26 Health Benefits of Pomegranate That Will Leave You in Shock

pomegranate benefits

Pomegranate is more or less a well loved fruit, the sweet and tangy taste a definite people pleasure, isn’t it?

Even with the dissolution of the authenticity of the 613 seeds in each pomegranate, this fruit is not just good on your palate, but eating pomegranate benefits one’s health in a number of ways (which many people are not even aware of).

It is beneficial to understand that pomegranates are considered to be part of one of the healthiest fruits because of the amazing nutrients and plant compounds that it is rich in. The pomegranate benefits are pronounced primarily because of the lack of effects that it imposes.

If you have been wondering about the health benefits of pomegranate, sit back and scroll through the article to know more how these red juicy kernels can effectively improve your health.

What are the Health Benefits of Pomegranate?

What are the health benefits of pomegranate

There have been persistent studies that have actually proved the potent benefits of pomegranate on one’s health because of the amazing nutritional value that it contains.

Here are 24 of those pomegranate nutrition benefits for you to look into:

1. Pomegranate Benefits for Diabetes

Pomegranate benefitsThere are very conundrum reports when it comes to the pomegranate benefits for the treatment of diabetes. While some people believe that it is not a fruit that deteriorates the condition of a diabetic patient, it doesn’t necessarily cure it as well.

Pomegranate is loaded with amazing polyphenols whose antioxidative properties are amazing for one’s overall health. This fruit is not necessarily carbohydrate free because it actually does have sugar in it but because of the fact that the sugars are attached to the antioxidants, it becomes less hostile for diabetic patients, making it a great choice for them.

So, the question comes down to one. Can diabetic patients eat pomegranates? Yes, they can but in considerable quantities.

The antioxidants are good for one’s health and helps improve the overall functioning of the body and rids the body of the excess free radicals that can bring their health down. It doesn’t necessarily have a miraculous effect on curing diabetes (R) completely, but can help to a certain extent.

2. Pomegranate Benefits for Weight Loss

Pomegranate benefits for Weight lossOne of the pronounced benefits of pomegranate juice is its ability is cutting down those extra layers of unnecessary fat from the body. Many studies claim that people who drink the juice only and spit out the white fibrous part might be missing out on a number of pomegranate nutrition benefits.

Pomegranate is loaded with not just good antioxidants; it is also jam packed with amazing polyphenols and conjugated linolenic acid which have very beneficial effects on promoting weight loss (R) by burning of the excess fat in the body.

Apart from all of these, this red fruit is also amazing in suppressing your appetite which arrests you from overeating which is definitely beneficial in keeping your weight in check.

Eat a whole pomegranate as a snack in between the meals for the optimum results. Don’t just gorge on it and try and eat the entire thing in sections throughout the entire day and not at a go.

3. Pomegranate Benefits for Abortion

Pomegranate benefits for AbortionThe benefits of pomegranate might be very pronounced in enabling the restriction of several of health ailments but is the consumption of the same safe during pregnancy?

Several recent studies and researches have shown that the consumption of pomegranate (especially the extract and seeds) can be fatal for the foetus. If you are partaking in an intentional miscarriage due to circumstantial situations, pomegranate can be a viable option.

Pomegranate promotes the contraction of the uterine walls which can be help dislodge the attached embryo and cause an abortion. There is no concrete evidence or studies that back this up with a scientific explanation which is why it is best to consult a doctor and then proceed along with it.

If you are looking for ways to abort with pomegranate (R), consume the fruit extract in the first trimester of the pregnancy itself.

4. Pomegranate Benefits for Prostate Cancer

Pomegranate benefits for Prostate cancerProstate cancer and just the dysfunctional effects of the prostate in men is a common occurrence. Many studies have clarified for a fact that the consumption of pomegranate juice can be a great remedy for declining the progression of the prostate cancer.

In a few studies, it has been evident that the consumption of pomegranate juice (R) helps in reducing the rate of the rise of the prostate specific antigen which is a significant sign that the cancer is not spreading rapidly which is how the pomegranate juice benefits in the treatment of prostate cancer.

5. Pomegranate Benefits for Breast Cancer

Pomegranate benefits for breast cancer
ImageSource: www.answersingenesis.org

One of the primary contributors to the growth and spreading of breast cancer is primarily dependant on the effect of estrogen. Shocker, isn’t it?

It is believed that the enzyme aromatase is the key enzyme which aids in the production of estrogen that, in turn, propels the growth of the breast cancer. So, how does pomegranate fit in this entire process?

Studies show that the consumption of pomegranate helps in prohibiting the growth and spreading of cancer in the breast. It is believed that it is the ellagitannins in the pomegranate which effectively inhibits the activity of the aromatase and helps treat breast cancer (R).

6. Pomegranate Benefits to Lower Blood Pressure

Pomegranate benefits to Lower blood pressureAccording to normal physiological limits, the normal blood pressure of an individual is considered to be around 120/80 mm of Hg. It is necessary to have a steady rate of the same for proper functioning of the body mainly because of the fact that hypertension is one of the primary contributors to heart risks.

There could be several reasons behind the heightened blood pressure but the health benefits of pomegranate help in keeping the blood pressure levels (R) in check.

It is believed that pomegranate juice, or just the fruit in general, helps acts as a natural ACE (Angiotensin converting enzyme) inhibitor which is how it is beneficial in lowering the blood pressure back to normal.

The mode of action is such in which the inhibition of the ACE aids in vasolidation and relaxes the blood vessels which promotes better blood flow and reduced pressure on the blood vessels and the heart on a whole.

7. Pomegranate Benefits for Acidity

Pomegranate benefits for Acidity
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With the impending consumption of spicy and rich foods, there are possibilities that we may suffer from acidity, sour stomach and chest burns on a whole. Studies claim that the consumption of pomegranate juice (10 ml) can be a great remedy for the treatment of such health problems in the gastrointestinal tract (R).

It is believed that it helps neutralize the excess stomach acids which cause the heart burns and uneasiness in the abdomen because of acidity and also helps balance pitta and the pomegranate benefits the patients suffering from GERD symptoms.

8. Pomegranate Benefits for Heart Health

Pomegranate benefits for heart healthThe usage of pomegranate for health benefits is an age old tradition that has been withered down over the years. The benefits of pomegranate are very pronounced in various health issues, the heart and the cardiovascular system being the most.

The antioxidant alongside the anti-inflammatory effects with the amazing nutritional benefits of this fruit helps in keeping the heart healthy and strong.

The four common (yet the most important) ways by which eating pomegranate benefits the heart health include:

    • It lowers blood pressure (R). If you suffer from hypertension, drink 150ml of pomegranate juice every day for two weeks straight to get promising results.
    • It reduces the onset of atherosclerosis (R). It fights the lesions caused because of the hardened arteries and even combats the sudden thickness of the arteries and keeps the risks of possible heart attacks at bay.
    • Improves blood flow to the heart. Studies have claimed that the benefits of pomegranate (R) juice are very pronounced in people suffering with ischemic heart diseases. The consumption of 240 ml of the juice straight for 3 months can help improve the blood flow to the heart.
  • It relatively keeps the levels of cholesterol in check. The antioxidant properties of pomegranate are what aids in lowering the levels of LDL and cholesterol levels in the body for a better cardiovascular activity.

9. Pomegranate Benefits to Improve Memory

Pomegranate benefits to Improve memoryPomegranate is loaded with amazing and beneficial antioxidants which impose amazing benefits for improving not just the memory but the overall cognitive abilities in an individual.

It is the rich concentration of polyphenols in the fruit which have amazing neuro-protective properties that help protect the overall neural connections of the body, especially those in the brain, thereby boosting one’s memory.

Drinking pomegranate juice, in control, can definitely be very beneficial for the overall health of an individual, especially in impacting their memory and other cognitive functions.

10. Pomegranate Benefits to Help Get in the Mood

Pomegranate benefits to help get in the moodThe list of aphrodisiac foods is not short but pomegranate sure does secure its position in the top part of it. It has been used as such since way back in history by the Greeks.

Now, leaving the history behind; scientifically, the consumption of pomegranate juice benefits men who suffer from erectile dysfunctioning. Consumption of pomegranate juice in regulated amounts effectively helped cure the problem in a gradual basis.

Not just that, the pomegranate nutrition benefits extend to the regulation of production of testosterone in both men and women which is a great contributor to increasing one’s libido and helps you get in the mood.

11. Pomegranate Benefits to Treat Diarrhea

Pomegranate benefits to treat DiarrheaDiarrhea is a condition characterized by the frequent loss of stools and that too in a liquid form. The benefits of pomegranate might not be that prominent in this regard but is not completely negligible too.

The combination of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties along with the amazing digestive properties help to cure the symptoms of diarrhea at bay (R). If you are suffering from diarrhea because of indigestion (which is most likely the case), drinking pomegranate juice or simply just munching on the kernels can help curb the problems that come along with this ailment.

12. Pomegranate Benefits During Pregnancy

Pomegranate benefits during pregnancyWhile there are mentions of abortion in the previous section of the article with the consumption of pomegranate, it is necessary to know that the same is facilitated when pregnant women either consume the extract or the rinds of the fruit which have uterine contractive properties.

Recent studies conducted by the Washington University claim that the consumption of pomegranate juice during pregnancy (R) can be beneficial for the overall health of both the mother and the baby.

The benefits of pomegranate juice during pregnancy included the prevention of preeclampsia, immature delivery and even on the growth restriction of the baby. The amazing polyphenols concentration was found beneficial for protecting the cells from extensive stress.

13. Pomegranate Benefits for Digestion

Pomegranate benefits for DigestionPomegranate is not just a beneficial fruit loaded with antioxidants; it also acts as an amazing catalyst in activating a number of digestive enzymes (R), which, in turn, aid to ensure proper digestion of the food in the GI tract.

If you are looking for good benefits of pomegranate for digestion, mix pomegranate juice with a bit of honey and drink it. It will lower your uneasiness and cure any signs of stomach bloating that you may feel because of indigestion.

14. Pomegranate Benefits Because of Vitamin C Concentration

Pomegranate benefits because of Vitamin C concentration

The presence of Vitamin C in the pomegranate juice benefits the body in a number of ways. Vitamin C is one of the best natural antioxidants which ensure to keep the presence of free radicals at bay. Not just that, it simultaneously aids in the keeping the cells healthy and prevent unnecessary cell damage.

Vitamin C content of pomegranate (R) is also effective in keeping the skin tight and supple and prevents signs of ageing which is exactly what eating pomegranate benefits you with. If you aren’t diabetic, eating this fruit regularly won’t cause you any harm but if you are diabetic, try and eat it every other day to prevent any kind of upsurge in the glucose levels.

15. Pomegranate Benefits Helps Strengthen Teeth

Pomegranate benefits helps strengthen teethGum diseases and plaque are the two most common factors that are responsible for the weakening of not just the gums but the teeth too.

One of the proven health benefits of pomegranate is the fact that it helps in treating the signs of plaque (R) and helps remove it for a better oral health of an individual. It helps extract the plaque that is caused because of poor oral health and removes it to clean the teeth and strengthen the gums and teeth, on a whole.

16. Pomegranate Benefits Strengthening of Immune System

Pomegranate benefits strengthening of immune systemPomegranates have amazing benefits in the protection of the immune system, especially because of its high concentration of antioxidants and anti-microbial properties.

While benefits of pomegranate because of its antioxidant properties are effective in prohibiting the unnecessary cell damage because of oxidative stress, the same doesn’t just stop there.

Pomegranate juice is loaded with anti-microbial properties which are beneficial in killing any kind of foreign particles that could attack the immune system of the body. It especially has amazing importance in perishing the presence of E. coli in the stomach.

Yet another amazing pomegranate juice benefits lies with its anti-inflammatory properties  (R) which are beneficial in the reducing the size and severity of the tumors.

17. Pomegranate Benefits Menstrual Health

Pomegranate benefits menstrual healthIf you suffer from irregular periods or even painful periods, the pomegranate juice (R) is an amazing natural remedy for that.

Because of its slight uterine contraction properties along with the antioxidant properties, it is an effective inducer of periods. It can be a great remedy if you are looking to do something to make your periods more regular and less painful.

Try and start drinking pomegranate juice at least 10-15 days before your regular period dates and that should do the trick in inducing the cycle with ease.

18. Pomegranate Benefits Help Dissolve Kidney Stones

Pomegranate benefits help dissolve kidney stones
ImageSource: www.seuespacosaude.com

Yet another amazing pomegranate nutrition benefits include the well being of the kidneys. The antioxidant properties of the pomegranate juice help in keeping the kidneys healthy and prevent the recurrence of kidney stones.

If you are someone who has troubles with acidic urine, eating pomegranate benefits in lowering the acidic nature of the urine as well. The better the well being and functioning of the kidneys (R), the less are the chances of you developing this issue.

19. Regeneration of Body Cells

Pomegranate is a good source of zinc nutrient, that is required for healthy functioning of the skin. Zinc, a mineral that helps in the growth of basal cells, the precursor cells develop into mature skin tissue and assist in wound healing. An antioxidant activated by zinc help to protect the skin from damage. It also protects the epidermis and dermis by encouraging skin cell renewal, repair of tissues, healing the wounds and encouraging circulation to skin that is healing.

20. Improve Bone Quality

Cartilage present in enzyme inhibitors makes your bone strong. The enzyme inhibitors help to prevent break to the cartilage and may help to control cartilage degeneration. Because of the degeneration of cartilage cause osteoarthritis.

21. Pomegranate Benefits for Skin Whitening

Pomegranate benefits for Skin whitening
ImageSource: www.thehealthsite.com

Yet one of the amazing benefits of pomegranate lies in its ability to make the skin brighter and healthier. While the consumption of the fruit and juice will provide with amazing health benefits, it is believed that the peel and seeds of pomegranate which imposes amazing benefits for the skin (R).

For Skin Brightening:

    1. Mix two tablespoons of the pomegranate peel powder with two tablespoons of lemon
    1. Add 1 teaspoon of honey and mix to form a smooth paste
    1. Add water if required
    1. Apply this paste all over the face and leave it till it dries
    1. Wash it off with water and pat dry your face
  1. Repeat this twice or thrice a week

Get the store bought readymade pomegranate seeds and peel powder. This will cut down a lot on your hard work but provide you with amazing results at the same time. Mix this powder either with milk, honey or even lemon to help treat the discolouration on the skin and get rid of the dark marks one gets because of blemishes or acne.

22. Pomegranate Benefits for Acne

Pomegranate benefits for acneEven though there is no scientific evidence to back up the claims, it is believed that pomegranate aids with the treatment of acne on face (R).

While drinking the pomegranate juice benefits by lessening the oxidative stress of the body with its amazing antioxidant properties, the same is also known for its amazing anti-microbial properties too. The primary reason of acne and pimples root from the excess secretion of sebum and the microbial infestations inside the clogged pores.

The pomegranate is an amazing remedy for that, because not only does it regulate the well being of the cells, it also ensures to keep the microbial activity in check.

23. Pomegranate Benefits for Healing Wounds and Scars

Pomegranate benefits for healing wounds and scarsThe benefits of pomegranate juice is very pronounced in the healing of scars and wounds, primarily because of the amazing anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties that pomegranate has on one’s health.

24. Pomegranate Benefits Help With Sun Protection

Pomegranate benefits help with sun protectionWhile summers are definitely beautiful, they bring along their fair share of downsides with it as well – the primary being the scorching sun. The UV rays of the sun are very harmful for one’s health which is why it is always beneficial to keep your skin protected from the scorching heat of the sun.

Eating pomegranate benefits by preparing the skin from within to withstand the harmful rays. The consumption of the pomegranate extract helps increase the body’s SPF by 20% (R) which is definitely better than any store bought sunscreens which are sometimes loaded with harmful chemicals that are not good for the skin.

25. Pomegranate Benefits for Ageing and Wrinkles

Pomegranate benefits for ageing and wrinkles
ImageSource: www.onlymyhealth.com

Ageing and wrinkles is a sign of not just the increasing age but also of the deteriorating condition of the skin.

A conducted study (R) in a lab in Spain concluded the fact that the pomegranate has beneficial effects on gradual decline in the oxidation of the DNA which is heftily responsible for the process of ageing.

The study focused on the potent important of not just the juice of the pomegranate but the pith, skin and the peel too. The mixture of all of these effectively helped enhance the cell’s overall health by keeping them in a healthy condition and not something that would eventually contribute to ageing and fine lines.

26. Pomegranate Benefits for Hair Health

Pomegranate benefits for hair healthMuch like for skin, the benefits of pomegranate are pronounced for one’s hair health as well. It helps in strengthening the hair follicles, mostly because of the presence of amazing array of antioxidants in it.

Even the seeds of the pomegranate and the seed oil have amazing benefits in making the hair stronger and healthier. The pomegranate seeds consist of punicic acid which is very beneficial for strengthening one’s hair.

The benefits of pomegranate oil also help treat the dryness and fizziness of the hair and make them smoother and softer and much more manageable.

How Much Pomegranate Should One Consume Daily?

How much pomegranateNow that you have read about the benefits of pomegranate, let us divert our focus into the quantity of pomegranate that is permissible for consumption on a daily basis.

As per the database of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the permissible quantity of pomegranate consumption on a daily basis for a woman and a man varies.

While a man is suggested to eat 2 cups of the pomegranate fruit, the same is 1.5 cups for a woman. It is always best to stick to the suggested quantities if you are ingesting them and not using it topically.

Who Should Not Have Pomegranate?

Who should not have pomegranateLike every other food that has beneficial effects on the treatment of a number of health ailments, it also has a bit of a negative backlash to it.

When asked who should avoid pomegranate, the answer narrows down to two – pregnant ladies and diabetic patient.

Now, before you get misleaded, it is necessary to know that the consumption of pomegranate juice (in sparing quantities) have little to no side effects on one’s health, even if they are pregnant or diabetic.

But, that being said, because of the carbohydrate content, it is always best to drink the juice in sparing quantities and never overdo it.

For pregnant ladies, it is always advised to stick to the fruit and the juice because studies suggest that the rind and the skin of the pomegranate have uterine contraction properties which can prove fatal for the pregnancy.

Side Effects of Pomegranate

Side effects of pomegranate
ImageSource: www.faddyfeed.com

The six primary side effects of pomegranate include:

    • The excess consumption of pomegranate tends to adversely affect the enzymatic (R) production and function in the liver. If you are prescribed with cholesterol lowering drugs and you are consuming them, chances are that the pomegranate juice will prohibit the action of these consumed drugs.
    • Apart from the pomegranate benefits, it also induces the onset of allergies (R) because of excess consumption of it. Some of the common signs and symptoms of pomegranate allergy include redness on the face, rashes, labored breathing, etc.
    • Pomegranate is permissible for diabetic patients but in sparing quantities. Since it sure does contain a good amount of carbohydrate in it, it is always best advised to not consume it in uncontrolled levels because the same can make it worse for a diabetic patient.
    • The excess consumption is also not good for the overall digestive health of an individual. It can inflict signs of discomfort, irritation and even abdominal pain if the situations are extremely severe.
    • Pomegranate helps lower blood pressure, so, if you are someone who already struggles with low levels of blood pressure, it is best to stay wary of this because the same can down the levels further which won’t be healthy for you. It is always advised to consult a doctor before consuming this as a dosage for hypertension.
  • While the fruit, seeds and even the peel have beneficial health properties, the stem and roots of pomegranate have negative side effects on one’s health. They promote tannin poisoning on excess usage which is definitely very ghastly for one’s health.

Pomegranate benefits are pronounced not just for the skin and hair but the overall health of an individual. With their amazing nutritional composition, pomegranate is considered as one of the most nutritious and health benefitting fruits amidst the lot. Make sure to always be wary of the side effects too, to avoid any kind of complications.