

To achieve quality weight loss, you need to consume healthy food along with your regular exercise. Consuming healthy foods not only helps you lose your weight but it also helps in providing better nutrition to your body. Trying 7-day cabbage soup diet might help you in losing up to 10 pounds of weight in a week.

Cabbage soup recipe for weight loss works incredibly well and also provides you short-term weight loss with no commitment for a long term. To achieve quality weight loss, you need to consume healthy food along with your regular exercise.

Consuming healthy foods not only helps you lose your weight but it also helps in providing better nutrition to your body. Trying 7-day cabbage soup diet might help you in losing up to 10 pounds of weight in a week. Cabbage soup recipe for weight loss works incredibly well and also provides you short-term weight loss with no commitment for a long term.

Another important benefit of cabbage soup diet apart from boosting weight loss is it also helps in detoxing and cleanse your entire body, according to the experts.

Here we are providing you all the information about cabbage soup diet facts which you should consider for getting effective weight loss through the natural remedy. Read on for everything you want to know about cabbage soup diet.

What is the cabbage soup diet?

cabbage soup diet

Cabbage soup diet meal plan is filled with low fats and fiber. Cabbage soup diet for weight loss should be followed for at least three times a day. You can also use some of the recommended foods along with cabbage soup detox diet to get more health benefits.

7-day cabbage soup diet plan is as follows

  • Day 1

On the first day, you can consume various healthy foods except for bananas. Once you are filled with fruits but still hungry, consume the soup. For the first day, it is only fresh fruit and soup diet.

  • Day 2

This day belongs to vegetables. Eat vegetables as much as you can in raw or steamed form. Opt for a lot of leafy vegetables and don’t go for peas, corn as well as beans. Along with vegetables and soup, in dinner, you can choose a big baked potato along with little oil or butter.

  • Day 3

On day 3 make a combination of diet you had on first two days. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits along with soup for the entire day. Remember not to consume bananas here as well. You are also not allowed to eat potato in dinner.

  • Day 4

On this day, you can finally eat bananas as much as you want. Along with it consume glasses of skim milk. You can consume the soup throughout the day as much as you want.

  • Day 5

Eat small pieces of beef or chicken not more than 10 to 20 ounces. You can also replace with other high protein foods with chicken or beef. However, make sure that they are not filled with sugar or starch. It is recommended to consume around 5-6 fresh tomatoes. Along with it drink a lot of water today. 6-8 glasses of water is recommended. This will help in eliminating all the uric acid from your body. Finally, consume soup as much as you want throughout the day.

  • Day 6

On this day as well, you are recommended to eat a lot of proteins. You can consume boiled fish today if you have not eaten it on day 5. Increase the consumption of protein, veggies as well as soup today. Choose fresh green leafy vegetables for today and don’t consume baked potato.

  • Day 7

Along with vegetables, add unsweetened fruit juices as well as brown rice in your diet today. Consume these food products as much you can along with the soup, which you can consume throughout the day.

How does cabbage soup diet work?

cabbage soup diet work

Cabbage soup diet is incredible for weight loss as through the consumption of cabbage soup diet you will be consuming around 1,000 calories a day which is lower than the required consumption of 1,200 calories for women and 1,800 calories for men. This is also known as fat burning cabbage soup as you will lose weight through an elimination of water from your body as it consists of high-fiber foods as well as low fats.

Vegetable soup diet recipe for weight loss also helps in the cleansing liver as it helps to remove all the toxins from the body. Cabbage soup diet results can be easily visible after and before the consumption.

How to make cabbage soup diet plan for weight loss?

cabbage soup diet plan for weight loss

To make a healthy cabbage soup diet for weight loss, you should know that the cooking time of the soup can burn all the helpful nutrients from it. Although the original recipe of the soup might take an hour for preparation, doing some modifications into the recipe cuts the preparation time to 30 minutes. However, the quantity of nutrients it contains is same.


  • Green Pepper, 1
  • Celery stalks, 6
  • Diced tomatoes, one large can
  • Chopped onion, 1 (large)
  • Bouillon, 1-2 cubes
  • Water, 4 cups
  • Fresh, green cabbage, one head
  • Olive oil, one teaspoon
  • Hot sauce, ½ teaspoon


  • Wash all the vegetables and chop them in a size of a bite.
  • Place a saucepan on a flame and heat some olive oil. Add onions and saute them for a couple of minutes till the onions start to sweat.
  • Now add green pepper as well as celery into it and saute it for another 4-5 minutes.
  • Now pour all the water in it. Add bouillon, hot sauce as well as tomatoes.
  • Boil the mixture by mixing it properly.
  • Let the mixture simmer till the vegetables become tender.
  • Shred the cabbage add it to the soup. Cook it for another 10 minutes.
  • It is important to add cabbage at the last as it will help in preventing the burning of healthy nutrients from the soup.

What are the pros and cons of cabbage soup diet?

pros and cons of cabbage soup diet

After trying the cabbage soup diet 7-day challenge, you can get some great benefits. This soup has its limitations as well. Read on to know about various benefits as well as limitations of having cabbage soup diet.

● Pros of cabbage soup diet

  • Rich in nutrients

Cabbage is rich in various important health friendly nutrients. It is filled with vitamin C as well as fiber. A pot of cabbage soup contains 415 calories, 27 grams of dietary fibers, 15  grams of protein.

It also contains 80% vitamin A, 586% vitamin C, 47% calcium, 34% iron, 35% magnesium, 58% potassium, 31% protein and 21% copper.

  • It is cheap

Cabbage is available in very low price, and it is better for your pocket. You don’t need to buy any other expensive vegetable and prepare soup from it. Cabbage is certainly the best vegetable which you can use for weight loss.

  • Detox agent

Cabbage is filled with fiber, which is also useful in eliminating all the dirt from your body. It also helps in cleaning the intestinal tract. In a study, it has also been proved that cabbage diet helps in increasing the cabbage diet by around 69 percent. Therefore cabbage soup diet is believed to be a detox agent more than a weight loss diet.

  • It is a great fasting diet

The cabbage soup diet helps you in calorie reduction more quickly than any other intermittent fasting diet.  It is beneficial to consume cabbage soup for a long period to get effective weight loss.

  • It fills you up

You feel satiated after consuming meals. This feeling also stays you full. Various satiating foods helps you in feeling full for a long period. Cabbage is filled with large amount of fiber, which helps in feeling full and fights against cravings which result from eating less.

Although there is no evidence to show why fiber-rich foods keep you full for a long time, experts say that slow digestion process of these foods might be one of the reasons.

  • It is simple and effective

It is highly easy to make. You can even make it to a great amount and then store it in a refrigerator. You can heat it up when you need it. It is quite helpful than various healthy juices which you need to make fresh every time you need it.

Cons of cabbage soup diet

Cabbage soup diet comes with various limitations as well. The first among them is it has very fewer options. It can make you bore or feel unsatisfied.

You will even start gaining a lot of weight once you switch back to your normal diet. This occurs because you lose a large amount of water weight as you are eating less number of calories while cabbage soup diet consumption.

You can even feel to switch back to the normal diet after trying cabbage soup diet for 1-2 weeks. Although you can switch to it back later, you will end up gaining a lot of weight in that cooling period. But the break is important as you need to gain key nutrient from other sources which are less in cabbage soup diet.

Various cabbage soup diet side effects are linked to the side effects of having the low-fat diet for an extended period such as poor brain functioning, hormonal imbalance as well as bad heart health.

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