How to Cure Small Itchy Bumps on Skin

small itchy bumps

The problem of small itchy bumps on your skin can be caused due to various reasons regardless of your skin type. These red, bumpy rashes may cause a lot of irritation and make you highly uncomfortable. Thus, it is important to act on removing these small itchy bumps before it converts to some serious problem. These red small itchy bumps may appear all over the body. The problem of small itchy bumps on your skin can be caused due to various reasons regardless of your skin type.

Here we have tried to provide all the important information about the itchy small red bumps on the skin. Read on to know its different causes, symptoms as well as effective natural treatment. Also, find out some of the important tips on preventing various skin disorders.

What are Common Causes for Small Itchy Bumps?

common causes for small itchy bumps

As mentioned earlier, there are a different kind of causes of red small itchy bumps. These white small itchy bumps on the skin can appear due to improper hygiene as well as the lack of good skin care techniques. There may be other causes as well. Some of the major causes of small itchy bumps on the skin are listed below.

1. Allergic reactions

Allergies may cause due to contact with various allergens such as cosmetics, haircare, skincare as well as laundry detergent. This may cause skin irritation and various other skin disorders. Allergies can also cause due to particular chemicals as well as products which are allergic to your body. It is common to be allergic to particular fragrances as well. It is important to consult with your doctor immediately if you are experiencing a lot of allergic reactions due to certain products about the main cause of the reason.

You can also have an allergic reaction to certain medication as well as a food product. However, these bumps can appear anywhere on your body, unlike other allergies which are limited to the certain area. These allergies may also prove life threatening, so it is important to take the help of your doctor immediately.

2. Eczema

Another major skin disorder which can appear all over the body and cause inflammation of skin or dermatitis is known as eczema. However, you can find eczema more commonly on behind your knees or elbows. The signs and symptoms of these rashes may differ according to the person however common symptoms are red, dry and itchy small bumps.

3. Fabric rubbing

Itching or the formation of small bumps may also cause due to rubbing of certain clothes on your body on the wrong areas. This problem may arise when your clothes get rubbed on the sweaty skin. This may occur while you are working out. The best way to identify is to check whether the rash has appeared where you wear your athletic wears. The materials which are bulky as well as scratchy such as wool, which is worn commonly around the neck can be highly itchy.

4. Bug Bites

Red bumps on the body can also be caused due to the bite by certain bugs or insects. These bumps can cause severe irritation. The major example of it is a mosquito bite, which can cause bumpy, itchy red rash on your skin. The main area where these bumps may appear, while you are sleeping, are shoulders, neck, face, and arms. These bumps may prove more severe to people having sensitive skin. Although these bites do not cause any severe medical condition, it is important to meet your doctor immediately if it is causing a lot of problems.

5. Sun allergy

Getting out under the sun from the cold atmosphere may cause the breaking out of skin which may result in small itchy red bump on the skin. This is also considered as a reaction of your body to the sudden exposure of skin to the sun. Therefore it is important to use natural sunscreen lotions to stay away from sunburns or sunspots.

What are Symptoms and Signs of Small Itchy Bumps on Skin?

symptoms and signs of small itchy bumps on skin

The major symptom of small itchy bumps on your skin is the outbreak of small bumps which may cause itching as well as redness on the skin. Small itchy bumps on neck and small itchy bumps on the neck can be found due to various allergic reactions. These bumps can be large or small and can be different from person-to-person. Small bumps on fingers may also cause due to bacterial or viral infection.

Sometimes bumps may be accompanied with red scars and may form blisters which can also be highly painful. It is important to take the help of a doctor to know the exact cause of these blisters which can make you highly uncomfortable.

Best ways to Cure Small Itchy Bumps Naturally

cure small itchy bumps naturally

You can take the help of various natural home remedies to cure the problem of small itchy bumps on legs as well as other parts of the body. These natural home remedies are highly effective in small red itchy bumps on the skin does not cause any side effects if used properly. Some of the major natural remedies for itchy skin small bumps are listed below.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar
  2. Peppermint Leaves
  3. Aloe Vera
  4. Oatmeal
  5. Basil leaves

Home Remedies for Small Itchy Bumps

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is highly health friendly due to its antiseptic, antifungal as well as antibacterial properties. This is also highly helpful in eliminating itching which may cause due to the problem of dry skin. You can also use apple cider vinegar for your pets facing the problem of dry, itchy skin by adding it into their bathing water.

    • Take a cotton ball and take few drops of apple cider vinegar on it.
    • Place the cotton ball on the affected area and rinse it gently.
  • It is important to use unadulterated, unfiltered, raw, organic apple cider vinegar for the process as it contains beneficial enzymes as well as bacteria.

2. Peppermint Leaves

Peppermint is considered as one of the best remedies to reducing itching of skin due to bug bites. It helps in getting relief from pain by providing a cooling effect.

    • Take some peppermint leaves and crush it.
    • Apply the crushed leaves on the affected area and rinse it gently.
  • You can also use peppermint leaves along with ice to reduce swelling as well as inflammation. Always choose ice which is made with freezing of filtered, clean water.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is effective in reducing almost every kind of skin irritation. Although aloe vera is primarily used to treat the sunburns, it also helps in providing a soothing effect to the skin and helps in reducing inflammation as well as swelling.

    • Take a fresh aloe vera leaf and extract gel from it.
    • Apply the extracted gel on the affected area.
    • Leave it for few minutes and then wash it off with water.
    • Rinse it gently while washing.
  • You can also keep the gel in a refrigerator for letting it cool and then apply. It will provide a cooling effect as well.

4. Oatmeal

Oatmeal helps in reducing inflammation as it contains an important compound in it known as avenanthramides. Oatmeal is also one of the effective traditional medicine to treat various types of skin diseases. You can opt for an oatmeal bath to reduce bumps on the skin areas, which are difficult to reach.

    • Crush some fresh oatmeal.
    • Add water in the and mix well.
    • Make a thick paste of it.
    • Apply the paste on the affected area.
    • Leave it for 2-3 minutes.
  • Then wash it off with the help of water.

5. Basil Leaves

Another one of the best remedies to cure small itchy bumps is basil leaves. It is helpful in reducing itching as it contains health-friendly compounds known as thymol and camphor. You can use basil leaves to cure small bumps on the skin caused due bug bites. You can also rub the affected area with the help of basil leaves as it will satisfy the urge of scratching the area due to itching and prove helpful.

    • Take some basil leaves.
    • Crush them well.
  • Apply the crushed leaves directly on the affected area.

Tips to Practice Skin Clean Habits

Tips to practice skin clean habits

You can easily prevent the small itchy bumps form keep appearing on the body through practicing some important skin clean habits. These habits will also helpful in preventing the small itchy bumps on the body from spreading. Some of the helpful tips are given below.

    • Various infections, including skin, can be eliminated with the help of the consumption of vitamin C. Thus, it is important to raise the amount of vitamin C in your diet.
    • Do not apply petroleum jelly or mineral oils on the bumps as it may complicate the problem even more.
    • Avoid using deodorants, antiperspirants as well as body lotions which are rich in chemicals to get rid of formation of bumps on the skin due to allergies.
    • Start drinking a lot of water to flush out all the toxins from the body as well as beneath the skin. It will also help in regulating body temperature and keeping you hydrated.
  • Reduce the risk of fungal infection by increasing the probiotic content in your diet.