14 Ways To Maintain Weight After Weight Loss – Consistency Is Key


Losing weight itself is a tough job and what makes it even tougher is to maintain your weight loss. Many people often tend to take their progress lightly and reverse the results of all the efforts they have put in to make it big. Knowing ways to maintain weight can actually help boost one’s overall health for the better.

In order to sustain weight loss, it is important to ensure that you follow through some of the important factors that influence your overall body weight and physique. It could be anything related to your diet as well as your lifestyle.

By the end of this article, you will have a fair share of knowledge regarding the ways to keep the weight off after losing it. Realise that everything depends on how motivated you are through the process.

What Causes Weight Gain After Weight Loss?

Non-adherence to a healthy lifestyle is going to make you regain weight after weight loss. Our body is programmed to do whatever we subject it to.

So, it goes without saying that you are going to lose weight effectively when you are subjecting it with a heavy diet and an active lifestyle. The same can’t necessarily be said when it comes down to the prospect of letting things loose.

Some of the common causes that can make you gain weight after your weight loss include:

  • Non-adherence to the same ways during weight loss
  • Improper and unhealthy diet
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Inclusion of too much sugary beverages
  • Underlying health conditions taking over the health

How To Maintain Weight Loss?

Now, coming on to the main topic of discussion. How to maintain weight loss? To be frank and honest, there are a number of ways in which you can sustain weight loss or even deal with the weight gain following a restrictive diet session.

If you have been witnessing weight gain following a weight loss phase, just go through these weight maintenance goals and you are all set.

1. Don’t Forget to Exercise

Even more than the diet, exercise and maintaining an active lifestyle plays a very crucial role when it comes down to the prospect of gaining an unnecessary amount of weight following losing it.

In order for maintaining weight after weight loss, it is always best suggested to ensure that you stick to an effective and good exercise regime. What this does is help burn off the excess calories and even boost your overall metabolism for the better.

A conducted study (R) with multiple participants found that the people who did adhere to a healthy exercise regime of 200 minutes in a week were found to have a better energy balance that helped them maintain their weight loss results.

2. Find Whats Doable

When it comes to weight loss, there is nothing static or standard about it. What this entails is the fact that what routine you were following during the weight loss phase might not seem plausible once you have achieved your goal.

This is where the problem arises. If you wish to maintain your weight even after your weight loss, it is important to ensure that you find your normal. It is not necessarily important to go all out. You can simply stick to a normal routine and still gain amazing results without any issues at all.

There are chances when you will want to find ways to cheat through the system and that’s okay and completely normal. But, it is also best suggested to find something that will keep you on track and also help you in “cheating” through sometimes.

3. Do it for Yourself

One of the most common misconceptions about weight loss and healthy living is the fact that people try to do it to please others and society.

Never do that.

If you want to lose weight, it is always best suggested to do every last bit of it for yourself. When you are clear with the fact that you are doing it for yourself, it does become a lot easier for you to handle the shortcomings and work through them.

It goes without saying that every last bit of the ways to maintain weight is subjective to your motivation and how you perceive things as.

4. Stick to the Routine you Had

You might not realize this but sticking to your weight loss routine can actually help you to achieve your weight maintenance goals. The last thing you want is to gain weight unnecessarily and having a sorted out routine does help out a lot in that.

Instead of blindly getting off track with the routine, try and have some semblance to the routine that you followed prior to achieving your weight loss. It is always best suggested to ensure that you don’t go all out but still have a similarity with what you did have before.

It is not about forcing yourself to do it, if you are motivated enough, you wouldn’t technically want to stop doing that.

5. Have a Healthy and Filling Breakfast

Breakfast technically is the most important meal of the day. That being said, it is not surprising why it is considered as one of the best things you consume throughout the day.

If you want answers to how to maintain weight loss, the answer most definitely lies in this. It is very important to ensure that you have a very healthy, nutritious as well as a filling breakfast.

It goes without saying that eating breakfast itself has been found to have drastic impacts on one’s overall metabolism. So, if you are suffering through and through with problems with weight gain following the weight loss process, it is always best suggested to never skip out on your breakfast on a daily basis.

Even studies (R) have found that people who eat breakfast on a daily basis are on the lesser risk of gaining an unprecedented amount of weight.

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6. Consume More Protein

You wouldn’t necessarily realize this but consuming more protein or including more protein in your diet can actually help in maintaining your weight. The main reason how it does it because of the fact that it helps attain your appetite and satiates you faster.

Not just that, protein also helps in increasing the production of certain hormones in the body which have been linked with satiety and hunger.

The consumption of protein has been found to have better impacts in helping regulate and reduce the levels of the hormones (R) in the body that promote hunger.

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7. Weigh Yourself

Yet another factor that does play a very important role in this is for you to weigh yourself on a regular basis.

It might technically not seem like the best option in mind but it is easy to adhere to if you are doing it for the right reasons.

Weighing yourself does help in keeping your knowledge in check. What it entails is the fact that you will have an idea of the literal changes that your body has been subjected to.

It goes without saying that if you are suffering through and through with the constant gain in the weight following your weight loss journey, it is always best suggested to ensure that you keep an eye out on the possible changes that are bound to happen.

8. Plan the Meals

You technically won’t realize this but planning your meals does have a very significant impact in helping assure that you don’t have to rely on the unhealthy foods outside.

What this does is end up causing issues with your digestion and even compromises your metabolism. The combination of these two has been devastating if you are trying to find ways to maintain weight after your weight loss journey.

It goes without saying that you need to ensure that what you are preparing for your meals is nutritionally balanced and also delicious so you don’t have to end up compromising your health by craving the unhealthy variants of the same food.

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9. Learn How to Handle Your Emotions

Much like with the common prospects of withdrawals the same is the case with the hunger and cravings too. When you are off of your restrictive weight loss diet, chances are that you will want to stick to a diet that caters the normal tasty yet unhealthy variants of the food that you have been seeking out for.

When you are craving something very badly, try and distract yourself with healthier variants or practice avoiding that in a healthy way because you are going to get stuck otherwise.

Some of the best ways include taking a walk, going to take your dog out, walking in your garden, indulging in some yoga or workout.

10. Watch the Calories

Yet another one of the factors that help to maintain weight after weight loss is by watching out for the calories. In a conducted study made by the American Society of Clinical Nutrition, it was found that the weight loss success stories enlisted under their data had one thing in common – the participants consumed a diet low in calories and fat.

If you are sticking to including fats in your diet, try and ensure that they are the healthier variants like the sources from omega 3 fatty acids like salmon, avocado and nuts.

Additionally, the prospect of calorie counting comes down with the health prospect of sticking to what your body ideally needs. If required, consult a nutritionist to get a better idea about the diet that your body needs and the rest will easily be sorted out for you.

11. Eat More Fibers

You technically won’t realize this but eating 30 gms of fiber on a daily basis has been found to have beneficial impacts in helping with preventing the weight gain after weight loss.

That being said also makes sure that you are including soluble and easily digestible fibers that are actually going to be good for your body.

Eating fibers in your diet help ensure that you reach your satiety quite easily and prevent unnecessary overeating which is one of the things that is responsible for the rampant rise in the body weight following a weight loss journey.

12. Take Care of Your Carb Intake

Carbs are one of the easiest and the most dangerous that can make you gain weight within the blink of an eye.

One of the best ways to deal with weight gain after weight loss is by ensuring that you keep a close eye out on the carb intake.

We aren’t suggesting that you completely cut out carbs from your diet because even that can have negative impacts on the body. The best way to combat that is by ensuring that you look out for the carb types that mimic the function of the fibers – like the complex carbs.

Instead of sticking to the simple carbs which are easily digested, it is always best suggested to ensure that you consume complex carbs which make it easy for you to reach satiety, prevents unnecessary overeating and also helps ensure that you don’t eat more than what your body needs.

13. Include More Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables can actually help out a lot when you are trying to keep a check out on your weight. Not only are they filled with essential vitamins and minerals, but they are also quite good for your health, in terms of your satiety.

It is always best suggested to ensure that you do look out for the fruits and veggies that you are getting because it is always best to opt for the organic variants of everything.

All that being said, if you have been struggling through and through with the constant weight gain, it is time to do things differently.

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14. Chew More

Studies have found that the people who chew their food more than 40 times at one go instead of 15 times are less likely to eat more. On the contrary, people who chew less and swallow their food to eat more because they feel like they are a lot hungry. This is exactly where the problem arises.

In order to keep that in check, it is always best suggested to ensure that you chew your food properly and till the smallest of pieces while eating to prevent easily avoidable weight gain.

How To Prevent Weight Gain After Weight Loss?

Before anything and even looking through the ways to maintain weight, it is important for one to know and understand for a fact that weight gain following your weight loss journey is quite common. You wouldn’t even realize but it is actually true and does happen with almost everyone around.

In order for you to be able to prevent this from happening in the first place, there are some important things that you need to keep into account.

Some of the Important Preventive Measures Include:

  • Be motivated through and through the processDon’t let go off of the routine just after you reach your goal
  • Accept failure and get back stronger
  • Have an active lifestyle
  • Eat a healthy diet even after you have achieved your ideal goal

There are several ways to maintain weight after your weight loss. Every last bit of it comes down and relies on how motivated you are through the way. It is important to ensure that you don’t lose track and even if you achieve your goal, stick to the routine to not get deterred through and through.