18 Weird Health Tips That Actually Work Miraculously

Weird Health Tips

With a majority of people trying their own list of tips and tricks for a healthier lifestyle, it is quite potent that the weird health tips that you see and witness round the clock actually do inflict beneficial impacts in getting the desired results.

Maximum of the big medical studies grab the attention first, these small yet effective health tips are not so bad after all. These approaches are pretty straightforward and on point.

In this article, we have shared some of those weird health tips that you must have heard of, but have never tried to use them in real life.

Weird Health Tips You Need To Know Of

Weird health tips you need to know of
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In this segment of the article, we are going to be sharing some of the bizarre but very effective health tips that will leave you questioning and gobsmacked at the same time.

Buckle up, ladies, gentlemen and my non-binary readers.

1. Flush The Toilet With The Lid Down

Flush the toilet with the lid down
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Now, you must be here thinking, why does it matter whether or not the lid of the toilet is down while flushing, right? Well, it very well matters.

Scientists and researchers (R) have suggested that it is beneficial to flush with the lid down mainly because of the fact that the open lid tends to discharge off several types of bacteria and other microbes from the faeces into the bathroom environment for quite a long time before it settles on the things in the bathroom.

Sounds quite extensive, doesn’t it? Experts have even tested to find the presence of E.coli in the bathroom stuff in the house of people who tend to flush their toilets with the lid open.

2. News Shoes For More Orgasm

News shoes for more orgasm
ImageSource: www.thelist.com

We are talking about “weird health tips” for a reason, right? It is quite important to understand that this is actually a fact and not a myth. This health tip might come off as phoney but the same actually does work.

In a conducted study (R) by the researchers from the University of Verona, the scientists examined 66 women under the age of 50 and found that wearing of heels was directly linked with the functioning of the pelvic floor muscles, otherwise known as the pleasure muscles.

So, while the new pair of heels have been making you feel like you are walking on needles, the same can easily compensate the pain by increasing the chances of awarding you with an orgasm. Quite the bargain, isn’t it?

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3. Get Rid Of High Fever With Ice

Get rid of high fever with iceWell, I know, I know. You must be here thinking how does this qualify as one of the weird health tips, right? It very well does when I tell you where you need to place the ice.

A fever which skirts around the temperature of 102°F, is often just considered mild which can be tended to using the consumption of fluids and such. But, anything above that often does end up causing the negative implications for one’s well being.

One of the best ways to get rid of high fever is by placing an ice pack either under the arm or near the area of your crotch. While the location of these might seem absurd and bizarre, it actually does aid in bringing down the overall core temperature of the body and helps calm the fever down. Make sure to consult a doctor either way.

4. Chocolate Milk After Workout

Chocolate Milk after Workout
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Don’t get deterred by this because of this yet another one of the weird health tips that work like wonders.

A study conducted by the researchers from the Loughborough University (R) have actually evidently proven that chocolate milk post workout is actually quite beneficial in inducing muscle recovery and providing with an easy and tasty way to restore the lost energy during the process of an extensive workout.

It is believed that the combination of the milk with the chocolate is what aids in providing with the positive implications. The milk aids in boosting the body with the necessary amount of protein, water and electrolytes while the chocolate is an amazing source of carbohydrate after the strenuous workout.

5. Granny Smiths for Better Well Being

Granny Smiths for Better Well BeingYou must have heard of the phrase, “An Apple A Day, Keeps the Doctor Away.” This phrase is not just an old folklore but something that actually does work.

In a study conducted (R) by the researchers from the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation stated that the odour of green apple has potential therapeutic benefits to stave off the signs and symptoms associated with a migraine and the headache that accompanies the situation.

The researchers believe that it is the pleasant smell of the apples that help ignite a feeling of calmness in the mind and helps steer clear off of the painful experience associated with a migraine. It heals the extensive tension and associated stress and helps cure a migraine headache by soothing the senses effectively.

6. Wait Till Your Brush Your Teeth

Wait till your brush your teeth
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When I say wait till you brush your teeth, I am talking about avoiding brushing right after you are done with your meals. We often eat acidic foods like tomato; lemons etc. in our food and meals which tend to soften the outer layer of the teeth.

If you brush your teeth right after you are done eating your food, it channels the heightened activity of these acidic compounds which end up eroding the enamel and inflicts negative implications on the teeth.

Wait for 30-60 minutes after your meals and then do the brushing.

7. Confuse The Brain

Confuse the brain
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Much like how you mitigate pain temporarily by applying pressure on the area of even applying something hot or cold to divert the pain signals going up to the brain, the same can be done when you have an itchy skin under the cast.

When you have a consistent itch, it is best to scratch the opposite arms (R) on the same spot. This tends to confuse your brain thinking that you are scratching the real itch when in reality, you are not. This is what aids in getting rid of the itch altogether.

This phenomenon is psychologically and in medical terms, termed as mirror scratching.

8. More Water For Bloating

More water for bloatingDrinking more water (R) while you are already bloated can actually sound like a very unappealing thing to do but trust me, this is one of those weird health tips that actually does work.

The water helps bind with the soluble fibers in the GI tract and actually forms a gel like substance which ends up improving the gut motility and thus helping in getting rid of the signs and symptoms associated with stomach bloating.

Not just that, a study has even suggested that dehydration often times is a very potent reason behind the bloating which can be combated by drinking a glass of water.

9. Workout When You Are Tired

Workout when you are tiredIndulging in some exercise while you are already tired and fatigued can actually help to get your energy levels back on track. I know, this might seem like one of those weird health tips that wouldn’t even work but surprisingly, it does.

There has actually been studying (R) conducted by the researchers from Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise Fatigue state that they witnessed a sudden relief in the mood and also in healing the signs of depression after a moderate workout session of 30 minutes.

The scientists finally even concluded stating that the same is actually possible, primarily because of the fact that it boosts the presence of oxygen in the body, which improves and boost the overall energy levels.

10. Honey As A Disinfectant

Honey as a disinfectantHoney is more than a moisturizer or a sweetener for your dessert. While this might actually come off as a weird health tip, it actually does work in providing relief from the pain inflicted by the wounds.

It has been found in several studies about how much of an amazing antibacterial (R) agent honey is. This is the reason why it is quite beneficial for the wound healing because not just it heals the wounds and moisturizes the affected area; it also helps in preventing any signs and symptoms of infection that could be caused because of microbial activity.

Apply a generous amount of honey on the wound and cover the same with some bandage and gauge and leave it on for a few hours on end.

11. Chewing Gum For Better Concentration

Chewing gum for better concentrationThe benefits of chewing gum are not just for getting rid of the bad breath, the same extends for the psychological aspects of one’s health too. Chewing gum has been found to be great for improving brain function and even influencing the overall memory, cognitive functions (R) as well as concentration (R).

Studies (R) have even shown that chewing mint flavoured chewing gum has the capability of keeping the signs and symptoms of tiredness and fatigue at bay.

Not just that, studies (R) (R) have also shown the people who chew gum tend to have better memory and even test scores by 35% more than the ones who don’t.

12. Black Pepper for Cuts and Wounds

Black Pepper for Cuts and WoundsOkay, I know that the application of black pepper might actually sound a lot painful on a cut, right? But, it actually does work in getting rid of the pain as well as helps stop the blood loss that accompanies the condition.

Black pepper has beneficial analgesic (R), antibacterial (R) as well as antiseptic properties which help get rid of the pain as well as the blood loss that you have been worried about. And do you want to know the best part in all of this? The black pepper, unlike actual peppers, doesn’t sting or hurt. So, that’s a bonus.

Before applying the black pepper, make sure to wash the wound thoroughly and then apply the black pepper and press it down on the cut. It will help seize the blood loss almost immediately.

13. Get A Pet

Get a petThis might not be much of those weird health tips but something quite familiar, isn’t it?

Pets are known to be an amazing antidote for any kind of stressful condition that you are undergoing. But, the thing that can shock and intrigue you is the fact that studies have found that petting a dog actually does help in getting rid of the risks associated with high blood pressure and heart disease consequently.

Petting a dog helps keep your blood pressure levels in control and keeps the associated risks of heart disease and strokes at bay. It is actually an amazing stress buster, so if you have been under a lot of stress, getting a dog would not be a bad option.

14. More Calories for Losing Weight

More Calories for Losing WeightIf you have been living under the rock, you might be unaware of this, but if you are on the lookout for easier yet effective ways to get rid of the extra pounds of weight from your body, switch the carbohydrate in your meals with healthy fats.

Consuming more calories and fats instead of carbohydrates actually do help in triggering the process of ketogenesis in the body, which ends up burning excess fats from the body and thus help in weight loss.

The ketogenic diet (R) is one of the most trending forms of diet and while the same might seem like one of those weird health tips because you are actually eating more fats to lose fats, but the same actually does work marvellously.

15. Hot When Hot

Hot when hot
ImageSource: www.livestrong.com

It might seem a bit farfetched and a bit wound up when someone says that drinking hot beverage during a hot weather is the way to go about it but honestly, it does work.

Consuming hot in hot weather (R) helps the body acclimatize to the weather better and helps in promoting proper cooling down of the body. There is no rocket science or difficult explanation behind the same but sometimes quite basic.

When you consume a hot drink, it makes you sweat more and thereby the increased rate of evaporation aids in cooling the body down.

16. Hypothermia Can Alter Death In Cardiac Patients

Hypothermia can alter death in cardiac patients
ImageSource: www.inscol.com

This is one of those weird health tips that are administered by a number of doctors and experts in reviving the health of a number of cardiac patients, even when they are on the edge of dying.

It is believed that cooling of a cardiac arrest patient’s overall core temperature lower than 32 degrees centigrade actually does aid in getting rid of the possibility of a further deteriorating condition. The process, often known as Induced Hypothermia is actually very effective in inducing complete recovery in patients.

The process involves either injecting a cold saline solution into the body or even placing ice packs on their body to promote faster recovery. The process of hypothermia is often associated with the induction of death because of lowered rate of metabolism and such but the same can also reverse the problems associated with slowing down the dying process in cardiac arrest patients.

17. Spearmint For Hormonal Balance

Spearmint for hormonal balance
ImageSource: www.organicfacts.net

Hormonal balance of the body plays a very crucial role in the overall well being of an individual. If you have been seeking effective ways to maintain the levels of the same, you would be surprised to know that spearmint actually does have amazing benefits on the same.

The spearmint has amazing anti-androgen properties (R) which have beneficial impacts in women who tend to produce excess male hormones in their body and showcase secondary side effects because of that like excess facial hair and such.

Drink 2 cups of spearmint tea every day.

18. Sugar For Hiccups

Sugar for hiccups
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This is definitely one of those weird health tips that actually do have amazing results. Consuming a spoonful of sugar with some water can actually help in subsiding the hiccups that you have been complaining about.

The main reasoning behind the same is believed to be because the sugar stimulates the Vagus nerve which simultaneously triggers the body to stop hiccupping.

The list of weird health tips might actually make you question its effectiveness but trust me on this, sometimes the weirdest tend to bring about the most beneficial results. These health tips mentioned are all scientifically backed up to prove their beneficial impacts which is why it is best to try them out if you are stuck in any of these situations.