What Is The Best Time To Drink Green Tea And Why – Know The Various Facts Associated

Best time to drink green tea

A cup of tea is refreshing, however if you have a pack of energetic antioxidant, what better than that. Green tea has amazing health benefits. However, you must also know the best time to drink green tea.

There must be so much about green tea that people can’t seem to stop gushing about it. Green tea is more than just a liquid or beverage. The fitness freaks all over the world speak about green tea and relatively has become the most favorite drink of dieticians too. Out of the many health benefits of green tea, the most important one is the aid to weight loss. This has made it pretty famous and relatively fast and popular. But do you know how to take green tea in a day?

benefits of green tea

10 Health Benefits Of Green Tea:

  1. Green tea has a bioactive compound which improves health. The polyphenol content which is found in green tea has effects of reducing inflammation and is known to help fight cancer too. This content is found abundant in green tea.
  2. Compounds in green tea helps improving brain function and helps you to become sharper and smarter. This is because of the caffeine which is present in green tea acting as a stimulant. Along with the amino-acids (L theanine) in the tea helps in increasing the activity of inhibitory neurotransmitter producing anti-anxiety effects and improving production of alpha waves in the brain.
  3. Green tea helps burning the fats due to the ability of it in increasing the metabolic rate in humans.Green tea helps burning the fats
  4. Anti-oxidants in green tea lower the risk of cancer. Some types of cancers which are caused by uncontrolled growth of cells could be lesser risky with the green tea which is an excellent source of antioxidants. People suffering from breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colorectal cancer have positive effects of drinking green tea.
  5. The catechin compound in green tea has various positive effects on the neurons which protect the brain in old age and lower the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
  6. The catechins in green tea is also known to have other biological effects like killing bacteria and improving dental health which lowers the risk of any further infection. The streptococcus mutants, which are the primary harmful bacteria found in mouth that causes plaque formation and cavities or tooth decay. Green tea’s content catechin inhibits the growth of these mutants and lowers the risk of tooth infection.The catechins in green tea
  7. Green tea lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  8. Green tea may have positive effects in reducing the cardiovascular disease.
  9. Green tea boosts losing fat and lowering risk of obesity by boosting the metabolic rate in the body to burn fats.
  10. Green tea helps you live longer. The fact that it helps lowering the risk of many such diseases, cancer, and cardiovascular risks, undoubtedly, green tea makes a brilliantly healthy drink.

Green tea helps you live longerSo, can we drink green tea anytime we wish to? What is the best time to drink green tea? How to make green tea drinking schedule? Timing your green tea fairly depends on the purpose you are taking it. Green tea is usually taken for various reasons. Some people drink green tea for the benefits of antioxidants and others drink it for losing weight. Here are few recommendations for when to drink green tea.

Green tea has a lot of antioxidants and theanine which as well adds to the benefits of green tea. Green tea is a brilliant energizer which is great for maintaining the body fat and weight. But even excess amount of it is not recommended. Green tea is known to upset stomach too, unless you are drinking the one which is extremely water-downed.

Drinking green tea at the wrong time could have unpleasant side effects too like nausea and gastric pain. In case you are prone to diarrhea, it is known to cause stomach upset too. Green tea being a powerful herb, you have to harness its power rightly in order benefit the most from it. Here are points to remember for the best time to drink green tea daily.

Best Time to Have Green Tea:

1. More to Drink Green Tea In Summer And Less In Winters:

Green tea is not ambrosia but a still a great drink to have. One must drink green tea in moderate quantities. Although you will always be recommended by a dietician to have green tea during the months of summer and go easy in winters.

Although there is no scientific reasons to prove the same but the Chinese medics talk about lightly oxidized tea like green and white tea as cooling beverages and the other fully oxidized ones like red tea and black tea are warming ones. Hence green tea must be avoided during the winters.

2. You Must Not Drink Green Tea As An Early Morning Cup:

There is no doubt that green tea is very healthy but having it the first thing in the morning could not be the best idea. A study done on a dietary supplement with the extracts of green tea has found out that the supplements of green tea on empty stomach in the morning could have an adverse effect on the liver. It is also said that caffeine content could lead to dehydration.

3. Do Not Re-Use The Tea Bags:

Not only is the caffeine content in the green tea bag which is already used is high, but also that the wet tea bags are mostly prone to the microbial infestation. You must never use it more than two times as a rule. It is best to use fresh green tea leaves for your cup of beverage each time.

4. You Must Have It Before Or After A Meal:

One of the heathiest habits is to have green tea before and after the meal. Two hours before and after the food especially if you are anemic. According to the facts published by National Cancer Institute, it has been explained that the antioxidant catechins in green tea averts the digestion and absorption of iron from your food diet.

Drinking the green tea between the meals lets your body absorb the right content of iron from the food. If you still want to drink tea with the meal, you must make sure to have the food that enhances the absorption of iron like vitamin C-rich foods. The high content of iron is found in red meat, which helps in the easing of interaction of tea and iron. Lemon or milk added to your green tea helps to some extent too. This is also the best time to drink green tea for skin.You must have it before or after a meal

5. Add More Water To The Tea:

Green tea is diuretic and hence is may result in frequent urination. It is recommended to have more water with it hence.

6. Green Tea Must Be Consumed Two Hours Before Bedtime:

Green tea is a great one to help your body stimulate and distract the sleep. Thus this does not become a bedtime drink. Although internet speaks about the calming properties of green tea helping your body to sleep peacefully but the caffeine in green tea acts as a spoilt sport.

It is a stimulant. Thus green tea also has the amino-acids called L0theanine which has enough capacity it calms you down and alerts you, helping to focus and concentrate better. Thus this is no drink to be consumed just before bedtime.

Also, another bit is that it makes you have frequent trips to the toilet since the diuretic content in this beverage will urge night-time toilets and visits to toilet would disturb your sleep. A gap of hence 2 hours is helpful and should be fine.

7. Green Tea Must Be Had Two Or Three Cups A Day:

Unless the green tea is highly diluted, one must not have more than 3 cups a day. The green tea could cause some troubles in the body. As per the University of Maryland Medical Center, a person should limit their consumption of green tea to 2-3 cups a day or up to 700 mg of standard extract of green tea each day.

8. Regular Consumption Of Green Tea With A Good Exercise Routine To Lose Weight:

Although it is a very common knowledge that says green tea aids the loss of weight, however, the truth says drinking green tea alone does not help. A routine exercise with the beverage helps the weight loss. A combination of this is adequate for healthy body.

9. Green Tea Benefits In A Longer Run:

The consumption of green tea is best when consumed on a longer run. Although there are no immediate benefits of green tea that could be noted but in a longer run, there is.