Simple Ways To Tackle Insomnia

ways to tackle insomnia

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder in which you cannot sleep enough or are awake for a long time. Many often face trouble going to bed or keep awake with sleeping undone completely. Sleep is very essential for the body to repair itself from its wear and tear and to enhance the brain’s memory and function. It is natural for people to go to bed at night and get a sleep, but for many in the present time, sleep deprivation or insomnia has become a major issue. It may be due to factors like stress, unhealthy food and many more. Following some tips or ways to tackle insomnia can help you have a good night’s sleep and say welcome to a fresh morning. They may be a good diet, exercising regularly, avoiding bad habits like smoking or drinking or consuming caffeine.

Some Of The Ways To Tackle Insomnia

1Make a proper daily routine

Make a daily routine and stick to it. They include taking meals on time, going to bed early, eating humbly and not too much and not in between meals or late night meals. Our body has been designed in a way that it acts according to a system it has been made of. Anything going wrong against your system could get you into trouble not only insomnia, but also other health issues.

Follow your biological clock and you can have a good digestive health and food gets digested on time and it sends signals to your body to sleep. Going early to bed and early to rise is affordable and gets you to the same path. Sleep deprivation otherwise could be a burning issue to you without proper routine. Hence, make it a point to eat healthy and not late in the nights, try reaching bed on time and do not eat at least an hour before going to bed.


Although there are divergent views about whether caffeine is related to causing insomnia, consuming caffeine can affect your sleep. So you may have to be watchful with the intake of caffeine through coffee, tea or drinks or even chocolate. Caffeine has the power of stimulating your central nervous system. So it may be the reason for you to be awake during the night. But it may not be the case with everyone.

There are people who drink coffee or cappuccino even before going to bed and have a good night’s sleep. But if you are facing a trouble, you had better avoid consuming too much of caffeine in whichever form. Coffee for example, stays in your system for four to six hours. The more you drink, the more you may be awake. So reducing the intake of coffee and drinking it post-dinner may have to be avoided to help you to some extent. Remember caffeine can be in other foods too, so check for labels before any consumption.

3Exercising regularly for insomnia

Studies have proven that a good exercise to the body can give you a good night’s sleep. Those who exercise had a better sleep and increased length of sleep than those who did not exercise. Plan out to workout for some time or do some kind of exercise like aerobics or walking to make your muscles work physically and are strained so that you get exhausted and have a good night’s sleep.

You may have to make it a point to exercise on a daily basis or the day you exercise you may sleep and the day you do not exercise can again put you in trouble with sleep. It can also increase the quality of sleep and so why not try exercising just right today so that it could result in a satisfactory sleeping experience so you may wake up the next morning with energy and rejuvenated.

4Eat healthy

Certain foods can cause a disturbance with your sleep like dairy products and wheat products. They include gastrointestinal upsets, congestion, gas. So remember not to consume such foods in the night before going to bed. You had better eat light meals like fruits or salads or just other simple meals.

Also, avoiding processed foods and sugars before going to bed can improve insomnia or your blood sugar levels can spike and hat may cause insomnia. You can sip a cup of chamomile tea before going to bed which can induce sleep and you can go to bed happily.

5Prepare your bedroom

Make your bedroom an attractive way to sleep by making it a tidy room and not dump unnecessary things scattered all over. Put your mobile turned off so that you do not have to talk to anyone in the middle of the night. Your priority is to sleep peacefully and not stay awake that may lead to insomnia in the long run i.e kills sleep completely. The body unused to irregularity can put you in trouble.

Also see to it that your bed light is dim and not bright as the rays of light can keep you awake if you are already in sleep deprivation. Stop watching TV before going to bed or watching late night since it may disrupt your sleep by stimulating disturbance in the nerves. You had better have a peaceful mind before you sleep. Wrap up any watching of the TV by the time it is at least one hour before sleep.

Exercising daily, avoiding caffeine or going to bed early can be effective ways to tackle insomnia. Be relaxed and not stressed with issues so that it does not keep you awake during the night and disrupt your sleep.

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