14 Black Seed Oil Benefits Most People Don’t Know About

Black Seed Oil Benefits
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Most of the people residing in the continent of Asia are more or less acquainted with what Black Cumin Seeds are, especially the people who like cooking. Black Seed Oil is not just beneficial as a tempering for food but has proven health benefits as well. The black cumin seed oil is primarily getting recognition around the world for its contribution to the upliftment of one’s well being. It is effective in the treatment of several severe diseases which is what is helping it gain the popularity in the field of alternative medicine.

What is Black Seed Oil?

What is Black Seed Oil
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For people wondering, black seed oil is extracted from the black cumin seed plant, otherwise scientifically known as Nigella sativa. This plant is predominantly found and grown in southwestern Asia, Africa and parts of the Mediterranean. It is primarily used as a spice for tempering, in breads and such and the medicinal value is gradually rising into prominence.

The benefits of black seed oil came into the picture after the successful research results showcasing its effects on the multi-drug resistant bacteria. This propelled further and more in-depth research of the beneficial properties of this particular seed. Before we jump into how and where black seed oil is beneficial for the body, it is best to know about the three components that make this a potent remedy for treating several diseases. They are:

  • Thymoquinone (TQ)
  • Thymohydroquinone (THQ)
  • Thymol

Why is Black Seed Oil Good for You?

Why is black seed oil
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Black seed oil has a number of active phytochemicals in it which imposes amazing health benefits when either consumed directly in the seed form or even in the oil form. The primary three such phytochemicals that are mentioned above help in inflicting amazing health benefits to the body. They not just work amazing individually but together as well which is exactly why it is one of the most sought after health remedies in today’s date for a wide array of health ailments.

Thymoquinone – this specific phytochemical boasts its anti-cancer properties aside from the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties as well.

Thymohydroquinone – this phytochemical is a natural acetylcholine esterase inhibitor which helps prevent the unnecessary breakdown of the acetylcholine molecules in the body, thereby, aiding in a treatment of a number of diseases.

Thymol – this specific one is a natural monoterpene that is beneficial in the treatment of a number of ailments, primarily used as a virucide.

These three phytochemicals are what make black seed oil a beneficial choice for health and one of the most effective natural ingredients for the treatment of some of the most deathly diseases.

Health Benefits of Black Seed Oil

  1. Cancer
  2. Asthma and Allergies
  3. Aids Digestion
  4. Depression
  5. Diabetes
  6. Weight Loss
  7. Boosts Immune System
  8. Strengthen Liver Functions
  9. Improves Fertility
  10. Inflammatory Rheumatoid Arthritis
  11. Controls Blood Pressure
  12. Normalize Cholesterol Levels
  13. Black Seed Oil for Skin
  14. Black Seed Oil for Hair

1. Black Cumin Seed Oil to Treat Cancer

CancerHow Does it Help?

The plant of Nigella sativa has been demonstrated to have a number of not just phytochemicals but proteins, alkaloids, essential oils, and saponin as well which has amazing benefits for the treatment of cancer. It is the presence of thymoquinone that inflicts pronounced effects on the treatment of cancer because of its natural antioxidant, anti-cancerous and anti-mutagenic properties. This compound present in the black cumin seed oil is amazing for suppressing the formation of tumours which is the basis of treatment of cancer in a number of patients.

Dosage Direction

Black seed oil has been repeatedly tested to have no adverse long-term side effects because of its oral consumption. Although there are no specific resources available on the permissible dosage, it is best to keep it on the minimal end because of the fact that 2 grams of the oil per kilogram of rats resulted in liver and kidney failure in the rats that they were tested on.

2. Helps to Relieve Asthma and Allergies

Asthma and AllergiesHow Does it Help?

The symptoms of asthma and allergies often accompany shortness of breath and constriction of the windpipe which is what makes it harder to breathe. Black Cumin Seed Oil has amazing anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties which acts the same as how it would be with a normal anti-asthmatic pump. It works to help minimize the intensity of asthma.

Dosage Direction

People who suffer with severe cases of asthma and allergies, it is always best to consume black seed oil every day for pronounced benefits. Start off with half a teaspoon of the black seed oil and consume it once a day for a week and then gradually up the dosage by half a teaspoon every coming week till the three teaspoon mark. While the black seed oil benefits are abundant, it is always best to consult a doctor before starting with any treatment.

3. Aids Digestion

Aids digestionHow Does it Help?

Yet another amazing black cumin seed oil benefit lies with its digestive properties. It has amazing carminative properties which are exactly what aids in the proper and improved process of digestion. This improves the overall metabolism which ensures proper breakdown of the ingested food. It helps to alleviate bloating, excess gas formation or even the muscle cramps of the internal organs.

Dosage Direction

For oral consumption, it is always best to stick to minimal amounts because a little goes a long way. It is always suggested to consult your physician first before jumping head first into consuming this.

4. Black Seed Oil for Depression

DepressionHow Does it Help?

The phytochemicals present in the black seed oil, help stabilize one’s mood which is one of the most important contributing factors to curing the signs and symptoms of depression. It sparks the hormonal balance in the body which is beneficial in maintaining one’s mood, to keep it happy and up rather than the complete opposite.

5. Diabetes

DiabetesHow Does it Help?

In a thoroughly conducted study by the Indian Council of Medical Research, researchers found that one of the most pronounced black seed oil benefits lie in the treatment of both types of Diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2). It has been found that this helps in the gradual increase in the production of the beta cells of the Pancreas which are responsible for the formation of Insulin in the body. The increased serum insulin concentration helps to keep the serum glucose concentration in check, thus ensuring proper treatment of diabetes.

Dosage Direction

Take 1 gm of black seed powder two times a day daily for at least a year or till when the doctor prescribes.

6. Promotes Weight Loss

Weight loss
How Does it Help?

Effective weight loss due to black seed oil is one of the most sought after benefits that are known amidst the masses. Although there has been little to no evidence regarding the process of action, it can be concluded for a fact that the Nigella sativa plant is listed as one of the most effective anti-obesity plants which is why the seeds are beneficial for weight loss as well.

Black cumin seed oil has also been found to not just reduce the overall weight of an individual but also the Body Mass Index (BMI) along with the circumference of the waist.

Dosage Direction

For effective impacts for weight loss, it is best to mix one teaspoon of black seed oil with double the quantity of honey and then consume it first thing in the morning. Do this daily for promising results.

7. Boosts Immune System

Boosts Immune SystemHow Does it Help?

Black Seed Oil benefits the overall immune system of an individual by increasing the count of white blood cells in the body. This is beneficial for the overall immunity of one’s self because it is the white blood cells that help protect the body from harmful germs and chemicals during flu, fever or even any kind of allergies.

8. Strengthen Liver Functions

Strengthen Liver functionsHow Does it Help?

Our liver is the primary site of toxin processing in our body. It helps to process the harmful toxin for excretion and even ensures the proper well being of the body. Even the bile produced in the liver plays a pivotal role in dissolving the fat and to keep one’s self-happy and healthy. If you are a heavy smoker or drinker, it is time to opt for black cumin seed oil because of its amazing benefits in the strengthening of the liver functions. Researches have shown that black seed oil can effectively not just repair the damaged tissues of the liver but also prevent any advent of disease in it.

9. Improves Fertility

Improves fertility
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How Does it Help?

Fertility is definitely a matter of concern that requires an array of treatment. What if I told you that the consumption of black seed oil has proven effects on the sperm motility of a male individual, thus helping cure the signs and symptoms of infertility? Well, it actually does. In a randomized, placebo-controlled clinical experiment it was found that the consumption of 2.5 ml of black seed oil helped boost the semen production, volume, sperm motility as well as the sperm count.

It is being concluded by several experts that black cumin seed oil benefits include positive impacts on the male fertility, including betterment of sperm production and even the other sex hormones.

Dosage Direction

Consume 2.5 ml of black seed oil daily once continuously for two months straight.

10. Inflammatory Rheumatoid Arthritis

Inflammatory rheumatoid arthritisDue to the high levels of anti-inflammatory properties, black seed oil is an amazing remedy for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis which is primarily caused because of the inflammation of the joints. The inflamed joints cause friction which is exactly what causes the loss of calcium from the bones along with pain that comes with this health ailment.

The oil can either be orally consumed or even just massaged directly onto the affected area of the joints for a faster relief from the pain.

11. Controls Blood Pressure

Controls blood pressureHow Does it Help?

High blood pressure imposed multiple negative impacts on one’s health. Consumption of black cumin seed extract for straight two months is believed to lower the blood pressure in an individual. It does so by significant dilation of blood vessels which help in the distant flow of the blood, thereby, reeling back to the normal levels of systolic and diastolic pressure in the body.

For dosage, it is always best to consult a doctor based on your requirements and needs because uncontrolled consumption of it often results in inflicting negative impacts on the health of an individual.

Dosage Direction

If you are consuming black seed oil, then consume 100-200 ml of the same two times a day for eight consecutive weeks. If you are inclining towards black seed powder, consume 0.5-2 grams of the same once for 12 consecutive weeks.

12. Normalize Cholesterol Levels

Normalize cholesterol levelsSeveral conducted studies on both animals and human traits have concluded for a fact that the black seed oil benefits doesn’t limit itself up to diabetes and blood pressure but extends to the maintenance of cholesterol levels in the body as well. Consumption of black seed oil showed to effectively reduce the levels of low-density lipoproteins (LDL) in the body and simultaneously increasing the levels of high-density lipoproteins (HDL). Higher concentration of HDL ensures that the fat molecules in the ingested food are safely transported till the liver for successful metabolism of it.

13. Black Seed Oil for Skin

Black seed oil for SkinBlack cumin seed oil benefits the skin as well and that too without inflicting any kind of negative impacts on the skin. It is an amazing remedy for the treatment of a number of skin disease and issues that can often only be cured with harsh chemical induced ointments. If you are not allergic to black seed oil, it is best to give this a go for treating some of the common skin diseases.

The most common skin problems that can easily be cured with black cumin seed include:

Now that we know of the common skin ailments that can be cured with black seed oil, let us focus on how the same is achieved.

The black seed oil works to outperform its benefits in four distinct ways on the skin:

  • It nourishes the skin. Black cumin seed oil is rich in Vitamins A, B, and E along with a number of other minerals and nutrients which has amazing benefits on providing the skin with exactly what it needs to stay nice and amazing.
  • Unclogs the pores and reduces excess oil production. One of the most common reasons for acne scarring lies in the excess production of oil along with the clogged pores. Even though black seed oil is oil, it helps in deep cleansing the face and getting rid of the clogged pores which is one of the primary skin causing problems.
  • Black seed oil helps effectively moisturize the skin with amazing vitamins and minerals and essential fatty acids. The presence of these fatty acids helps in prevention of formation of wrinkles and fine lines on the face.
  • The presence of Vitamin A along with a number of useful amino acids helps in getting rid of the dark spots on the skin.

14. Black Seed Oil for Hair

Black Seed Oil for HairMuch like skin, the black seed oil benefits extend to the hair as well. It is the presence of nigellone in it as one of its constituents that boosts the several hair benefits in an individual. Nigellone showcases anti-histamine properties which are amazing in ensuring the amazing and luscious growth of hair without fail.

Not just that, with the amazing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property that the black seed oil possesses, it simultaneously takes care of the scalp as well, thereby ensuring prohibition of the scalp related problems too.

Some of the common hair black seed oil benefits include:

  • Hair Growth
  • Removes Dandruff
  • Hydration and moisturisation of the scalp for better quality hair

Black Seed Oil Side Effects

Black Seed Oil Side EffectsWith the list of benefits mentioned above, the last lingering question in anyone’s mind would be about the side effects of the black seed oil and if or not they are worth contracting based on the kind of health benefits it is known for.

Although there are no mentions of ghastly side effects or life-threatening side effects of the black cumin seed oil, there are a few possible ones that one should be aware of before starting their dosage.

  • Skin reaction or allergic reaction to the skin. It is always best to conduct a patch test before you apply it on a larger expanse of the skin.
  • Vomiting and constipation
  • Can alter the blood pressure and glucose levels if consumed in an uncontrolled amount

As mentioned before, black seed oil benefits are numerous with little to no bad side effects to worry about. If you are still in a quagmire, it is always best to consult your doctor and then proceed with the oral consumption or topical application of the black cumin seed oil.