10 Step Pilates for beginners


Strengthen your core with amazing 10 step Pilates for beginners. As it gets tougher and tougher to lose weight once you cross 30. The hormonal changes stimulate more calories and thus more fat deposition. Pilates workouts focus on toning muscles and enriching your centre. It helps in muscle conditioning in healthy adults. Pilates workouts improve flexibility, strengthens core, improves endurance and control of the entire body. A persons stability is held in body’s powerhouse which is the core consisting of muscles of abdomen, lower back and hips. 10 step Pilates for beginners aims at establishing a basic muscle flexibility and condition the body at initial stage. Thereon Pilates exercises can be progressed at intermediate and advanced levels.

10 Step Pilates For Beginners Include:

1Double leg stretch:

    • Lie down on a yoga mat
    • Curl to raise your shoulders slightly
    • Let your abdominals support the lower back
    • Now extend your arms such that touching your ears
    • Raise the thighs and bend knee to hug your chest
    • Hold your knees with hands while the reps continue
  • Repeat 10-15 times


  • Lie down on your yoga mat
  • Curl your head and neck to raise them above floor
  • Now lift your one leg around 1-2 inch and keep it balanced and straight
  • Meanwhile lift your other leg towards the ceiling.
  • Now hold that leg by gripping its ankle with your hand
  • Repeat with other leg
  • Maintain your hip firm and stable while proceeding with the above
  • Repeat 15-20 times

3Pilates curl:

    • Lie face up with knees bent
    • Feet must be flat on the floor and arms on the sides
    • Now curl your chin towards your chest and exhale
    • Hold it for a minutes and again lie down
    • Lift from breastbone to avoid crunching neck
  • Repeat 20 times

4The hundred:

    • Lie down with face up
    • Lift your both the legs making an angle of 45 degrees with ground
    • Now put your arms around each sides
    • Now lift your head, neck and shoulders off the ground
    • Palms must be facing on the floor and above the ground by 6 to 8 inches and pump your arms up and down
    • Breathe in and out alternatively as you stretch your arms up and down
  • Repeat 25 times

5Roll Up:

    • Lie face up on your yoga mat
    • Stretch your arms facing towards ceiling at 90 degree from ground
    • Now roll up to sitting position with arms reaching your feet
    • Inhale while getting up and exhale while going down
    • Move gently and do not jerk
  • Repeat 20 times

6Single leg stretch:

    • Lie face up on mat
    • Draw your knees toward your chest
    • Keep shins parallel to the floor
    • Lift your neck, shoulder and head up
    • Extend one leg straight to a 45 degree angle
    • Draw the other leg towards the knee meanwhile
    • Use left hand to grab right knee and right hand to grab left knee
  • Alternate with the two legs for 20 times


    • Lie upside down on your yoga mat
    • Place hand underneath your shoulders
    • Lift head slightly
    • Raise your chest up and extend arms forward
    • Meanwhile lift your legs one inch above the mat
    • Bend elbows to make arms form a W shape
    • Hold for a few seconds and come down to the yoga mat
  • Repeat 15-20 times

8Rolling like a ball:

Sit on the yoga mat with knees down towards chest
Arms must be wrapped around the legs.
Now with your back taking the base, roll from hips to shoulder on the mat
Hold your legs while doing this
Inhale rolling back and exhale rolling down
Use abs to control momentum
Pause before feet touches the mat
Repeat 20 times

9Single and Double leg stretch:

  • Lie face up on the yoga mat
  • Draw your knees toward your chest (both knees for double leg and one knee at a time for single leg stretch)
  • Exhale and lift head, neck and shoulders
  • Now extend the leg straight to a 45 degree
  • Draw knee towards the chest
  • Alternate with right and left knee while doing single leg stretch
  • And hold both the knees when doing the double leg stretch
  • Keep shoulders off mat throughout and maintain breathing
  • Repeat 20 times

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10Double leg kick:

    • Lie upside down on your yoga mat
    • Put your right cheek on mat and let your face rest
    • Place both the hands on your lower back, one on top of the other
    • Let elbows fall towards mat
    • Kick both heels to gluts
    • Straighten legs and keep feet off the floor.
    • Try and lift chest without over stretching
    • Lower chest and turn head to repeat the other side
  • Repeat 15-20 times

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Pilates for beginners

The above compilation on 10 step Pilates for beginners is based on my own experiences and learnings about this wonderful exercise. Pilates involve some amazing command over the body and bring absolute control and flexibility in addition to body toning. These are very easy to proceed at home as Pilates exercises do not require any equipment or gears. Pilates workouts are full body form of exercises, which target the entire body.

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Minu Manisha