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Foods that Should be Avoided on Periods

Foods that Should be Avoided on Periods

Menstruation is the common process with the woman. This is a biological process that occurs every month in women. In this process bleeding occurs in the monthly menstrual cycle. If women are not getting this cycle monthly it means that there is some deficiency in her ovary. Also, when a woman conceives, she may do away with the menstrual cycle. This is the first signal of woman to being pregnant. During menstrual cycle uterus prepares itself for pregnancy. This blood is actually thought as waste blood that come on a monthly basis. If the body is not getting proper periods every month, then it may affect the body. You can experience this by gaining weight, pimples, dark circles, etc.

It generally starts at the age of 11 to 14 and continue until menopause in the 50s. The blood discharge may usually last for three to five days. During these days, you may suffer from minor problems like Abdominal pain, back pain, painful breasts, food cravings, irritation, headache, body pain, weakness and fatigue. These are sometimes occur due to foods to avoid during period.

No doubt all these symptoms occurs due to the menstrual process and weakness. These can be handled with less care by avoiding certain things in our diet for some days.

Fatty Meats

Fatty meatsFood full of fat are not good to consume during the menstrual cycle. It may give you body pain. Fat rich food consumption during the periods will harm you and gives you the pain. Fried, fatty and oily food should be replaced with the food that may give you energy like seeds and nuts. Avoid oil in cooking that are rich in fat. In place of that use olive oil, it will help to get relieved from the pain.

Dairy products

Dairy productsDairy products like milk, cheese, curd or other dairy products should also be avoided during the periods. These foodstuffs are also rich in saturated fat. So, consumption of this food may also increase the pain. Milk should be strictly avoided whether hot or cold. Because it causes acidity during period and gives you the abdominal pain.

Chilled eatables and drinks

Chilled eatables and drinksChilled eatables like ice-cream, cold drinks and juices should be avoided during these days. During the menstrual cycle your body temperature gets higher, so cold water should be avoided. It does not mean that you may get cold, but may worsen the abdominal pain.

Caffeinated food

Caffeinated foodMost of the people consume caffeinated food like tea and coffee, because they have a myth in the mind that it will lesser down the pain. It is not like that, because it causes acidity problem if you take it on an empty stomach. Apart from this it also makes the periods irregular. So, avoid caffeinated things during periods as well as on a daily basis for a healthy body.

Salty and Sour Food

Salty and sour foodAvoid spicy food during periods. Too much spicy is not good for health and also during the menstruation periods. It makes your tissues weak. Sour things like pickles, sauces, etc. are also to be avoided during these days.

Food which is to be consumed during periods

You should take omega-3 acids that include walnuts and Salmon. Instead of taking caffeinated tea, take green tea. One of the best methods of getting out of pain is drinking more and more hot, warm as you can in these days.

Women, if you really want to get rid of pain during the periods, keep in mind and you should not think too much about the pain and suffering during the menstrual cycle. Because ‘the way you feel, the same you will get’. Try to be busier in these days. Throw out of your mind that exercise increases the pain. Exercise helps to decrease the pain and make the menstrual process easy. If internally it is creating problems, exercise will help in the process of the menstrual cycle to dispense all the elements related to this metabolism of the body. So, exercise and let the process to occur properly.

By: Shaveta Kandhari