12 Ways To Reduce Edema Naturally – Get Rid Of The Swelling

Reduce edema naturally

Noticing a sudden inflammation around on the skin that wasn’t there a few days back? Chances are that the same could be because of edema. We will discuss more on that and the ways to reduce edema naturally so it doesn’t become worse for your health.

The condition of edema might not seem as life threatening but it is important that you do focus on finding relief before it takes for a negative turn.

In here, we are about to share some of the best remedies for edema and everything you need to know about the condition.

What is Edema?

What is Edema
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Edema is a condition which is characterized by the accumulation of fluid in the tissues in the body.

There isn’t much of localization when it comes to the parts of the body the condition will affect. It can show up anywhere in the body but affects the limbs, ankles, feet etc. the most.

The condition is reversible if the treatment is administered on time and not delayed around. For the most part, it could be a health condition or even because of the medication you are consuming.

Finding the underlying cause for the condition is important to administer the correct edema treatment.

Types Of Edema

Types Of Edema
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For the most part, there are four major types of edema but they can further be categorised into eight different types.

To help you have a better idea, we have sorted them out based on the types.

Generalized edema

This is the type which you generally notice swelling around in varying parts of the body without any medical history or causes surrounding it.

For the most part, this is something that you do need to focus on. Some of the areas in the body that are often quite affected include abdomen, feet, legs and even the face at times.

Skin edema

Skin edema is yet another one of the common types of edema that occurs because of the swelling under the skin and the tissues in the body.

For the most part, it doesn’t impose any kind of negative impacts or life-threatening situations in the body but does inflict extensive pain.

It also makes the skin seem tight and puffy which is yet another one of the issues that many faces all throughout.

Peripheral edema

If you experience swelling localized to the feet and the limbs, which is what we define as the peripheral edema. It causes unprecedented swelling in the extremities of the body.

This is mainly caused because of the underlying health conditions that the majority of us aren’t aware of. Some of the common conditions that are behind it include health issues like pregnancy, congestive heart failure, kidney problems, to name a few.

Corneal edema

Just what the name suggests, corneal edema is caused when there is a heightened amount of water retention in the cornea in the eyes.

The constant retention of the fluids around the space ends up causing swelling which can prove to be very bad for the eyes. It causes a condition termed as corneal swelling.

Cerebral edema

This is yet another one of the types of edema which causes obstruction in the cerebral cortex and does end up affecting the overall pressure around the brain and the area surrounding.

This is possibly one of the most fatal forms of edema and can even end up affecting your life and impose risks on the same.

Even in this, there are four different types including vasogenic, osmotic, interstitial and cytotoxic.

Each one of them has different types of causes behind it which is why it is important that you do focus on getting immediate treatment for such conditions.

Pulmonary edema

This is the form of edema which is persistent around in the pulmonary channels in the body, mainly in the lungs.

When there is a fluid buildup around in the vessels of the lungs, the same does end up causing obstruction to the normal blood flow across the lungs, thus hindering with the respiratory process.

This can also be characterized with the deposition of fluid around in the pleural cavity. This causes further pleural effusion. The condition can occur for many reasons, the malfunctioning left ventricle of the heart being one of them.


This is not that heard of and is actually quite rare in its occurrence. It is caused because of the connective tissue being filled with the carbohydrate like compounds like the hyaluronan.

These compounds are the ones which end up drawing in water inside the tissues, thus causing inflammation.


Last but not least is the lymphedema which is caused because of the dysfunctional lymphatic system which imposes issues in proper draining of the fluids that are accumulated around.

This condition can be caused because of a number of conditions, enlarged lymph nodes and cancer being the few of them.

What Causes Edema?

What causes edemaWhen it comes round to the causes of edema, the possibilities are quite extensive. To help you gauge what is causing the swelling specifically in your body, it is very important that you focus on finding ways to get the same diagnosed first.

Some of the common causes include:

  • Heart issues
  • Infection
  • Persistent tissue death and narcosis
  • Malnutrition
  • Issues with the electrolyte levels in the body
  • Fluid overload in the body
  • Consumption of excess salt
  • Renal issues

What are the symptoms of Edema?

What are the symptoms of edema
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Coming down to the symptoms next, the major ones include:

How To Treat Edema?

When it comes round to the ways to reduce edema naturally, there are important modes that you can look into.

It is important that you focus on adhering to those ways because, for the most part, it is what matters in the end.

For the most part, it is important that you look through the natural remedies for edema first and if they don’t work out, you can opt for consulting a doctor to see what is causing the problem in the first place.

Some of the best cure for edema includes:

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Edema - Keep yourself hydratedYou might feel, how can drinking more water help get rid of the excess fluids in the body, right? Well, that is where the trick is.

When your body doesn’t have the necessary amount of fluids and hydration, it starts storing the available fluids in your body, thus causing the accumulation of the fluids in one place and causing edema.

As counterintuitive as it might sound, this actually does help in bringing forth better changes to your lifestyle and can help in reducing the risks associated with the condition.

2. Green tea

Edema - Green teaGreen tea is yet another one of the effective remedies for edema that has beneficial impacts in helping round with the swelling and even the consistent pain that you have been experiencing.

The main reason why green tea works is because of its beneficial diuretic properties (R) which help in draining out the excess of the accumulated fluids.

Once the excess of the fluids are drained, it helps in preventing the problem from restoring again.

What to do?

  • Boil some water and pour it into a cup
  • Steep a green tea bag for 2-3 minutes
  • Add honey and lemon for taste if required
  • Drink this warm

How often?

  • 2-3 times daily

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3. Massage with coconut oil

Edema - Massage with coconut oilYet another one of the beneficial ways to treat edema at home is by massaging the affected area with coconut oil.

If you want to drain out the excess fluid from the accumulated and inflamed spots, it is important to drain out the lymphatic system properly and completely. The best way to do that is by ensuring that you focus massaging the area with coconut oil.

This helps in dissipating the overall fluid retention and gets the flow of the fluids around the body back to normal.

What to do?

  • Warm up some coconut oil in the microwave
  • Using your fingers, apply the same on the affected area
  • Gently massage the area without adding unnecessary pressure on the swollen area

How often?

  • 2-3 times daily

4. Reduce the Salt Intake

Edema - Reduce the salt intakeIf you tend to have a habit of consuming salt more than what you are supposed to, it is best suggested that you do focus on first reducing the salt intake in the diet.

Excess salt in the body does end up causing unrest with the electrolyte balance, thus making it hard for you to maintain the fluid balance as well.

More amount of salt ends up causing reverse osmosis as well which makes your cells and tissues in the body retain the excess liquid, thus ending up causing a problem for your body.

This is the reason why when it comes to the natural treatment for edema, it is important that you focus on reducing the salt intake.

It isn’t just about the direct salt you are adding to the food. Cutting down on the processed food and making a switch to an organic and whole food-based diet is what helps.

5. Keep feet Elevated

Edema - Keep feet elevatedIf you are looking for ways to treat edema in legs, the best way to do so is by keeping your feet elevated. This might not seem very practical but trust me, it works wonders for you.

The main reason why this helps is that it acts against gravity and prevents further pooling of the fluid around the affected area.

Keeping your feet elevated helps with the proper management of the swelling. It helps in getting rid of the inflammation effectively.

Additionally, make sure that you keep the legs and limbs elevated during the moments of sleeping too because that is something that matters as well.

6. Use compression socks

Edema - Use compression socksCompression socks might not seem economical for many but it does have beneficial properties in helping round with the condition of the edema treatment.

For the best impacts, it is necessary that you do focus on getting one that evenly distributes the pressure out.

The last thing you want is to end up with the socks which do no work in that prospect. It is best suggested to start with the lesser compression one first and then increase it.

If you start to witness the symptoms going away just with the lesser compression, stick to those. If not, then increase the compression more.

7. Grapeseed Extracts

Edema - Grapeseed extracts
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Yet another one of the best ways to reduce edema naturally is with the use of grapeseed extracts.

The main reason why the grapeseed extracts works is because of the beneficial antioxidative properties that it has. This has been found to have beneficial impacts in helping with the chronic venous insufficiency which is one of the primary causes behind edema.

What to do?

  • Consume grapeseed extract supplements

How often?

  • As per the doctor’s directions

8. Apple Cider Vinegar

Edema - Apple cider vinegarThis is one of those remedies that help get rid of edema at home.

The main reason why the apple cider vinegar works is because of the fact the amazing astringent properties. It helps in drawing out the excess fluids from the affected area and helping with the condition of the pain and the consistent swelling that you have been experiencing.

What to do?

  • In a bowl, add the half cup of apple cider vinegar
  • To that, add the half cup of water
  • Mix the two together
  • Soak a cotton cloth in that and soak the liquid
  • Cover the affected area with the wet cloth
  • Leave it on for 20-30 minutes

How often?

  • 1-2 times daily

9. Consume More Fruits and Vegetables

Edema - Consume more fruits and vegetablesAs we did mention before, malnutrition is one of the common reasons behind the condition of the edema. This is why it is important to opt for a balanced diet and nutrition that you later won’t regret all the way.

The best way to make sure that your levels of daily nutritional requirements are met on a daily basis is when you eat the correct amount of fruits and veggies.

Majority of these ingredients have low sodium content, thus helping in getting rid of the excess fluid that has already been retained in the body.

10. Get to Exercising

Edema - Get to exercisingWhen you lead a sedentary life or find yourself sitting or lounging around the majority of the day, that is one of the primary triggers when it comes round to the condition of the fluid retention or pooling around in the body.

To recover from that, it is best suggested that you do focus on leading an active lifestyle instead of just lounging around.

You don’t necessarily have to go out of your way to do things but even making the slightest of changes to your daily routine can help in keeping the condition in check.

Swimming is considered one of the best ways to heal the swelling and pain without imposing any extra efforts into it.

11. Epsom Salt Bath

Edema - Epsom salt bathBath salts are yet another one of the effective remedies that work wonders.

The active compound in the Epsom salt, magnesium sulfate has promising benefits in helping round with the condition of the swelling as well as the pain that you have been experiencing.

The main reason why it is believed to work is that it helps in getting rid of the harmful toxins from the body which could be causing the obstructions.

12. Cranberry juice

Edema - Cranberry juiceCranberry juice is yet another one of the effective remedies for edema that works.

Apart from the fact that it is loaded with beneficial nutrients, vitamins and minerals, it has also been found to have natural diuretic properties which help get rid of the accumulated fluid around in the body.

Cranberry juice is also loaded with beneficial antioxidant properties which further help in getting rid of the edema that is caused because of the oxidative stress.

What to do?

  • Drink a cup of cranberry juice

How often?

  • Once every day

How to Prevent Edema?

How to prevent edemaWhen it comes round to the condition of the edema and the prevention surrounding it, the possibilities all depend on the kind of lifestyle that you lead.

If you want what’s best for you, it is important that you do start focusing on the prevention rather than the cure.

Some of the preventive measures for edema include:

  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet which includes all the necessary nutrients needed for the body
  • Lead an active lifestyle
  • Get regular health check-ups from time to time

How Long Does Edema Last?

How long does edema last
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When it comes round to the duration of the edema and how long it will affect you, there is no set date or time behind the same.

It depends on the kind of treatment approach that one is taking and also on how well the remedies to reduce edema naturally work.

The impact of the recovery also does depend on how well it impacts the body. If your body is responding well to the home remedies, chances are that the swelling can go down in a few days itself.

When it comes round to the ways to reduce edema naturally, the options are quite a lot. It all comes down to how well you administer them that matters. If you find any kind of inflammation, get the same checked out. Don’t just let it get worse because diagnosis is necessary for better cure. We have mentioned the top 12 remedies in here and hope it comes in handy for you.