Home Remedies To Remove Pimples And Scars

Home Remedies To Remove Pimples And Scars

Pimples, Acne’s and scars are a nightmare of any girl. The beauty conscious woman is scared of these simple but real problems. These problems are not a health issue, instead a beauty issue or a skin problem, which can be overcome with careful preventions. Due to the pollution, 2 out of 5 girls have a problem with acne and scars. Acne is a skin problem that is related to the sebaceous glands and hair follicles. Excessive oil secretion and trapped dust with oil in the hair follicles cause scar, that may become a thriving ground for bacteria. It thus involves swelling of the skin, shown as the eruption of pimples on face, neck and sometimes even on back and chest. It may become infected due to the growth of bacteria and sometimes it also involves pain and irritation. Let’s see the natural home remedies to remove pimples, acne and scars.

Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

Lemon contains vitamin C, which helps in rebuilding collagen. Lemon itself is a natural bleach. The acid in lemon juice acts as a skin lightening agent and helps to make it brighter. It also makes the scars invisible. Lemon is a kitchen ingredient, which you can take out of your shelf and use it. Make sure that not to go out in the sun after applying lemon juice, because skin is very sensitive to sun rays and can react to your skin. If it is urgent then please do not forget to apply sunscreens shield on the skin.


• Take 1 tbsp of Lemon juice, honey, almond oil.
• Take out fresh lemon juice in a bowl.
• Put the honey and almond oil to this lemon juice and mix up well.
• Dip the cotton ball in this mixture.
• With this cotton ball, apply the mixture on your whole face or on the area where you have scars.
• Leave the mask on the face for about 10-12 minutes.
• Sponge down your water and pat dry.
• Do this once every day for at least 2-3 weeks.


HoneyHoney can work well with Aspirin to remove the acne scars. Aspirin can be used with honey to get rid of acne scars. The salicylic acid in Aspirin gives effective results and its grainy texture gives an ideal exfoliation. Honey is a natural antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory agent. It contains a lot of antioxidants and vitamins B2, B3, B5.


• Take 2 tbsp of Honey, 2-3 Aspirin tablets and a few drops of water.
• Add aspirins in a few drops of water and form a paste.
• Make sure that not to use more water, because we need a grainy texture of aspirins for exfoliation.
• Put honey to this aspirin paste and mix
• Apply on your scars and leave for 10 minutes.
• Rinse off your face with cold water.

Aloe Vera

Aloe VeraAloe Vera is a natural herb, that soothes swollen skin and helps in regenerating damaged tissues by boosting the healing process. It’s better to use fresh gel like substance directly from the Aloe Vera leaf or you can get over the counter products. Aloe Vera not only diminishes your acne scars, but also gives you glowing and tighter skin.


• Take 1 Aloe Vera leaf and strip its outer green cover.
• You will find a gel like substance below its green outer cover.
• Get out this gel and apply it on the scars.
• Leave the mask for about half an hour and then rinse off the face with water.
• Apply aloe Vera gel twice daily to get the results in just few days.

Raw Potato


Raw potato not only helps in removing the pimple scars, but also helps in removing the black skin under the arms and elbow. This process needs a lot of patience because you have to rub potato on the skin for 15-20 min


• Take a potato and cut it into round pieces.
• Take a piece and rub it over your face in circular motion.
• Keep doing this until the piece of potato gone dry.
• Take another slice and do the same on the scars.
• Repeat this for about 20-25 minutes.
• Now leave the mask on the face so that potato juice is absorbed by your skin.
• Now rinse off with water and apply the moisturizer.
• Repeat this process 4-5 times a week for at least 1-2 months.

-Shaveta Kandhari